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New Golf Brands | Changing the Game of Golf | 12 Best Golf Brands

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


Golf has long been viewed as a sport for the elite, but a new wave of brands is on a mission to change that narrative. These companies are not just selling golf products; they're on a quest to diversify the sport and make it more accessible to everyone. In this blog, we'll explore 12 cool and best golf brands that are leading this charge, categorized into clothing, accessories, and equipment. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the greens, these brands are worth your attention and support.

Introduction 12 Best Golf Brands

This is an article that is held near and dear to our heart at VivanTee.  We set out on a mission to help drive diversity in golf and make this sport more inclusive for people of all backgrounds.  Golf—a sport often enveloped in tradition and exclusivity—is undergoing a transformation. A new era beckons, led by visionary brands determined to make the game more inclusive and accessible to a broader audience. Today, we're spotlighting 12 of the best golf brands that aren't just about the game; they're about changing the game. These trailblazers are dividing their efforts across clothing, accessories, and equipment, each with a unique mission that resonates with our company's commitment to diversify golf. Let's tee off and discover these game-changers.  We will cover three sections of cool golf brands, from golf apparel, accessories, and equipment.  These will be focused on both men and women, for women specific cool golf brands, check out our article here.

4 Best Golf Brands | Golf Apparel Brands

#1 Golf Apparel Brand | Eastside Golf

Eastside Golf is a dynamic and innovative brand on a mission to revolutionize the golfing world. Founded with the core mission of diversifying the sport, Eastside Golf aims to break down the traditional barriers that have historically made golf seem inaccessible to many. By introducing stylish and contemporary golf apparel and accessories, they're not just catering to the modern golfer's aesthetic preferences but also embedding a powerful message of inclusion and accessibility in every product. Their designs resonate with a younger, more diverse audience, challenging the status quo and inviting a new generation to embrace the sport. Through their commitment to excellence and equity, Eastside Golf is not only changing how the game is played but also who it's played by, ensuring that golf's future is as vibrant and inclusive as the community they're building. By wearing Eastside Golf, golfers of all backgrounds can feel a sense of belonging on the green, showcasing that the sport is evolving and welcoming to everyone.

While right now they do not offer women's apparel they are due to release very soon.  So follow them for more. 

Eastside golf apparel  brand logo, a golf brand that is transcending the golf world with innovative apparel.

#2 Golf Apparel Brand | Malbon Golf

Malbon Golf, a standout golf apparel brand in the industry, is redefining the essence of golf with a cool, contemporary twist. As a cool golf apparel brand at its core, Malbon Golf merges the timeless allure of golf with modern lifestyle elements, making it a magnet for those looking to inject a dose of cool into their game. With a keen focus on quality and style, this golf brand crafts apparel and accessories that resonate with the fashion-forward golfer, bridging the gap between the sport's heritage and today's trends. Malbon Golf is not just about the gear; it's about fostering a community where the spirit of golf is celebrated in every aspect, from the fairway to daily life. By championing inclusivity and a fresh perspective on golf culture, Malbon Golf positions itself as a cool golf brand that appeals to a diverse audience, inviting new players to discover the joys and challenges of the sport. This golf brand is making a significant impact, proving that golf is more than a game—it's a lifestyle, enriched with style, passion, and accessibility for all.

Cool golf brand logo for Malbon golf, "buckets", their signature mascot.

#3 Golf Apparel Brand | Bad Birdie Golf

Bad Birdie Golf is quickly carving out its niche as one of the best golf brands for those who dare to stand out on the green. Known for its bold and vibrant designs, this cool golf brand takes a swing at tradition, offering golf apparel that's as fearless as the players who wear it. With an unwavering commitment to quality and comfort, Bad Birdie Golf caters to the golfer who loves the game but wants to break free from its conservative roots. Their collections are a testament to the brand's mission to mix performance with unmatched style, making them a favorite among golfers looking for gear that's both functional and fashionable.

