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Golf Fashion Guide

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


The Ultimate Golf Fashion Guide: Introduction

Across golf courses worldwide, a revolution is quietly taking place, weaving style with tradition. Stagnant for a long time, but as of recently, golf fashion has seen myriad shifts. Each time evolving to mirror the values and aesthetics of its time. Today, one can't help but notice a vibrant change in the fits of golfers making their mark. There is a new demographic breaking into the sport of golf, and it's the millennial and gen z population. With these new players canvassing the fairways in expressive style, streetwear gea, and individualistic outfits, a palpable modernization to the attire within the sport is evident. Golf was due for a shake-up, and this merger of old-world charm with contemporary flair is the refreshing transformation the sport needed.


As we delve into the rich history, the modern fusions, and the iconic fashion moments in golf, we'll witness how style has become more than just a statement; it’s an integral part of the game's evolving identity.  


This article will be more of a comprehensive overview of golf fashion as a whole, for guides and ideas go here for women's winter golf season attire and women's fall golf season clothing as well.  Men's guides are coming soon!

History of Golf Fashion | Old Fashioned Golf Outfits

There were a variety of notable decades in the golf fashion realm.  Ones where iconic pioneers took a chance that has set the foundation for what we see today on the greens.  

1960s Golf Attire


Arnold Palmer gained fame by incorporating the short sleeve polo.  As a pioneer of that look, he has since made it one of the most worn accessories on the golf course today.  


Synthetic Fabrics: The 1960s saw the introduction and rise of synthetic fabrics in golf attire. Polyester, in particular, became a popular choice for golf shirts and pants because of its durability and wrinkle-resistant properties.

Shorter Shorts: The length of shorts for male golfers began to shorten during this decade. While still knee-length or slightly above, they were considerably shorter than the baggier trousers or knickerbockers of previous decades.

Cardigans and V-neck Sweaters: Lightweight sweaters, especially cardigans and V-necks, became staples for cooler days on the golf course. They were functional yet fashionable, often adorned with bold patterns or stripes.

Casual Footwear: While traditional saddle shoes remained popular, the 1960s introduced more casual and comfortable golf shoe designs. Soft spikes began to make an appearance towards the latter part of the decade.

Bold Patterns: Alongside brighter colors, bold patterns like checks, plaids, and stripes became popular choices for pants, shorts, and even jackets.

Golf Dresses for Women: The 60s marked a time when more women took to the golf course. As the LPGA was established a decade prior.  Golf dresses, often paired with matching cardigans, became the standard attire for female golfers. These dresses were designed for mobility but also reflected the broader fashion trends of the time.

Visors: While hats were still widely used, visors became a popular headwear choice among golfers in the 60s. They were functional, providing shade, but also added a touch of style to the golfer's ensemble.

Influence of Prominent Golfers: As with any era, top golfers influenced fashion trends. Players like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player, among others, had significant influence over what was considered stylish on the golf course.

Golf Fashion Timeline

80s Golf Attire

Old Golf Outfits were revolutionized in the 80s as a transformative period for many areas of culture, and golf fashion was no exception. The era saw a departure from the more conservative looks of the past towards bolder, more colorful, and sometimes flamboyant styles, reflective of the broader fashion trends of the decade. Here are a couple of iconic figures and moments from the changes of 80s golf attire:

Payne Stewart: Probably the most iconic golfer in terms of fashion from the 1980s was Payne Stewart. He was known for his distinctive and flamboyant attire, which included plus fours (or knickerbockers), tam o' shanter caps, and argyle socks. His outfits were a throwback to an earlier era of golf but made modern with bright, contrasting colors typical of the '80s.


Greg Norman: The "Great White Shark" was not just known for his skill but also his style. He popularized the wide-brimmed straw hat in golf. His casual yet polished style, often featuring solid colors with the occasional stripe, was emblematic of 1980s golf fashion.


Shell Suits and Sweater Vests: The 1980s saw an increase in golfers wearing bright and colorful shell suits, especially in more casual settings. Sweater vests with bold patterns, often in geometric shapes or horizontal stripes, also became a staple on the course.


Metal Spike Shoes: While metal spikes have since been largely replaced due to their impact on greens, they were a notable feature of golf shoes in the 1980s, adding a professional touch to the outfits.


Bold Patterns and Bright Colors: In line with the broader 1980s fashion trends, golf fashion saw an influx of bold patterns, from geometric shapes to wild prints, and a palette that ranged from pastel tones to neon colors.


