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A group of male golfers standing around on the tee box in black and white, with their golf gloves in color, showing men's colorful golf gloves by VivanTee's vibrant hues.

Colored Golf Gloves | Mens

Collection Description

A must for the fashionable golfer. Our exclusive Men's Colored Golf Gloves collection,  defies the monotony of traditional golf wear - edgy, vibrant, and full of life. Drawing inspiration from the diverse NYC fashion and art scene. Built with 100% AAA leather, molding to your hand like a perfectly tailored suit. The feel of a 'made to order', the performance of 'made to swing'. The premium strength magnetized cavity, comes ready for you to personalize your emblem on your suit of armor.

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Golf glove with magnetic ball marker next to tees, a coffee, and Nike shoes to represent the NYC inspiration of the design.Colorful golf glove with designs for men and women
Navy blue and brown golf gloves for men with ball markers, picture taken of gloves laying down from over the top.Men's Navy Blue Golf Glove with brown accents.
Mustard yellow and green golf glove for men laying wide by side showing top and bottom.Men's yellow golf glove
Uptown Luxe | Men's Purple Golf GloveTan checkered and lavender, men's purple golf glove, premium leather golf gloves colored
Seafoam Green designer golf glove with two levels of green on thumb and patch, in a black background to show the unique qualities and vibrant colors.Premium mint green golf glove for men
Orange and blue golf glove for men laying down showing top and bottom of the vibrant colors.Designer orange golf glove, apricot crush colored, Tiffany & Co with ball marker
Stylish golf gloves with charcoal and white colored palette. Men's Grey Golf Gloves.Stylish golf gloves with charcoal and white colored palette. Men's Grey Golf Gloves.
White and blush pink designer golf glove with a black backdrop to show case the unique colors and patterns.Pink golf glove mens, with checkered maroon tab and a white leather on the body.