As a leader among the best golf brands, Bad Birdie Golf is not just about making a statement with your style; it's about embracing the fun and enjoyment of the game. This cool golf brand is for the modern golfer who values self-expression and isn't afraid to showcase their personality on the course. By blending top-notch materials with eye-catching designs, Bad Birdie Golf ensures that you look good, feel good, and play even better. In the world of golf, where tradition often overshadows innovation, Bad Birdie Golf stands out as a beacon for those seeking to inject a fresh, cool vibe into their golfing wardrobe.

Bad Birdie golf apparel brand

#4 Golf Apparel Brand | Fore All

Fore All emerges as a vibrant beacon in the world of golf apparel, ingeniously blending the essence of athletic performance with the flair of contemporary fashion. As a pioneering brand, Fore All offers an expansive collection of garments that cater to the modern golfer—a golfer who appreciates elegance and versatility in both their on-course and leisure attire. Their unwavering commitment to crafting apparel that is not only stylish and comfortable but also imbued with the highest quality, secures their position among the elite golf apparel brands, making them a cherished choice for golf aficionados and fashion-forward individuals alike.

This brand is celebrated for its innovative creations that do not merely serve the functional needs of the sport but also foster a lifestyle that echoes with those leading a dynamic and sociable existence. Fore All's philosophy on golf fashion transcends the conventional; it is about forging an identity that harmoniously integrates with the lifestyle of its patrons, ensuring they are poised and confident whether they are navigating the fairways or engaging in casual weekend pursuits.

With a keen eye on avant-garde designs, superior materials, and adaptable fashion statements, Fore All has established itself as a distinguished name in golf apparel. Their collections are a testament to their dedication to excellence and innovation, aiming to meet the sophisticated tastes of discerning golfers who demand the finest in golf wear. Fore All is dedicated to elevating the golfing experience and personal style of its clientele, reaffirming its stature as a leader in the golf apparel sector. The brand's recent expansion to include offerings for a broader audience underscores its commitment to inclusivity and diversity, making it a premier choice for golfers of all genders.

Fore All golf apparel brand

Top 4 Golf Brands | Golf Accessory Brands

#1 Golf Accessory Brand | VivanTee Golf

VivanTee Golf emerges as a vibrant beacon among cool golf accessory brands, with a mission deeply rooted in diversity and self-expression. Founded in NYC, a veteran and minority owned business, at VivanTee Golf we are focused on changing the sport. Drawing inspiration from NYC's iconic style and dynamic diversity, this cool golf accessory brand is dedicated to introducing golf to a broad demographic, celebrating every swing as a unique narrative.

We are renowned for our commitment to innovative design and inclusivity. The brand's flagship product, our line of designer golf gloves, epitomizes this philosophy. Unlike conventional offerings, VivanTee gloves are meticulously crafted to fit every individual hand, irrespective of gender or background. This approach embodies their motto, "all gloves, all access," challenging the industry's status quo and inviting golfers of all identities to find their perfect fit.

VivanTee Golf's vision extends beyond fashion. It's about building a welcoming, inclusive community around the sport. By blending the mental challenge, social aspects, and emerging fashion of golf with a bold stance against predictability, VivanTee invites players to embrace their uniqueness on and off the course. The brand stands as a testament to overcoming barriers, much like its founder Cesar Figueroa's journey from feeling like an outsider in the sport to fully embracing the golfing community.

VivanTee Golf brand logo a new emerging cool golf accessory brand.

#2 Golf Accessory Brand | No Dirt Golf

No Dirt Golf shines as a pioneering golf accessory brand, championing a clear mission: to keep your golf gear pristine with a touch of innovation. As a standout name among golf accessory brands, No Dirt Golf is dedicated to enhancing the player's experience through high-quality, durable products designed to protect and maintain golf equipment. Their flagship product, an advanced, eco-friendly cleaner, ensures that golf clubs and balls remain in top condition, optimizing performance on the course.

Embracing the ethos of sustainability and efficiency, No Dirt Golf is more than just a brand; it's a solution for golfers who value the longevity of their gear and the environment. By offering a range of products that are as effective as they are environmentally conscious, this golf accessory brand caters to the modern golfer's needs while upholding principles of ecological responsibility.