Logo and Brand Dominance: The '80s also marked the era when big brands started to have a significant influence on golf fashion. Polo shirts with prominent logos, especially of brands like Izod Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren, became particularly popular.


The 80s golf attire was a time when golf fashion began to truly merge with mainstream fashion, and the course became not just a place to play but also to display one's personal style and flair.


90s Golf Fashion

90s golf fashion was influenced entirely by what was going on during that time.  a decade of evolution and expansion in many domains, including sports, entertainment, technology, and fashion. Golf fashion, too, saw some significant shifts during this period. Some of the big moments and trends in the 90s golf fashion world:


Emergence of Tiger Woods: Making his professional debut in the mid-90s, Tiger Woods quickly became a global phenomenon. His association with Nike led to modern, athletic golf apparel that appealed to younger generations. His Sunday tradition of a red polo shirt became iconic.


Sporty Aesthetic: The 90s marked a shift towards more athletic-looking golf apparel. Brands started to introduce moisture-wicking fabrics, more ergonomic fits, and designs that resonated with a younger audience.


Logos and Branding: The 1990s saw an emphasis on brand identities. Prominent logos on apparel, especially from major brands like Nike, Adidas, and Polo Ralph Lauren, became standard. Golfers became not just players but brand ambassadors.


Bolder Colors and Patterns: While the 80s had its share of boldness, the 90s took it up a notch. Golfers experimented with brighter colors, and even pants and shorts began to see wilder patterns, partly inspired by figures like John Daly.


Technical Fabrics: The introduction and rise of synthetic materials that offered moisture management, UV protection, and enhanced stretch were pivotal. These fabrics provided both comfort and performance benefits on the course.


Casual and Relaxed Styles: Golfers like Fred Couples brought a more relaxed and laid-back style to the course, often opting for looser fits, collarless shirts, and even spikeless golf shoes.


High-Top Shoes and Crossover Styles: While more prevalent in the late 90s and early 2000s, golf saw some influence from basketball and streetwear styles, including the introduction of high-top golf shoes and more casual wear.


Influence of Golf Movies: The 1996 film "Tin Cup" starring Kevin Costner, while centered around golf's challenges, had its moments in showcasing 90s golf fashion.


Women's Golf Fashion: The 90s was also a time of evolution for women's golf attire. While maintaining a certain level of formality, brands began to offer more fashionable and varied options for female golfers, moving beyond just skirts to tailored pants, shorts, and modern tops.


Tour Influence: With the growth of televised golf tournaments and the global reach of major championships, what pros wore on Sundays had a direct influence on amateur golfers' sartorial choices.


Overall, the 1990s in golf fashion can be seen as a bridge between the classic, restrained styles of the past and the diverse, performance-oriented trends of the 21st century.

2000s Golf Attire

The 2000s and the 2010s up to the present have seen numerous shifts in golf fashion, marked by the amalgamation of technology, pop culture, and traditional golf aesthetics. Some of the main influences on the 2000s golf fashion movements.


Performance Gear: This decade marked the rise of technologically advanced apparel. Brands introduced shirts, trousers, and jackets that were moisture-wicking, breathable, and even UV protective.


Athletic Shoes: Spikeless golf shoes that resembled athletic sneakers became increasingly popular. Brands like Adidas and Nike led this trend, offering golfers both style and functionality.


Bold Statements: John Daly's partnership with Loudmouth Golf saw some of the most vibrant, wild, and unique patterns on trousers and shorts ever seen on the golf course.


Layered Look: Vest layers, quarter-zip pullovers, and multi-layered outfits became more common, allowing golfers to adapt to varying weather conditions without compromising on style.


Belt Fashion: Belts became more than just functional. Players like Anthony Kim made white belts popular, and soon, belts with oversized buckles and logos became a trend.


Women's Golf Fashion Evolves: Women's golf attire saw a considerable shift towards more athletic designs, vibrant patterns, and varied skirt and short lengths, moving away from the more traditional looks of the past.


2010s to Current Golf Fashion Trends 

The fashion landscape of golf from the 2010s onward has been profoundly influenced by numerous factors. Firstly, our connection to pop culture is stronger than ever, thanks in large part to the digital age. The rise of social media platforms, especially TikTok, coupled with the burgeoning influence of online personalities, ensures that we're constantly exposed to emerging brands and evolving styles.


Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic inadvertently rejuvenated golf's appeal, particularly among younger generations like Gen Z and millennials. Before this surge, golf was grappling with a potential decline in interest. Now, its popularity is soaring, evidenced by a diverse influx of enthusiasts. Women, young adults, and ethnic minorities are all increasingly gravitating towards the sport, enriching its tapestry.


This newfound interest has ushered in a myriad of contemporary style results. Beyond traditional golf attire, we're witnessing:


Streetwear Influence: As golf sought to appeal to younger generations, there was a noticeable influence of streetwear on golf apparel. This included bolder prints, modern shoe designs, and even the use of materials like denim.  Malbon golf paved the way for this by making golf “cool” and drawing parallels from brands like Supreme to the green.


Retro Revival: While modern designs dominated, there was a noticeable resurgence of retro styles, especially from the 70s and 80s. Brands began reintroducing vintage patterns, colors, and even shoe designs.


Athleisure Influence: The line between athletic wear and casual wear blurred. Golfers started sporting jogger pants, hoodies, and even trainers on the golf course.


High-Top Revolution: Rickie Fowler's high-top Puma golf shoes, combined with jogging-style pants, created quite a stir and introduced a completely new style to the game.


Inclusivity: There's been a marked move towards more inclusive sizing, designs, and marketing strategies, making golf fashion accessible to a broader range of people.


Tech Integration: Wearable technology started influencing golf fashion. This includes shirts with embedded sensors or smartwatches specifically designed for golfers.


Collaborations and Limited Editions: Brands began collaborating with athletes, celebrities, and even artists to release limited-edition apparel and footwear, adding exclusivity and hype to golf fashion.  As well as brands collaborating with other brands. Malbon does a great job at this, collaborating with Footjoy, Nike, Adidas, and others, to continue offering diverse options in their collections.


Casual and Relaxed Rules: Historically strict dress codes at many golf clubs and courses began to relax, allowing for more expressive personal styles and comfort-driven choices.


The past two decades in golf fashion have seen a move towards blending tradition with modernity. While the respect for the game's storied past remains, there's an evident embrace of contemporary styles, technologies, and societal values, making the golf fashion scene as vibrant and diverse as ever.

Golf Clothing Etiquette Today

Navigating the green goes beyond perfecting your swing; it delves into respecting golf's deep-seated traditions, and attire plays a central role. Whether you're a pro or a newbie, understanding golf course attire etiquette is crucial. Here's a snapshot:


Essence of Attire: Beyond functionality, your golf attire, from gloves to outfits, is a statement of style and respect for the game. Every piece you don, from gloves to shoes, should blend personal style within the golf course's norms.

Dress Code Dynamics: Men typically sport collared shirts and tailored trousers, paired with golf shoes. Women have a versatile palette, with options like polo shirts, skirts, skorts, and pants. Remember, it's all about combining comfort, functionality, and a touch of individuality.

Etiquette's Importance: Dressing aptly goes beyond appearances. It upholds the game's spirit, fostering unity and reflecting your respect for golf traditions.

Course-specific Codes: Each golf course has its ambiance. While some might have a relaxed dress code, others can be strict. Familiarize yourself with the specific rules of the course you're playing to strike a balance between personal style and course etiquette.

In essence, golf attire is a blend of style and tradition, and it's pivotal to embrace both as you tee off. So, as you step onto the course, let your attire echo your passion and reverence for the game. 


The short story of it all, is it will vary from course to course.  Some will allow you to wear a t-shirt, and others will require tucked-in polos, and a sport coat when in the club house.  Double-check each course to ensure you are dressed properly, for a deeper dive, take a look here for our women's guide to golf clothing etiquette.  

Women's Golf Fashion 2023 | Modern Golf Looks

Nationtal Golf Foundation Golf Industry Facts

Women's Golf Fashion Historical Context

Year 1811: It wasn't until about 50 years after St. Andrew's was first played, that women were allowed to play golf.  Prior to that, it was considered a gentlemen's only sport, and has operated still similarly until more recent years.  1811 marks the first recorded female golf tournament.  


Late 1860: marked the first women's golf club. Fashion in golf for women in the 1800s marked very similar clothing to what they wore at home.  Traditional Victorian full-length dresses and skirts with petticoats worn beneath.  


Early 1900s: Women in golf was starting to pick up more rapidly, especially among women.  But designated golf attire wasn't present, until a small fashion brand, Burberry, brought women's golf attire to market.  Focused on more comfortable clothing with cardigans, pleated skirts, and simplified blouses.  


