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Article: Golf Gloves 101

Comprehensive golf glove guide linking out to other cluster topics for an all inclusive and educational piece on the important golf accessory.

Golf Gloves 101

All Things Golf Gloves

Introduction to Golf Gloves

The game of golf is a symphony of precision, technique, and equipment, all working harmoniously to create that perfect swing. Among the myriad of tools and accessories golfers equip themselves with, one stands out not just for its functional importance but also as a subtle statement of style: the golf glove. This seemingly simple accessory plays a pivotal role in offering the golfer an enhanced grip, reducing the risk of the club slipping, and providing a tactile connection between the hand and the club. Yet, the world of golf gloves is vast, with variations in material, design, fit, and purpose. Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking to refine your choice or a newcomer eager to understand the nuances, this comprehensive guide aims to be your one-stop destination for all things related to golf gloves. This will consist of high level overview of golf gloves, and will link to more comprehensive deep dives if you’d like to learn more.  Dive in, and let's ensure that the next time you step onto the green, your glove doesn't just fit like a second skin but also elevates your game.

Do you really need a golf glove?

The answer is no, you do not need a golf glove.  If you are spending a lot of time at the range, you certainly will want to protect your hand from blisters.  However, in a round, you typically aren't swinging enough to do any damage to your hand.  There is a reason that over 99% of professional golfers use a golf glove though.  We go into greater depth on why to wear a golf glove here.  

Evolution of the Golf Glove Over the Years

The golf glove, while perhaps understated in the real of golf equipment, boasts a rich history marked by continuous evolution and innovation. 

In the earliest days of golf, gloves were not a standard part of the golfer's toolkit. Players often braved the elements barehanded, focusing more on the natural feel of the grip. However, as golf gained popularity, the need for an accessory that could offer a firmer grip, especially in wet conditions, became evident.

Over the decades, the golf glove started to carve a niche for itself. Made predominantly from leather, these early iterations prioritized functionality, aiming to provide golfers with better control over their shots. As tournaments grew in stature and golf broadcasts brought the game into living rooms worldwide, the golf glove also began to emerge as a symbol of professionalism and seriousness about the sport.

1960 golf glove compared to modern era golf glove.
*1960s golf glove vs modern golf glove today by Foot Joy.

Innovations in Glove Design and Materials

Introduction of Leather: The first major innovation in golf gloves was the use of leather, primarily cabretta leather golf gloves, known for its soft texture and excellent grip. This material became the gold standard for golf gloves, offering both durability and a luxurious feel.

Synthetic Materials: With advancements in material science, the late 20th century saw the introduction of synthetic materials in golf glove manufacturing. These synthetic gloves were often more affordable and offered better resistance to wear and tear, especially in damp conditions.  Synthetic microfiber suede was earliest introduced, but since then, maybe new materials have come into the mix.  You can find gloves with nylon, polyester, lycra, and more.  

Ergonomic Design: As understanding of hand biomechanics improved, golf glove designs began to incorporate ergonomic features. This led to gloves that not only fit better but also reduced fatigue and enhanced the golfer's ability to maintain a consistent grip.

Breathability and Comfort: Modern gloves introduced features like mesh inserts and moisture-wicking materials. These additions were aimed at improving airflow, reducing sweat, and ensuring that the golfer's hand remained comfortable throughout the game.

Personalization and Style: With golf becoming a global phenomenon, players began to seek gloves that were not just functional but also reflective of their personal style. This ushered in an era of customized gloves, available in a range of colors, patterns, and even with personalized monograms.  If you are looking for cool golf gloves as a statement piece, read here.  Thinking of how you will style each golf glove, example of styling our Purple VivanTee golf glove here.  

Introduction of Velcro: A man named Anthony Antonious was the inventor and patent holder in the 50s of the Velcro strap.  Prior to that, golf gloves came standard with a button, but the ease of the velcro strap has taken over and is now included in the modern golf glove today.

Functional Use: Different functional capabilities have been integrated into the golf gloves as well, such as magnetic ball markers, tee holders, and other added conveniences.   

The Importance of a Properly Fitted Glove

Golf Glove Maintenance

Ensuring proper maintenance for your golf glove is paramount for maximum longevity.  You can see our guide to maintenance for your golf glove here.  

Storage of your golf glove

After a round you want to properly store your golf glove.  Often people will crumble it up and throw it in their bag until their next round.  Which results in crusty and unhygienic golf gloves.  Leather golf gloves aren't the cheapest on the market today, so proper storage is imperative to ensure longevity.  We wrote an article on various golf glove holders to make sure your golf glove stands the test of time.

How do you wear a golf glove?

A golf glove is typically worn to improve grip and reduce the chance of slippage, especially in humid or wet conditions. It is usually worn on the lead hand – the hand at the top of the grip. For right-handed golfers, this means wearing the glove on the left hand, and for left-handed golfers, it's worn on the right hand. To wear a golf glove properly, first open the flap on the glove. Slide your fingers in, ensuring each finger fits snugly and reaches the end of each glove compartment. The glove should fit like a second skin, tight without causing discomfort. Adjust the glove over the back of your hand and pull it down so it sits smoothly over your palm and wrist. Fasten the Velcro or button, ensuring a secure fit. Ensure there are no wrinkles or excess material. Remember, a well-fitted glove can enhance your game by ensuring a better connection between the hand and the club.