No Dirt Golf's commitment to quality and sustainability positions it as a cool golf accessory brand in the market, appealing to those who seek the best for their equipment and the planet. With No Dirt Golf, players are not just purchasing accessories; they're investing in a cleaner, greener future for the sport they love, ensuring that golf courses and gear are maintained to the highest standards.

No dirt golf accessory brand product, with their logo on a blue towel.

#3 Golf Accessory Brand | Fury Golf

Fury Golf stands out as a cool golf accessory brand, revolutionizing the golfing world with its innovative and stylish accessories for golf. Born from a passion for the game and a desire to inject a dose of cool into every golfer's bag, Fury Golf has quickly established itself as a go-to brand for those looking to distinguish their gear from the crowd. With a keen eye on design and functionality, this brand offers a range of accessories that are not just practical but also serve as a bold statement of style and individuality on the course.

From high-performance golf gloves to eye-catching ball markers and stylish headcovers, Fury Golf's products are designed to enhance the golfing experience while showcasing the player's unique personality. Each accessory is crafted with the modern golfer in mind, blending traditional elements with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. This approach has positioned Fury Golf as a leading name among cool golf accessory brands, appealing to players who value both form and function in their golf accessories.

Embracing the ethos of "stand out on the green," Fury Golf encourages golfers to break free from conformity and express themselves through their choice of accessories. By choosing Fury Golf, players are not just equipping themselves with high-quality golf accessories; they're joining a movement that celebrates creativity, innovation, and the joy of golf.

Fury golf accessory brands logo for cool golf brands diversifying golf.

#4 Golf Accessory Brand | Birds of Condor

Birds of Condor has soared into the spotlight as a leading golf accessory brand, renowned for blending the spirit of golf with a laid-back, surf-inspired vibe. This brand has carved a niche for itself by offering an array of golf accessories that are as cool as they are functional, appealing to golfers who want to inject a sense of fun and personality into their game. With a product range that includes everything from trendy hats and visors to unique ball markers and stylish apparel, Birds of Condor caters to the modern golfer looking for accessories that stand out on and off the course.

What sets this brand apart is its ability to capture the essence of golf culture while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary twist. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to reflect a love for the game, while also embracing the individuality of the golfer. As a golf accessory brand, Birds of Condor is committed to quality, ensuring that every item not only looks great but also performs under the pressures of the game.

For golfers in search of accessories that boast both style and substance, Birds of Condor offers the perfect blend. It's not just about making a statement with your gear; it's about embracing the joy and camaraderie of golf. By choosing Birds of Condor, golfers can express their passion for the game with accessories that are as unique and vibrant as the sport itself.

Birds of condor logo, golf accessories best golf brands

Top 4 Golf Brands | Golf Equipment Brands

#1 Golf Equipment Brand | Vice Golf

Vice Golf has quickly risen to prominence as one of the best golf equipment brands in the industry, revolutionizing the way golfers think about and purchase their gear. Known for its direct-to-consumer model, Vice Golf offers high-quality golf equipment at competitive prices, challenging traditional golf equipment brands with its innovative approach. Specializing in golf balls, Vice Golf has expanded its product line to include golf gloves, hats, and accessories, all designed with the modern golfer in mind.

What sets Vice Golf apart from other golf equipment brands is its commitment to combining quality with style and affordability. Their golf balls, for instance, are engineered to compete with the performance of leading brands, offering golfers premium options without the premium price tag. This has positioned Vice Golf as a go-to brand for players seeking the best in golf equipment without breaking the bank.

Beyond products, Vice Golf has cultivated a brand identity that resonates with a new generation of golfers—those looking for a blend of performance, value, and a cool factor in their golf equipment. As one of the leading golf equipment brands, Vice Golf continues to innovate and expand its offerings, ensuring that golfers have access to top-tier equipment that enhances their game and style on the course.

Best golf brands, golf equipment Vice Golf Logo

#2 Golf Equipment Brand | Sunday Golf

Sunday Golf is making waves as a dynamic golf brand committed to diversifying the sport and making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Known for its innovative golf bags and accessories, Sunday Golf aims to break down the traditional barriers associated with the game, offering lightweight, versatile products that cater to golfers of all levels. Their approach is simple yet revolutionary: to create golf gear that's not only high in quality but also inclusive and adaptable to the needs of a diverse golfing community.