The 1950s: Marked the LGPA founding and the popularity of golf for women grew substantially.  As did the demand for more golf clothing.  For the first time in history, skirts above the ankles were permitted on courses.  Sweaters were replaced with short-sleeved blouses, which greatly helped during the warmer months.  


The 1970s: Women began to wear pants on the golf course. While initially met with some resistance, this change was emblematic of the broader feminist movement and the push for gender equality. The pants were often flared, in sync with the popular styles of the time.


The 1990s: The 90s saw a trend towards more relaxed and comfortable styles. There was a rise in wearing shorts on the course, and polo shirts became a staple. Brands began to focus on designs that provided both comfort and style, considering the unique requirements of the female golfer.


Influence of Golfing Icons in late 1900s: Female golfing icons like Nancy Lopez, Annika Sörenstam, and Laura Davies, among others, began to have a significant influence on golf fashion. Their choices, both on and off the golf course, set trends and inspired many female golfers.


Today: Now women are incorporating many of their off-course apparel choices into on-course ensembles.  The option of only skorts is becoming less and less, as more women-specific brands come up.  


Women's LPGA Fashion Leaders

Michelle Wie West

  • Known for her modern and athletic style, Michelle has frequently incorporated high-top golf shoes into her attire. Her collaboration with Nike has led to several trendy golf outfits that combine performance with contemporary fashion.

Lexi Thompson

  • Lexi is known for her sporty and bold style. She often wears vibrant colors and has been known to sport unique accessories, making her stand out on the course.

Danielle Kang

  • Danielle showcases a blend of classic and modern golf fashion. She often wears traditional golf skirts and polos but isn't afraid to experiment with bold patterns and colors.

Jin Young Ko

  • Jin Young often leans towards classic golf styles with a touch of modern flair. Her attire usually combines elegance with functionality.

Sung Hyun Park

  • Sung Hyun's style is a blend of traditional and modern. She often sports visors, which have become a bit of her signature look, paired with both classic and contemporary golf attire.

Five LPGA players showcasing their distinct golf fashion styles on the course. Each athlete displays a unique blend of traditional and modern golf attire, reflecting the evolving trends in women's golf fashion.

Women's Golf Fashion Influences Today

In today's evolving golf landscape, there's a notable surge in the number of women embracing the sport. While there are still emerging brands providing a more diverse range of options (2024 emerging women's golf clothing brands), we're gradually moving beyond the standard pink skort that dominated for decades. The impact of COVID-19 in 2020 shifted many to remote working, a trend that persisted post-pandemic. This transition has spurred the rise of athleisure wear, seamlessly blending comfort with style, which now serves as both fashionable and acceptable attire on and off the course.  Check out our guide for women's 2023 fall fashion trends to incorporate into your golf attire.


Function Meets Femininity: Gone are the days when women's golf attire was a mere adaptation of men's clothing. Today, brands design outfits specifically for women, keeping in mind the need for movement and comfort. Skorts — a blend of skirts and shorts — have become particularly popular, offering both functionality and a feminine touch.


Athletic Influence: As with men's fashion, there's been a notable influence of athletic wear on women's golf attire. High-performance materials that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchable are now staples, ensuring comfort through 18 holes and beyond.


Diverse Footwear Options: While traditional golf shoes remain popular, there's been a rise in more casual, sneaker-like options, as well as elegant, loafer-inspired designs. This diversity ensures that every woman finds something that aligns with her personal style.


Statement Accessories: Accessories are an integral part of women's golf fashion. Visors, caps, and wide-brimmed hats are not just functional but also add a touch of style. Similarly, gloves, bags, and even ball markers are available in an array of designs, allowing for personal expression.


Inclusivity and Gender-Agnostic Designs: Acknowledging the diverse body types and preferences of all golfers, there's been a conscientious move towards more inclusive sizing and styles. Additionally, many brands are introducing gender-agnostic designs that transcend traditional gender norms, appealing to a broader audience and celebrating fluidity in fashion.


Women's Golf Course Attire Essentials

The wardrobe of a female golfer is both functional and stylish, ensuring that she feels confident and comfortable while navigating the course. Here's a breakdown of essential pieces every female golfer should consider incorporating:

  1. Polo Shirts: These are the quintessential tops for golfers. Opt for moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry, and consider ones with UV protection for those sunny days on the course. They come in a myriad of colors and patterns, so there's plenty of room for personal expression.

