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Ace Your Style : Best Men's Golf Outfit Ideas for 2024

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


Introduction : Men's Golf Outfit Ideas 2024

Golf isn't just a game of skill and patience; it's also a fashion statement. Who doesn't like to look good while on the golf course?  The right men's golf outfit can not only comply with the often strict dress codes of golf clubs but also boost your confidence, enhancing your overall game. Whether you're aiming for a hole-in-one or just enjoying a day out with friends, this article will be packed with men's golf outfit ideas to take to your next 18.

Men's Golf Outfit Ideas - The Golf Polo

4 Different men

RHOBACK Potomac Polo

Kicking off with the RHOBACK Potomac Polo, priced at $96.00, this shirt is a nod to the stylish golfer who loves to make a statement. Sporting a vibrant pattern of iconic golf symbols, it's not just a polo, it's a conversation starter. Made with a high-performance fabric that promises to keep you cool, it’s ideal for those long days on the course. It's a premium pick for the golfer who takes their game and their style seriously.

Bonobos Golf Performance Polo

Next up, for $89, is the Bonobos Golf Performance Polo. It’s clear that this polo is all about classic style with a twist. The horizontal stripe pattern brings a retro vibe to the green, while the modern cut ensures a fit that’s both flattering and functional. And let's talk about that moisture-wicking technology – because staying dry is as important as staying dapper when you're aiming to beat your personal best.

LIGHT IN THE BOX Men’s Floral Polo

On a more affordable note, we have the LIGHT IN THE BOX Men's Floral Polo for $18. This one's a real score for the budget-conscious golfer who doesn’t want to compromise on style. The floral pattern is bold, playful, and just the ticket for those leisurely weekend rounds or a fun tournament with friends. The relaxed fit and light material make it a breeze to wear, ensuring your comfort from the first tee to the last putt.

BAD BIRDIE Poetic Justice

Lastly, there's the BAD BIRDIE Poetic Justice Polo, which retails for $79. For the golfer with a penchant for the eclectic, this shirt's vivid floral print is a hole-in-one. The brand is known for shaking things up in golf apparel, and this polo is no exception. It's designed to stand out in the best way possible, with performance fabric that's just as focused on your swing as you are.

Each of these polos brings something unique to any golf outfit for men – whether it’s a punch of pattern with the RHOBACK, a classic charm from Bonobos, the affordable flair from LIGHT IN THE BOX, or the daring design of BAD BIRDIE. What they all share is a commitment to combining style with substance, ensuring that your men's golf outfit is nothing short of sharp, without compromising comfort or style. 

Men's Golf Outfit Ideas - Perfecting the Pants

4 different types of pants for  mens golf outfit ideas.

Primo Golf Joggers - $89

First on our list are the Primo Golf Joggers to compliment any stylish men's golf outfit. At $89, these joggers are for the golfer who's all about modern comfort with a side of sleek. They offer a snug, adaptive fit that moves with you as you traverse the course. The tapered design and stretchy fabric ensure you're looking sharp from the clubhouse to the 18th hole. And that subtle grey? It's like the perfect approach shot – understated yet spot-on.

LULULEMON ABC Pants - $128

Stepping up the pants for your men's golf outfit, we have the LULULEMON ABC Pants, priced at a cool $128. ABC stands for 'Anti-Ball Crushing', which means they're designed with comfort in mind. These are the pants for the golfer who demands full freedom of movement and a touch of luxury. The sleek design and the performance fabric make it a top choice for those long rounds where comfort is just as crucial as style.

Vineyard Vines Stretch Breaker Pants - $99

The Vineyard Vines Stretch Breaker Pants are the perfect compliment to any mans golf ensemble, coming in at $99, bring a burst of personality to the green with their playful pattern. Perfect for the golfer who doesn’t shy away from making a statement, these pants offer stretch without sacrificing a classic silhouette. The vibrant pattern is a conversation starter that says you're here for a good time and a long drive.

Amazon Basics Stretch Golf Pant - $25

Finally, for the golfer who appreciates value without compromising on quality, the Amazon Basics Stretch Golf Pant at just $25 is a solid choice. These pants prove that functional golf attire doesn't have to break the bank. With a stretch fabric that allows for ample movement and a classic fit, they are a smart option for the budget-savvy golfer that is looking for inexpensive pants to compliment their men's golf outfit.

Each pair of pants brings something unique to any men's golf outfit. Whether you're looking for the high-tech comfort of LULULEMON, the bold statement of Vineyard Vines, the contemporary cool of Primo Joggers, or the unbeatable value of Amazon Basics, there's a pair of golf pants here that’s bound to fit your style and your game. So, go ahead and choose the one that best suits your swing and your fashion sense. After all, great men's golf style can be just as satisfying as a well-played round.

Men's Golf Outfit Ideas : Shorts for the Short Game

Variety of Men

NIKE Hybrid Golf Shorts

At $68, the NIKE Hybrid Golf Shorts are a stellar blend of comfort and practicality. The serene mint green color gives off a fresh summer vibe perfect for sunny days on the course. These shorts don't just look good; they're built with performance in mind. The stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric allows for unrestricted movement, and multiple pockets mean your essentials are always at hand. They're a smart pick for the golfer who values both function and a pop of color.


Now, for those who dare to stand out, the ROYAL AND AWESOME Bloomers priced at $50, are not shy about making a bold statement. Decked out in a vibrant floral print, they bring a dash of fun to the game. These shorts are not just about looks though; they offer comfort and flexibility for those long swings. If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your golf wardrobe, these bloomers will do just the trick.

PRIMO Black Shorts

The PRIMO Black Shorts come in at $69 and are the quintessential choice for the golf purist. They are the little black dress of golf shorts – sleek, versatile, and timeless. The premium fabric provides a comfortable fit and the black hue means they can be paired with virtually any polo in your arsenal. These are for the golfer who appreciates a classic look with a modern twist.

