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Women's Fall Golf Attire for 2023 Guide

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


The Best Women's Fall Fashion Trends 2023 to Take to the Course

Introduction to Women's Golf Attire

The air carries the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes, signaling the impending arrival of fall. As nature dons its rich tapestry of amber and scarlet, the world of fashion readies itself for a transformation that embraces the enchanting palette of autumn. Amidst this seasonal shift, the golf course stands as no exception, as women golfers prepare to present their impeccable style on the fairways. Welcome to the realm of women's fall golf attire for 2023 – a harmonious blend of functionality and fashion that promises not only to turn heads but also elevate your golf game to new heights. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the captivating trends that await, with some pieces for inspiration, touch on some of the color trends in 2023 Fall Fashion, and finally introduce you to exciting emerging brands.   Coming directly from Vogue, we chose to focus on 4 2023 Fall Fashion trends to inspire your golf attire, White Shirts, Embracing Winter Floral, Metallics, and Rebel Rebel.  

The Vibrant Palette of Fall:

The 2023 Fall Fashion Color Trends—galactic cobalt, sage leaf, astro dust, digital lavender, and apricot crush—serves as a vibrant source of inspiration. Drawing from the pages of high fashion magazines, let's break down these autumn hues and seamlessly transition them from the runway to the fairway. This season's trends include a captivating selection we've handpicked from Fashion Week to grace the golf course: White Shirts, Winter Florals, Metallics, and Rebel Rebel.

The Elegance of White Shirts:

In a world of fashion that sometimes feels overwhelming with choices, the simplicity and timeless elegance of a white shirt remain unrivaled. This fall, the versatility of the white shirt proves its enduring appeal. Whether you opt for an oversized shirt for a relaxed feel or choose a tailored version that accentuates your shape, the white shirt stands as a staple that ensures you'll turn heads on the fairway, embodying the latest trend for 2023.  Below are 3 recommendations for inspiration.

  1. Nulux Half Zip Golf Shirt by Lululemon: Grab this form-fitting half zip by Lululemon to show off your gym workouts!  

  2. Active Polo Shirt by JCrew: Keep it simple and not as form-fitting with this active polo shirt from Jcrew

  3. Fairway Polo Sweater Tank by Athleta: Give it your best preppy look with this sweater tank by Athleta

Embracing Winter Florals: A Captivating Twist:

While floral patterns have traditionally been synonymous with spring, the resurgence of winter florals introduces a captivating twist to this timeless trend. Creatively reimagined for the fall season, these botanical motifs evoke a range of moods, from subtle gothic undertones to whimsical elegance. Fall's contemporary take on florals showcases their versatility and ability to adapt to any season, reminding us that nature's beauty has a place in every aspect of style.

  1. Everyday Crossover skirt by Halaras comes in a variety of patterns and colors, “weekend at the lake” is our favorite, and would pair nicely with our Seaport Serenity golf glove!

  2. Jonas High Waisted Skort by Lilly Pulitzer beautiful bright colors, can compliment your white shirt to break up the bold patterns

  3. These “dress pants” by JCrew are completely unique, and being made of cotton and Elastane - no reason you can’t pull these off on the golf course


Dazzling with Metallics:

Get ready to shine and shimmer as metallics make a triumphant return to the world of fashion. This trend captures the spotlight with its dazzling allure, transcending from being associated solely with glamorous evenings to becoming an integral part of everyday wear. The fusion of opulence and versatility is a captivating endeavor, with glistening golds and radiant silvers adding a touch of futuristic flair to classic styles. This reimagined use of metallics is nothing short of transformative, infusing outfits with an element of luxury that seamlessly transitions from day to night.

  1. Sofibella Ladies Shimmering Golf Dress Lori's Golf Shoppe- Shine bright like a diamond on the fairway, gold animal print. This would pair nicely with our Chic Cheetah ball marker 

  2. Sleeveless Mockneck Biketard by Los Angeles Apparel- If you are into very form fitting, check this piece out, this will be sure to standout on the golf course!  And make a statement.

  3. Liquid Shine by Anthropolgie - These pants are truly elegant, and will have you shimmering from the 1st hole to the 18th.

Rebel Rebel: Vivienne Westwood:

Step into the spotlight and embrace your inner rebel as the punkish style stages a bold and electrifying comeback. Infused with a modern twist, this edgy trend seamlessly marries classic elements with contemporary attitude. Plaids, the quintessential pattern of punk, reclaim their place in the limelight, offering a fusion of nostalgia and rebellious flair. These iconic checks adorn a range of garments, from tailored blazers to flowing skirts, introducing an unexpected edge to traditional silhouettes.

  • Black Golf Boots by Sokim - These are sure to give you that rebellious look and show off your Fall 2023 gear!  You won’t see anything like them on the golf course.  

  • Grab this plaid skirt by YZHM - Will pair perfectly with your black Sokim boots to give you that truly punkish look on the fairway.

  • Tiebreaker dress by Wilson - Keep the outfit a little more tame with this plaid dress if the boots and skirt are a bit too much, but still show your love for plaid.

  • Try pairing this look with our Wooly-Burg golf glove, for an added Brooklyn touch.


Emerging Brands to Watch

The evolving fashion landscape brings with it a wave of emerging brands that cater specifically to the discerning tastes of women golfers. Check out these women's golf clothing brands that really stand out.

Tuckernuck, a brand built on the foundation of family and friends, boasts a diverse range of sporting attire featuring unique floral and plaid patterns, as well as vibrant colors.

Olaya, another female-owned business with over two decades of professional and amateur golfing experience, presents elegant pieces born from a deep-rooted understanding of the sport.

Jofit stands as a brand of versatile options, spanning from bold and bright pinks to contrasting blacks, making it a brand worth exploring for every golf enthusiast. 

Completing the Ensemble with VivanTee:

Amongst the evolving trends and emerging brands, VivanTee's golf gloves emerge as the quintessential accessory to elevate both your style and performance on the golf course. We mentioned a few pieces from our collections that would be complimentary to the pieces we were showing.  Finally, we want to touch on emerging color trends to expect from 2023 Fall Fashion.  Instyle discussed 10 here, but we are focusing on a few that you can pick out from our collection.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Fall Golf Experience:

We hope you enjoyed some of the ideas and inspiration, and if you did, be sure to check out our Winter Guide to Women's Golf Clothing version.  As you step in search of women's fall golf style, remember that your attire is a canvas for merging style and sport. VivanTee golf gloves are your partners in this endeavor, offering the support you need to master both your club and the attention of onlookers. Are you prepared to embrace the golf course with confidence, embodying the essence of fall-inspired elegance?  Check out our comprehensive guide on golf fashion for more inspiration and ideas around Women and Men's golf fashion!