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A fashionable women's golfer holding a golf club in our signature blog banner style, highlight our women's golf clothes brands in 2024

Top 2024 Brands for Women's Golf Clothes


Time to read: 6 min

Step up your game and style with our curated list of the top trendy women's golf clothing brands to watch in 2024. From sustainable materials to chic designs, find out which labels are making a splash on the greens this year.

Introduction : 2024 Brands for Women's Golf Clothes

Golf has grown so much in popularity due to it's accessibility during the pandemic.  Because of this, the popularity in golf fashion has exploded since 2020.  Today, it isn't merely a test of precision and skill; it embodies a chance to flaunt your flair on the greens. Long gone are the days when golf wear was synonymous with conservative, traditional attire. Nowadays, golf courses have transformed into catwalks of fashion, with women at the forefront, championing this stylish revolution. This article jumps into the realm of women's golf clothes, spotlighting the chic, new brands that marry fashion with functionality seamlessly. Whether you're a veteran on the course or a newcomer (women's golf attire etiquette), these brands promise to elevate your style game while you're out hitting your stride.  

The allure of golf transcends the mere act of playing; it's a sophisticated blend of leisure, networking, and crucially, fashion. As we step into 2024, it's evident that the golf courses are evolving into showcases for the latest in athletic fashion trends. The sphere of women's golf clothes is no exception, with emerging brands daring to disrupt the conventional, delivering outfits that are a perfect amalgamation of style, comfort, and athletic performance. Let's take a closer look at the trendsetting brands in women's golf wear making significant strides and why they deserve a spot in your wardrobe.

1: 2024 Women's Golf Clothes - ForeAll

1. Fore All - Founded 2021, Riverton, UT

Fore All has quickly emerged as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in the realm of women's golf clothing. Born from a passion for both the sport and fashion, Fore All was founded by a dynamic duo of golf enthusiasts and fashion designers who noticed a gap in the market for golf apparel that was both functional and flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Their mission from the get-go was clear: to create golf wear that empowers women to feel confident, comfortable, and stylish on and off the course.

The Journey of Fore All

The inception of Fore All dates back to a sunny afternoon on a serene golf course, where the founders, frustrated by the lack of stylish and comfortable options for women, decided it was time for a change. They envisioned a brand that would break the mold of traditional golf attire, which often overlooked the modern woman's desire for outfits that could transition seamlessly from sport to everyday life.  

Collage of brand Fore All images for a guide to women

2. 2024 Women's Golf Clothes - Draw and Fade

1. Draw and Fade - Founded 2020, Austin, TX

In the dynamic landscape of women's golf apparel, Draw and Fade stands out as a trailblazer, redefining the essence of golf fashion with a fresh, modern twist. The brand's inception is a story of creativity meeting functionality, conceived by a group of avid golfers and fashion aficionados who were determined to bridge the gap between athletic performance and contemporary style on the golf course.

The Genesis of Draw and Fade

Draw and Fade was born from a simple yet powerful idea: golf clothes should empower players not just through performance but also by expressing personal style. Tired of the conventional and often uninspiring options available in the market, the founders embarked on a mission to create a line of golf apparel that was both technically superior and fashion-forward. The brand name itself, inspired by golfing terms for shots that curve left (draw) and right (fade), symbolizes the blend of technical mastery and creative flair that defines their approach to golf wear.

Collage of images for Draw and Fade with logo and various pieces a women

3. 2024 Women's Golf Clothes - Jofit

1. Jofit - Founded 2006, Warminster, PA

Jofit is a powerhouse in the realm of women's golf wear, bringing an unparalleled blend of style, comfort, and performance to the fairways and beyond. Founded on the principle that women's athletic wear should be as flattering as it is functional, Jofit has redefined the standards of golf apparel, ensuring that every piece not only enhances performance but also boosts confidence.