LIGHT IN THE BOX Bermuda Chinos

For the cost-conscious golfer, the LIGHT IN THE BOX Bermuda Chinos are a steal at $23. These shorts provide a sunny disposition with their playful yellow and white polka dot pattern. Made with a stretchy fabric, they offer ease of movement and a casual style. They're perfect for a casual round or if you’re just getting into the golf scene and don’t want to break the bank on your wardrobe.

Each of these shorts options brings its own flavor to the game and your men's golf outfit of choice. From the performance-driven NIKE Hybrid to the exuberant ROYAL AND AWESOME Bloomers, the refined PRIMO Black Shorts, and the cheery LIGHT IN THE BOX Bermudas, there’s a style for every golfer’s preference. These choices prove that comfort, functionality, and a dose of personality can go hand-in-hand, ensuring you look as cool as you feel while shooting for par.

Men's Golf Outfit Ideas : Style that's a Shoe in

4 different types of shoes that compliment any men

NIKE Air Max Golf Shoes

Priced at $120, the NIKE Air Max Golf Shoes bring a sporty edge to the golfing world. This pair is a perfect blend of iconic Air Max style and golf-specific innovation. The red, white, and gray colorway offers a striking look that'll catch eyes on the course, while the air-cushioned soles provide unparalleled comfort for those 18-hole treks. For golfers who love a sneaker to compliment their men's golf outfitwith the performance of a golf shoe, these are a hole-in-one.

Duca Del Cosma Delago Golf Boot

For those looking to splurge on shoes for their golf outfit, the Duca Del Cosma Delago Golf Boot comes in at $259 and is a statement of luxury. This high-top leather boot is for the golfer who isn't afraid to bring a bit of high fashion to the fairway. The rich brown leather exudes sophistication, while the red sole adds a pop of daring color. Beyond style, these boots are built for stability and comfort, ensuring a confident stance with every swing.

ADIDAS Stan Smith Golf Shoe

Matching the NIKE's price tag at $120, the ADIDAS Stan Smith Golf Shoe is a fresh take on a tennis classic that seems to still be in style no matter what year it is, redesigned for the green. The sleek, white leather with a touch of navy gives it a timeless elegance that'll pair well with any golf attire. The spikeless design offers versatility, making them just as suitable for the clubhouse as they are for playing a round. It’s a shoe for those who appreciate a classic look in their golf outfit without compromising performance.  

Foot Joy Superlites

Lastly, the Foot Joy Superlites, with an inviting price of $80, are the answer for men golfers seeking practicality without draining the wallet. These shoes combine a classic golf shoe silhouette with modern materials for a lightweight yet supportive experience. The vibrant blue and red colorway makes them stand out from the crowd, and the cushioned insole means your feet will stay comfy from the first drive to the final putt.

Each of these golf shoes offers something different to suit personal style of all types for any men's golf outfit. From the athletic appeal of the NIKE Air Max and the traditional cool of the ADIDAS Stan Smith to the upscale Duca Del Cosma boots and the value-friendly Foot Joy Superlites, your feet can look and feel good as you walk the course. Good shoes are the foundation of any great golfer's wardrobe, and with these options, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your game and your style.

Men's Golf Outfit Ideas : Accessorize with Statement Pieces

Golf accessories for men

RHOBACK The Rhobucket

Starting with RHOBACK's "The Rhobucket" at $38, this bucket hat is more than just a shield against the sun. It's a style statement for any men's golf outfit that brings a touch of laid-back cool to your golfing get-up. The hat features the signature RHOBACK dog logo, and the red and navy band adds a dash of preppy flair. This hat is perfect for those looking for both sun protection and a fashionable edge.

ALOR Men’s Grey Golf Bracelet

For a subtle touch of luxury to your golf outfit, the ALOR Men's Grey Golf Bracelet, priced at $95, is a top pick. This bracelet combines sleek stainless steel with grey cable detailing for a sophisticated, sporty look. It’s a versatile accessory that won't look out of place when you're tallying up your score or shaking hands at the 19th hole.

Greg Norman Reversible Golf Belt

At $42, the Greg Norman Reversible Golf Belt offers style and versatility for your golf outfit. With one side displaying a classic solid black and the other a stylish herringbone pattern, it's like having two belts in one. It's the ideal choice for the golfer who likes to mix up their look without overloading their bag.

RIA Forte Golf Sunglasses

Finally, the RIA Forte Golf Sunglasses, coming in at a premium price of $185, are the quintessential accessory for any men's golf outfit. With a sleek, modern design and lenses that enhance visual clarity on the green, these sunglasses combine function and high fashion. They're a worthwhile investment for those sunny days on the course, ensuring you can track your ball flight without squinting.

These accessories are the cherry on top of the perfect men's golfing outfit, proving that the devil truly is in the details. From RHOBACK's cool bucket hat to ALOR's sleek bracelet, Greg Norman's smart belt, and RIA's sharp sunglasses, these items will elevate your style game to match your golf game. Remember, looking good is good for your confidence, and when it comes to golf, a confident player is a better player. So go ahead, accessorize with purpose and panache, and you’ll be sure to stand out with your men's golf outfit for all the right reasons.

Conclusion : Best Men's Golf Outfit Ideas

When it comes to men's golf outfits, it's important you dress for comfort and confidence.  The more confident you are, the better you play.  Add one of our men's designer golf gloves to really add a touch of flair.  

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just getting started, these pieces are sure to get you started on different brands and options for the fairway. For a more high level overview of golf fashion in general, our guide discusses all aspects of it.  And subscribe below if you are interested in staying informed on all golf related content, equipment, tips, and exclusive offers for our products.