Golf Glove on both hands

You can wear golf gloves on both hands, but it's relatively uncommon. Wearing gloves on both hands is often called "double-gloving." Some golfers choose to double-glove in wet or colder weather conditions to maintain a good grip on the club and to keep their hands warm and dry. Beginners or those with grip strength issues might also opt for gloves on both hands to reduce blisters and to maintain a consistent grip on the club throughout their swing. While it's more conventional to wear a glove only on the lead hand, there's no strict rule against wearing gloves on both hands if it benefits the golfer's comfort and performance.

Choosing the Best Golf Glove 

Synthetic vs Leather golf glove

In the realm of golf gloves, material choice plays a pivotal role in determining both performance and feel. Traditional leather gloves, revered for their luxurious texture and natural fit, adapt well to the hand's contours and offer excellent grip, albeit often at a higher price. On the contrary, synthetic gloves, crafted from man-made materials, provide a more budget-friendly option, showcasing commendable durability and the ability to withstand varied weather conditions. Hybrid gloves, combining both leather and synthetic elements, strive to offer the best of both worlds—melding the tactile pleasure of leather with the resilience of synthetics. Moving beyond materials, glove styles further diversify to cater to specific needs. Traditional gloves are versatile, designed for general play in typical conditions. Rain gloves, with their enhanced grip, come into their own on wet days, ensuring the club doesn't slip in damp conditions. Winter gloves, usually sold in pairs and featuring thicker insulation, protect against the cold while preserving essential grip. Each type has its merits; while leather boasts breathability and superior feel, synthetics promise longevity and adaptability, and specific styles like rain and winter gloves address unique challenges faced by golfers in varying environments.  Check out our top 13 best golf gloves here.  

Weather Considerations: Rain, Heat, Cold

Golfing in varying weather conditions requires adaptability and some preparatory steps. During rainy conditions, it's essential to have water-resistant gear, including a wet-weather golf glove which offers a better grip in damp situations. Additionally, carrying an umbrella and using rain covers for your golf bag can help protect your equipment. In hot weather, stay hydrated, wear a cap or a hat to shield yourself from direct sunlight, and consider moisture-wicking apparel that helps keep you cool. Cold weather, on the other hand, demands layers. Thermal golf gloves, beanies, and wind-resistant jackets can make a considerable difference. Always remember that the ball doesn't travel as far in cold conditions, so adjust your club selection accordingly.

FootJoy RainGrip Gloves for Men

FootJoy RainGrip Gloves for Women


Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Sweaty hands can severely impact your grip on the golf club. If you're prone to sweaty palms, consider the following tips. Firstly, invest in gloves made of breathable material or those specifically designed for moisture-wicking. Some golfers find it helpful to carry multiple gloves, allowing them to switch to a dry one midway through the round. Rosin bags or grip enhancers, which absorb moisture, can be another addition to your golf bag. Also, regular towel use, to dry both your hands and the grip, can be effective. Remember, keeping your grips clean and in good condition can also reduce slipperiness. Lastly, for extremely hot days or individuals with hyperhidrosis, antiperspirant hand lotions can be considered as a preventive measure.  Our VivanTee golf gloves are moisture wicking and are perfect for golfer's with sweaty hands.

Funny Golf Gloves:

As golf continues to grow in popularity, more brands are pushing against the status quo of the normal every day white golf glove.  Take into consideration some of these gloves if you are looking for something to showcase your humor.

Giving the bird Travis Matthew Golf Glove

Functionality and Aesthetics:

Golf gloves with ball markers of course will offer the convenience of having your ball marker to mark when on the green.  At VivanTee, we also use our ball markers as a statement piece, to add your own personalized look to the golf glove.  Enabling a change up of colors, designs, and even a dash of NYC subway aesthetics.  You can also look at golf gloves with tee holders, if you are one to consistently forget your tee on the teebox.  


The golf glove, more than just a stylish accessory, is a testament to the intricate balance of functionality, comfort, and personal expression in the game of golf. As we've journeyed through its evolution, importance, and the plethora of choices available, it becomes clear that selecting the right glove can be as pivotal to one's game as choosing the right club. Yet, just as every golfer has a unique swing, each also has distinct preferences when it comes to their gloves. Whether you prioritize grip, weather adaptability, or a flair of style, there's a glove out there tailored just for you.

As you continue to hone your game and equipment choices, we invite you to delve deeper into the world of golf gloves. Our site offers an expansive array of cluster topics, each dedicated to providing you with in-depth knowledge, tips, and recommendations surrounding golf gloves. If you are a pro shop or marketplace looking at purchasing golf gloves for wholesale contact us or read more here.  So, don't stop here. Explore, experiment, and elevate your game to new heights.

Dive into our other golf glove topics now and master every facet of this essential golfing accessory!

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