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Iconic NYC Subway line golf ball markers with statue of liberty and empire state building on the back of a black background, for unique magnetic golf ball markers to attach to your favorite VivanTee golf glove.

Subway Markers Collection

Collection Description

Our "Subway Collection" is designed for the golfer who is there to leave a lasting impression. Each piece in the collection is a homage to an iconic NYC subway line. It all begins with the attachment to your golf glove, swing your swing confidently, a connection as strong as the magnetic energy of Times Square drawing crowds from around the world with its vibrant lights and ceaseless activity.  Our magnetic bond holds fast and true, echoing the unending energy of New York City.

If you listen carefully you can hear the the city, never mind...  Those are the cheers from your last drive.  Each piece tells a surprising tale, a ball marker as unique as you.

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L Train magnetic golf ball marker at a front angle view.Front view of L Train Grey Magnetic Golf Ball Marker
L Train Sale price$8.00
Q Train logo magnetic golf ball marker at a front angle view.Front view of Q Train Magnetic Golf Ball Marker
Q Train Sale price$8.00
1 train subway logo magnetic golf ball markerFront view of 1 Train Golf Ball Marker
1 Train Sale price$8.00
6Train Logo Golf Ball Marker Front AngleFront view of Green 6 Train Magnetic Golf Ball Marker
6 Train Sale price$8.00
Yellow CabFront view of Taxi Cab Magnetic Golf Ball Marker
Yellow Cab Sale price$8.00
Subway line Golf Ball Markers with the L, 1, Q, T, and 6 train.NYC Subway Lines Magnetic Golf Ball Markers | Unique Golf Ball Markers for your golf glove
Subway Ball Marker Bundle Sale price$34.00