The Birth of Jofit

The story of Jofit begins with its founder, a female athlete who was disillusioned by the lack of stylish and functional golf attire available for women. Frustrated by the one-size-fits-all approach that dominated the market, she set out to create a line of golf clothing that would cater to the diverse shapes and sizes of real women. Her goal was clear: to design clothes that looked great, felt comfortable, and performed under the most demanding conditions.

Brand jofit collage for a guide to Golf clothing for women in 2024.  Image shows a few of their pieces along with their logo.

4. 2024 Women's Golf Clothes - TravisMathew

1. TravisMathew - Founded 2007, Huntington Beach, CA

TravisMathew has long been celebrated for its sophisticated approach to golf and lifestyle apparel, primarily focusing on men's wear. However, the brand's foray into women's golf clothing has been met with anticipation and enthusiasm, promising to bring its signature blend of performance, comfort, and style to women golfers and sport enthusiasts alike.  With their anticipated like of women's golf clothes, you can be sure you will find stylish and modern items from an established and reputable brand. 

The Evolution of TravisMathew

Originally established to offer high-quality, stylish golf apparel for men, TravisMathew stands out for its Southern California-inspired aesthetic, blending laid-back vibes with functional performance. Recognizing the growing demand for women's golf apparel that doesn't sacrifice style for functionality, TravisMathew has extended its expertise into creating a women's line that aims to meet this need.


5. 2024 Women's Golf Clothes - Renwick

1. Renwick - Founded 2019, Bedford, NY

In the world of golf apparel, where tradition often meets the cutting edge of fashion and technology, Renwick stands out as a brand that masterfully blends the two. Renowned for its commitment to elegance, performance, and sustainability, Renwick is quickly becoming a favorite among golfers who demand the best of both worlds.

The Heritage of Renwick

Renwick roots its design philosophy in the rich heritage of golf, drawing inspiration from the sport's time-honored traditions while embracing modern trends and innovations. The brand's inception was driven by a desire to offer golfers apparel that is not only functional and comfortable but also exudes the sophistication and respect for the game that golfers appreciate.

Renwick women

Accessorize Women's Golf Clothes - VivanTee Golf

1. VivanTee Golf - Founded 2023, New York, NY

An emerging brand in the golf apparel space, VivanTee Golf is reinventing the way people accessorize their golf outfits. With innovative and fashionable designer golf gloves, meant to build an all inclusive experience offering accessibility for all genders across all designs. Style each of your golf gloves with versatile magnetic ball markers to build a look that speaks entirely to you. The perfect accessory for your women's golf apparel to make a statement on the golf course.

The VivanTee Story

Founded in NYC by Cesar Figueroa, VivanTee is a veteran and minority-owned brand that breathes new life into golf accessories.  As one of the select few golf brands HQed out of NYC, we inject the ethos of the urban city into our golf accessories.  Modeling each glove around a neighborhood and embracing fashion, diversity, and confidence in every swing.  

NYC founded women

Wrapping up 2024's Women's Golf Clothing Brands

As we've explored the lively world of women's golf clothing for 2024, it's become wonderfully clear that the blend of chic style and practicality is at the forefront of this season's fashion. Brands like Fore All, Draw and Fade, Jofit, TravisMathew's Women's Line, and Renwick are leading the way, each adding their own special touch to both the fairways and everyday life. From Fore All's dedication to sustainability and inclusivity, to Draw and Fade's fresh take on golf wear, these names are transforming the way we think about dressing for the sport. Jofit continues to impress with its perfect fit and trendy designs, making sure every woman steps onto the course feeling her best, while TravisMathew's Women's Line extends its signature elegance and functionality to an even broader audience. Renwick completes our lineup with its beautiful blend of classic and contemporary, crafting pieces that truly speak to the lifestyle of today's golfer.  And finally, accessorize your favorite outfits with our line of designer golf gloves for women, something for every style, to stand out, and swing uniquely.  For inspiration and style options we have written a winter 2023 and fall 2023 write up.

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