  2. Skorts: Combining the femininity of skirts with the functionality of shorts, skorts are both stylish and practical. They allow for free movement and come in a variety of lengths and designs to suit personal preferences.

  3. Golf Trousers: For cooler days or more formal golfing events, a well-fitted pair of golf trousers is essential. They should be made of breathable material and have a bit of stretch to accommodate the golf swing.

  4. Golf Dresses: An all-in-one solution, golf dresses have become increasingly popular. They offer a chic, streamlined look while providing the flexibility needed for the game.

  5. Layering Pieces: Think lightweight jackets, vests, and pullovers. These are crucial for unpredictable weather conditions and early morning rounds.

  6. Golf Shoes: A good pair of golf shoes is non-negotiable. Whether you prefer traditional styles or more modern, sneaker-like designs, ensure they provide good grip and comfort. Spikeless options are also available for those who prefer them.

  7. Hats and Visors: Protecting yourself from the sun is crucial. Hats and visors shield your face from UV rays, and with so many styles available, they can significantly elevate your golfing look.

  8. Sunglasses: A pair of good quality sunglasses not only shields your eyes but can also enhance the contrast on the greens, helping with your game.

  9. Golf Socks: Often overlooked, but essential. They should be comfortable, moisture-wicking, and of an appropriate length based on your footwear choice.

  10. Accessories: Consider adding a stylish golf belt or a unique ball marker to round off your look. It's these little touches that can make a big difference in personalizing your style.  Our guide to women's golf accessories.

Curating your golf wardrobe isn't just about fashion – it's about combining style with functionality. By investing in these essential pieces, you ensure that you're well-prepared for any situation on the golf course, all while looking effortlessly chic.  If you are new starting out and don't have golf clothes, check out our guide to golfing without golf-specific clothing.

The Modern Man's Guide to Golf Fashion

In the contemporary golf world, men's fashion has transcended traditional boundaries. The conventional polo-and-khakis combination is being redefined, giving way to a broader spectrum of style choices. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, which shifted many towards remote work, bolstered the trend of comfortable yet chic attire. Athleisure, which marries comfort with style, has found its way onto the golf course, blurring the lines between leisure and sportswear. Dive into our guide for men's 2023 fall fashion trends to elevate your golf game.

A Blend of Tradition and Trend:

Men's golf fashion today cherishes its roots while embracing modern trends. Brands now craft designs keeping in mind not just functionality but also contemporary fashion aesthetics.


Sportswear Integration: 

In line with women's golf fashion trends, men's golf attire has seen a significant influence of general sportswear. Moisture-wicking, stretchable fabrics with breathability are becoming the norm, ensuring players remain comfortable throughout their game.


Footwear Evolution:

While the classic spiked golf shoes remain a staple, there's been an uptick in more relaxed, trainer-inspired designs and even sophisticated, leather-finished options, catering to varied style preferences.


Accessorize Your Game: 

From caps to specialized golf watches, accessories play a pivotal role in a golfer's ensemble. Gloves, in particular, have evolved from just functional items to fashion statements. With diverse designs and materials, there's an accessory for every golfer's unique style.


Inclusive and Fluid Fashion:

Recognizing that style is personal and diverse, brands are now offering more inclusive sizing and designs that aren't confined by traditional male fashion norms. The move toward gender-neutral designs appeals to a broader audience and reflects the evolving societal perspective on fashion.

Men's PGA Fashion Leaders

Rickie Fowler:

  • Rickie is known for his bold and unique fashion choices. Early in his career, he was recognized for his monochromatic outfits, especially his head-to-toe orange look on Sundays (a nod to his alma mater, Oklahoma State). He's also been known to sport high-top golf shoes and flat-brimmed Puma hats. Fowler effortlessly merges traditional golf attire with streetwear influences.

Ian Poulter:

  • Poulter has always been a trendsetter on the course. He's especially known for his plaid pants and attention-grabbing trousers. In fact, he launched his own clothing line, IJP Design, which reflects his personal style—classic with a twist.

Justin Thomas:

  • Thomas often sports a preppy look, reminiscent of classic golf fashion but with a modern twist. He's collaborated with brands like Ralph Lauren to produce outfits that are both timeless and trendy. His cardigan and tie look at The Open Championship was a nod to old-school golf attire and caught significant attention.

Billy Horschel:

  • Known for his adventurous style, Horschel isn't afraid to wear bold patterns and bright colors. He's particularly known for his octopus-print pants and various other audacious patterns that set him apart on the course.

