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Golf 101

Image of various golf products in our signature blog banner highlighting our guide to golf terms.

Comprehensive Guide for Golf Terms

Introduction to Golf Terms Whether you are new to golf entirely or a veteran, there are so many golf terms being thrown around on a golf course, m...

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An image of a chain link fence in monochrome in VivanTee Golf's signature blog banner style for our blog on what are links style golf courses?

What are links style golf courses? | About Links Courses

Article about the world of links style golf courses - uncover their unique characteristics, history, and why they represent the purest form of golf. Find out which courses you should add to your bu...

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A lot of different application logos on our signature blog banner for the article on top golf apps in 2024.

Best Golf Apps Free and Paid

Introduction: 15 Best Golf Apps in 2024 Golf has always been a game of skill, strategy, and, let's face it, a bit of technological wizardry, but u...

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Image of diverse hands holding into a heart in our signature blog banner about best golf brands in 2024 changing the game of golf.

New Golf Brands | Changing the Game of Golf | 12 Best Golf Brands

Golf has long been viewed as a sport for the elite, but a new wave of brands is on a mission to change that narrative. These companies are not just selling go...

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Image of hand writing mistakes on a wall in black and white in our signature blog banner to highlight 30 common golf swing mistakes and terms.

Golf Swing Mistake Terms

Terms for Common Golf Swing Mistakes Introduction to Common Golf Swing Mistakes When you enter the w...

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Golf ball next to a hole in black and white in our signature blog banner format discussing golf ball rollback in golf.

Golf Ball Rollback

Introduction: Golf Ball Rollback In a landmark decision that may reshape the future of golf, the USGA and R&...

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PGA vs USGA image with both brands logos behind our signature Blog Banner.

PGA vs USGA | What is the Difference and what roles do each play

Introduction | PGA vs USGA In the world of golf, two organizations in the USA resonate with an air of prestige and authority: the PGA (Professiona...

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Our Signature Blog banner in black and white, with our logo and "Golf for Less" title of the blog.  Inexpensive golf balls, and how to golf cheaply.

Golf for Less: Strategies for cheap golf | Inexpensive golf balls

Golf for less, strategies to play affordable golf. Tips and tricks to play an inexpensive round of golf, resources, and reviews of inexpensive golf balls, never miss a round because of price!

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The Mental Game of Golf | Golf Psychology our banner for the comprehensive guide discussing Golf Psychology tips and books.

The Mental Game of Golf

A deep dive into the mental game of golf. Golf psychology, tips to improve your mental performance, and an overview of the positive impact golf has on your mental state.

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Guide to Bogie Golf, with golfer taking a swing, and branding done with VivanTee logo.

What does it take to play Bogey Golf?

Introduction to Bogey Golf Bogey golf, a term familiar to enthusiasts of the sport, represents a scoring standar...

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Beginner handicap, mid handicap, scratch handicap, and plus handicap golf overview

Plus Handicap Golf

Introduction to Golf Handicap   In the diverse world of golf, where players of all skill levels come together to enjoy the game, there exists a system designe...

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How to cut a graphite golf shaft guide, image of a steel golf shaft.

How to cut graphite golf shaft

Introduction to cutting a graphite golf shaft This will service a DIY “how to cut a graphite golf shaft”.  Cutting a graphite golf shaft might see...

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