This golf brand stands out by emphasizing ease of use and convenience, enabling more golfers to hit the links without the intimidation of heavy, cumbersome equipment. Sunday Golf's products are designed for the casual golfer, the beginner, and the weekend warrior alike, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and fun in the sport. By focusing on the essentials and doing away with the unnecessary, they're not just selling golf equipment; they're promoting a more relaxed, welcoming approach to golf.

Sunday Golf's commitment to diversity extends beyond its product line. The brand actively supports initiatives aimed at introducing new players to the game, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds. In doing so, Sunday Golf is not just a golf brand; it's a movement towards a more inclusive, enjoyable, and accessible golfing experience for all.

Sunday golf logo best golf brands for equipment

#3 Golf Equipment Brand | Robin Golf

Robin Golf stands at the forefront as a pioneering golf brand, dedicated to diversifying the sport and making it more approachable for a wider audience. With a clear focus on simplicity and quality, Robin Golf has carved a niche for itself by offering high-quality, user-friendly golf sets that cater to beginners and intermediate players alike. Their mission is straightforward yet impactful: to remove the intimidation factor from golf and make the sport accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or skill level.

As a golf brand, Robin Golf prides itself on creating products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed with the novice golfer in mind. Their golf sets come with everything a new player needs to start their journey in the sport, ensuring a seamless transition from curiosity to passion. By focusing on inclusivity and the democratization of golf, Robin Golf is breaking down the traditional barriers that have kept potential golfers at bay.

Robin Golf's approach to diversifying the sport extends beyond their product offerings. They actively engage with communities and initiatives aimed at introducing golf to underserved and underrepresented groups, reinforcing their commitment to building a more inclusive golfing community. This golf brand is more than just equipment; it's a gateway to a more diverse, welcoming, and enjoyable golf experience for everyone.

Robin golf brand logo for best golf equipment.

#4 Golf Equipment Brand | Stix Golf

Stix Golf stands out as a leading golf equipment brand that's reshaping the industry with its sleek, modern approach to golf clubs. This innovative golf brand is dedicated to making golf more accessible and stylish, offering high-quality clubs at an affordable price point. Stix Golf's mission is clear: to break down the barriers that have traditionally made golf seem exclusive and out of reach for many potential players.

What sets Stix Golf apart from other golf equipment brands is its commitment to simplicity and design. Their clubs boast a minimalist aesthetic that appeals to both seasoned golfers and newcomers alike, proving that high performance doesn't have to come with a high price tag. This focus on affordability and style makes Stix Golf a popular choice among a new generation of golfers looking for equipment that matches their lifestyle and budget.

By providing a range of clubs that cater to all skill levels, from beginners to low handicappers, Stix Golf is democratizing the sport, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the game. Their approach not only challenges the status quo but also reinforces the idea that quality golf equipment should be available to all, making Stix Golf a pivotal golf brand in the industry's move towards inclusivity and diversity.

Best golf brands stix golf

Conclusion | New Golf Brands Changing the Game

The movement towards a more inclusive and accessible golfing world is gaining momentum, driven by brands that are not just selling products but are on a mission to change the sport itself. By supporting these brands, we're not just investing in high-quality golf gear; we're investing in the future of golf—a future where the game is truly for everyone. As we've seen through these 12 pioneering companies, the spirit of innovation, commitment to diversity, and passion for inclusivity are reshaping golf into a sport that welcomes and celebrates all.  Welcoming an age of new golfers from all backgrounds, if you're new, check out our beginner's guide to golf.  

These brands are leading by example, showing that the world of golf is ready for change. It's more than just a game; it's a community, and thanks to these companies, it's a community that's becoming more inclusive every day. So, next time you're looking to upgrade your golf wardrobe, accessories, or equipment, consider choosing a brand that's playing a part in making golf a sport for all.  Subscribe below to our newsletter to learn more about golf 101, equipment, accessories, and exclusive VivanTee offers and updates!