Cameron Smith:

  • The Australian golfer has a relaxed yet distinctive style. With his mullet hairstyle and mustache, Smith brings a bit of retro flair to the PGA Tour. He often pairs simple polos with more statement-making pants or shoes, striking a balance between traditional and trendy.

5 of PGAs most fashionable icons, Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter, Justin Thomas, Billy Horschel, and Cameron Smith who are leading the modern fashion scene on the tour.


Essentials for the Modern Male Golfer

Navigating the golf course requires attire that offers both functionality and flair. Here's a comprehensive list of essentials that every male golfer should consider:

Polo Shirts: 
The timeless top for golfers. Look for designs that offer moisture management and UV protection. With myriad designs from classic solids to bold patterns, there's a polo for every personality.

Golf Shorts and Trousers: 
Depending on the weather and personal preference, a well-fitted pair of shorts or trousers is essential. Opt for materials that allow flexibility and movement.

Jackets and Pullovers: 
For cooler days and unpredictable weather, lightweight jackets and pullovers are indispensable.

Golf Shoes: 
Ensure a firm grip and comfort with quality golf shoes. Explore both traditional designs and modern, sneaker-like options.

Golf Gloves: 
A blend of function and style, gloves today come in an array of materials and designs. Find a pair that complements your attire and enhances your grip.

Caps and Hats: 
Shield yourself from the sun and add a dash of style with a variety of caps and hats available.

Protect your eyes and enhance vision on sunny days with quality sunglasses that reduce glare.

Choose breathable, moisture-wicking socks that complement your shoes and overall attire.

Belts, watchbands, and unique ball markers can elevate your look. Dive into our guide to men's golf accessories for more.

When curating a golf wardrobe, aim to strike a balance between tradition and current trends. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned golfer, investing in these essentials ensures you're always course-ready, exuding confidence and style. If you're just starting and unsure about golf attire, check out our guide to men's golf outfit ideas.

All Gender Fashion Essentials

The Art of Golf Attire: Materials, Footwear, and Accessories

Navigating the landscape of golf fashion goes beyond selecting a striking outfit. Delving deeper into the nuances of materials, footwear, and accessories uncovers a world where science meets style, comfort coexists with elegance, and every detail serves a purpose.

Modern Materials

From Pure Cotton to Tech Fabrics
Historically, cotton was the gold standard for golf apparel. It's breathable, soft to the touch, and effortlessly stylish. However, the game has evolved, and with it, the demands on the attire.

Enter tech fabrics: Tech fabrics, designed with advanced technology to enhance performance and comfort, have been replacing or complementing traditional cotton in many athletic and casual wear categories, including golf attire. Here are some notable tech fabrics that have been gaining popularity:


Polyester Blends: 
Breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable.  Commonly used in sportswear due to its ability to draw moisture away from the skin, keeping wearers dry and comfortable.

Spandex (also known as Lycra or Elastane):
Exceptional elasticity, retains shape, and provides a snug fit.  Often blended with other fabrics to add stretch, which is especially useful in athletic wear for free movement.


Lightweight, durable, and resistant to moisture and wind.  Used in various sportswear items and often combined with spandex to add stretch.


Hydrophobic and thus excellent for moisture-wicking. It’s also lightweight and durable. Commonly used as a base layer in attire because it keeps sweat away from the skin.


Tencel (brand name for Lyocell):
Made from wood cellulose, it’s breathable, moisture-absorbing, and biodegradable.  A sustainable alternative to other fabrics, Tencel is often used in eco-friendly athletic wear lines.


A type of polyester specifically designed to wick moisture and enhance breathability.  Used predominantly in athletic and performance wear.


Features: Waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Commonly found in outerwear, particularly jackets and shoes, that need to provide protection from the elements.


Waterproof, heat-retaining, and protective.  While it's more associated with wetsuits, its use has expanded into fashionable athletic wear and accessories due to its sleek look and protective qualities.


Naturally antimicrobial, UV resistant, and moisture-wicking.  Used in eco-friendly athletic wear and casual clothing lines.


Merino Wool:
Unlike regular wool, merino is known for its ultra-fine fibers which make it soft against the skin. It’s naturally temperature regulating, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant.
Increasingly popular in performance wear, especially for base layers.


Tech fabrics offer several advantages in terms of performance, comfort, and adaptability to different conditions, they don't necessarily "replace" cotton. Instead, many brands and designers blend cotton with these synthetic materials, aiming to combine the best qualities of both without any constraints.



Golf Shoes: 

The modern golf shoes, many variations and styles to choose from

The saying goes, "A game of golf is 90% footwork." The importance of quality footwear on the golf course can't be overstated. Golf shoes must offer stability during swings, comfort through 18 holes, and durability to last seasons.


But functionality isn't their only attribute. The aesthetics of golf shoes have evolved remarkably. While traditional leather designs with classic brogue detailing remain popular, there's an increasing trend towards sleek, athletic-inspired shoes. These often merge cutting-edge materials with innovative design, offering an amalgamation of comfort and style.


Furthermore, with spikeless shoes gaining traction, there's a growing emphasis on soles that provide grip on the green yet are comfortable enough for the clubhouse.

Introduction to Golf Gloves

VivanTee colorful golf glove in vibrant orange and tiffany blue.

In the world of golf, the glove is more than just an accessory; it's a fusion of function, style, and personal expression. Originating as a solution to provide golfers with a firmer grip, the golf glove has evolved dramatically, witnessing innovations in design, materials, and aesthetics. From the classic touch of leather gloves to the resilience of synthetics, the choices are vast. Specialized gloves have also emerged, catering to unique challenges like wet or cold conditions.


Just as every golfer boasts a unique swing, they also have distinct glove preferences. So, whether it's grip, adaptability, or a style statement you're seeking, there's a perfect glove waiting for you. Dive deeper into golf gloves 101 in our guide here


Golf Gloves FAQs

Why do you need a golf glove?


When it comes to optimizing your golf game, the right accessories are crucial. One such key accessory is the golf glove. Beyond being a style statement, it offers three pivotal benefits:


  1. Enhanced Grip: A golf glove provides stability and control, ensuring your club doesn't slip, especially in challenging conditions.

  2. Protection: It shields your hands from blisters and calluses, allowing for a more comfortable game.

  3. Personal Expression: With various designs and patterns, it's an opportunity to showcase your individuality on the course.


Our article here will dive deeper into the purpose of your golf glove and the benefits of using one. 


Which hand do you wear your golf glove on?


The golf glove is meant to be worn on your lead hand, this is to improve feeling by not wearing them on both hands.  

What should I look for when buying a golf glove?

Keep your eye out on special functionality, ball markers, tee holders, etc.  Materials that you are interested in, aesthetics, pricing, and feel.  A deeper dive in our article titled, “What to Look for When Shopping for a golf glove

Other resources for golf gloves:

VivanTee Golf takes the essence of a golf glove a step further, merging fashion-forward designs inspired by NYC with top-tier functionality, and performance.  Complete with interchangeable ball markers to allow you to customize your look, and stand out on the fairway!  Dive into our world and experience the transformative power of the right golf glove.

Hats and visors protect against the sun but also serve as badges of individuality on the course. From the classic cap to the wide-brimmed hat, there’s an option to reflect every personality.

Then there are the smaller details: ball markers, belt buckles, and even golf bag designs. Each accessory is an opportunity to express oneself, to blend tradition with personal style.

In conclusion, the essence of golf fashion lies in its details. By understanding the significance of materials, the dual role of footwear, and the function behind the accessories, one doesn't just dress for the game; one lives it. This intersection of knowledge and style ensures that every golfer can step onto the course feeling confident, prepared, and unmistakably unique.

Golf Fashion Beyond the Greens: Merging Streetwear, Casual Styles, and Cultural Influence

Streetwear golf fashion ideas for women, image showcasing various pieces that blend for a streetwear look.
Streetwear golf fashion ideas for men, image showcasing various pieces that blend for a streetwear look.

Golf, once stereotyped for its 'preppy' and 'reserved' attire, has seen a transformative shift. Now, golf fashion isn't just reserved for the greens; it's made its way to city streets, music videos, and everyday wardrobes. Here's how golf fashion is weaving itself into mainstream trends and cultural shifts:


Golf Meets Streetwear: 

The crossover between golf and streetwear is becoming increasingly evident. Big-name brands and designers are fusing the classic golf look with contemporary street styles. Think tailored golf pants paired with oversized hoodies, or golf polo shirts worn with street sneakers. These combinations blur the line between the golf course and urban style, making golf-inspired outfits the new chic.  Many brands are now testing their fits in South Korea to start, before bringing them to the USA.  As such, USA is beginning to adopt more of the golf fashion as a lifestyle vs merely a hobby.


Everyday Golf Fashion: 

The versatility of golf fashion has seen a rise in its adoption for daily wear. The comfort of golf shirts, the adaptability of skorts, and the elegance of golf trousers make them fit for both casual outings and office settings. It's not uncommon to see someone donning a golf cap or a polo shirt at a casual brunch or a weekend outing.


Golf Fashion as Status in South Korea

In South Korea, golf fashion has a distinct cultural significance. Wearing golf attire is not just about the sport; it's a direct symbol of status, affluence, and alignment with Western trends. It's less about the game and more about the image. The elite often sport golf clothing, even if they've never swung a club, underscoring its role as a fashion statement rather than functional sportswear.


America's Shift towards Golf Lifestyle: 

Taking a cue, perhaps, from such cultural trends, America too is seeing a shift. Golf wear is no longer just sportswear; it's lifestyle wear. Celebrities and influencers are often spotted in golf-inspired outfits, reinforcing the idea that golf fashion is both trendy and elite. The golf lifestyle, associated with leisure, exclusivity, and sophistication, is becoming a sought-after aesthetic.


Golf fashion is breaking its boundaries, influencing mainstream trends, and becoming a symbol of status in various cultures. As it seamlessly blends with streetwear and casual styles, it underscores the evolution of fashion where sportswear becomes everyday wear, and everyday wear becomes a statement. Whether on the greens or the city streets, golf fashion is here to stay and slay.

Luxury Brands Joining the golf scene
Some unexpected brands who have joined the golf apparel scene

Golf Fashion on Budget

Golf in itself is not a cheap sport.  Some people are hoping to be able to play, look good, and not break the bank. 


The game is associated with wealth, expensive equipment, and expensive clothing.  However, looking your best on the greens doesn't have to break the bank. Here's a guide to golf fashion on a budget that ensures you remain stylish, comfortable, and wallet-friendly.


Make use of what you have


Before shopping, it's important to recognize that, more often than not, you can work with what you already have. For men, a simple collared shirt and chinos will suffice. For women, most athleisure items, including tennis and yoga clothing, will fit the bill. As golf evolves into a lifestyle fashion scene, the acquisition of golf attire has become more versatile. Emerging brands are now designing pieces that are not only suitable for the course but also stylish enough for a night out.


Shed the Brand Name


Fashion is more about fit and look than about brand names.  You can create a good looking golf outfit with off-brand items.  Like this polo from Amazon Essentials, the fit is great, it is very inexpensive and it comes in a myriad of colors and options.  




Secondhand shopping, once viewed as a necessity, has emerged as a significant fashion trend, with platforms like ThredUp and TikTok's "ThriftTok" subculture driving its popularity. According to ThredUp’s Annual Resale Report, the secondhand apparel market is projected to grow 127% by 2026, outpacing traditional retail growth. 


Estrella Sevilla, the head of marketing at Buffalo Exchange, discusses the impact she has seen in the store.


“These days secondhand shopping is becoming the norm and, in many cases, preferred to buying brand new because of the wide variety of clothing available and the affordability compared to buying from a traditional retail store.”


Discount Retailers & Online Marketplaces


Stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross often carry brand-name golf apparel at a significant discount. Additionally, outlet stores for brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour might have golf-specific sections with discounted items.  


Online marketplaces are growing rapidly in the golf space.  Sokim NY is a big marketplace for golf apparel, helping drive the lifestyle of Korea to the US.  


Golf fashion on a budget is achievable without sacrificing style or comfort. With a bit of planning and some savvy shopping, you can look dapper on the course without spending a fortune. After all, it's not just about the attire, but the passion and enjoyment of the game. 

Concluding Our Golf Fashion Guide

Golf fashion, like the very sport it complements, is dynamic and ever-evolving. What once was confined to traditional, rigid standards has now broken free, adopting the fluidity and vibrancy of modern trends. But at its core, the essence of golf fashion remains true—to blend functionality with aesthetic, and tradition with innovation.

As individuals, our choices in attire are often a reflection of our personalities, aspirations, and, of course, our unique style. In the world of golf fashion, there's no longer a need to fit into a pre-defined mold. Instead, there's a world of opportunity to redefine that mold, to create a fusion of classic and contemporary that resonates with who you are.


So, to all our readers, we encourage you to embrace this evolution, to find that perfect balance between the sport's rich heritage and your individual flair. Let your golfing attire be an extension of your personality, a statement of your style, and a testament to your passion for the game.


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