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Women's Winter Golf Attire Guide 2023/24

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


The Best Women's Winter Fashion Trends 2023, Injected into Golf

Introduction to Women's Winter Golf Attire

Welcome back to another guide to seasonal golf fashion!  Your go-to destination for embracing style and comfort on the greens, even as the temperatures drop. 


Here, we believe that winter golf isn't just about playing the sport you love; it's about thriving in style and confidence, no matter the weather. Say goodbye to the days of oversized jackets hindering your perfect swing, and bid farewell to shivering in clothes not meant for the chill. It's time to welcome elegant layering, thermal fabrics, chic accessories, and the harmonious marriage of fashion and functionality.


When we set out to build VivanTee, the goal was to create an all-inclusive brand.  As women have grown so largely into the sport, the one area we continue to hear from our female peers on the fairway, is how hard it is to find good golf clothes.  The purpose of this article is to integrate fashion trends into your golf attire.  Not all the pieces we will be displaying will be golf-specific, but it gives you a way to offer your own unique style for extra confidence on the tee box.  We are a bit biased, but we also believe our golf gloves will go perfectly with many of these pieces!


So, whether you're a seasoned golfer looking to add a touch of flair to your winter game, or you're new looking to understand golf clothing and look your best while braving the colder months on the course, there is something for you!


Pull out your clubs, ladies—it's time to conquer the course and the cold, one stylish swing at a time!

The Palette of Winter

Discover the vibrant fashion colors for Winter 2023/2024.  The season surprises with a bold color palette, from lively tones to sophisticated hues, redefining timeless elegance. Key trends include "Fiery Red," representing passion and boldness, and "Viva Magenta," Pantone's Color of the Year, for a deep, brilliant aesthetic. "Red Orange" infuses wardrobes with confidence, while "High Visibility Yellow" radiates cheerfulness. Blue enters the scene with "Atoll Blue" and "Lacecap Hydrangea," offering freshness and calmness reminiscent of tropical waters and blooming flowers. "Olive Oil" green brings a natural, nourishing touch, emphasizing well-being. The season's neutral favorite, "Lava Smoke" grey, exudes sophistication. Each color suits various fabrics and styles, promising versatility for both casual and formal attire.  This winter's fashion journey can be completely incorporated into your golf winter wardrobe, and we are here to offer up tips, ideas, and inspiration!  

7 Trends for Women's Winter Golf Attire

Women's winter golf clothes this year will defy the cold by injecting comfort with elegance. As 2023 unfurls, step away from the mundane and embrace a wardrobe on the fairway that radiates warmth, style, and excitement. This season's trends for women's winter golf attire celebrate textures, fabrics, and colors, ensuring that your winter attire is anything but dull.  Below are the 9 popular trends by Vogue, and we will offer inspiration for pieces to put together your perfect look for 7 of them, highlighted in Apricot.


  1. Padded Versus Puffer: Transition from the classic puffer to the more refined padded coat, combining warmth with a less technical, more fashion-forward aesthetic.


  2. Much Mohair: Indulge in head-to-toe mohair with soft, cozy separates, perfect for adding comfort and color to chilly days.


  3. Be the Scarf: Innovative fashion that integrates the scarf into various garments, from skirts to sweaters, adding a cozy yet practical twist to winter dressing.


  4. Long Skirts for All-Day-Long Wear: Embrace the elegance and versatility of ankle-length maxi skirts, suitable for keeping stylish and warm in colder temperatures.


  5. Hibernation Station: Gear up for serene winter getaways with cozy Fair Isle or chunky cable knit sweaters and dependable outerwear collaborations like Chloé x Barbour.


  6. Big Time Faux Furs: Make a statement with oversized, shaggy faux fur coats that offer a luxurious yet ethical way to stay warm and fashionable.


  7. Cargo Continues: Witness the evolution of utility pants with the integration of cargo elements into casual, comfy denim, perfect for everyday wear.


  8. Novelty Cardigans: Reinvent your winter wardrobe with unique cardigans, featuring unexpected details like faux fur collars or innovative layering, for a fresh take on winter warmth.


  9. Sparkled Staples: Transform everyday winter wear with a touch of sparkle, incorporating metallics, lurex, or sequins into foundational pieces for a festive, wintry vibe.


These trends highlight a movement towards blending comfort with style, practicality with luxury, preparing you for a season of fashion that's both cozy and chic.

Padded vs Puffer

Inject these jackets into your Winter golf attire.  

A blue bomber to match along the color trends for 2023 from Alp N Rock.  A modern look to a traditional fashion piece.  


The Alp n Rock - Metro II Bomber stands out as a contemporary gem, revamping the classic flight jacket with a relaxed, modern cut that promises timeless style. Its versatile design pairs seamlessly with coordinating knits and high-waisted pants, offering endless styling possibilities on the fairway. Embracing both history and modernity, the Metro II Bomber invites you to craft an ensemble that speaks to sophistication as you walk up to your first tee box.


The MONT BLANC jacket is a golfer's ideal companion, providing exceptional warmth through its unique oversized quilting and insulation. Its satin details infuse a touch of modern elegance, effortlessly transitioning from the course to an evening out. Beyond style, practicality shines with features like an interior pocket for valuables and sturdy double-needle stitch detailing for all your tees and golf balls! The jacket balances form and function, encapsulating comfort, warmth, and sophistication in one piece. Whether braving early morning chills or windy afternoons, the MONT BLANC ensures women's winter golf attire will be on point!  


The Athleta Inlet in an elegant Bronx/Reddish orange is the 3rd choice for women's winter golf attire in the padded vs puffer trend. Offering a sophisticated blend of warmth and functionality perfect for those chilly mornings on the course. This high-performance jacket, with its lightweight yet insulating 800-fill down, ensures a cozy feel without adding bulk, preserving the precision of your swing. Notable features like the removable hood, secure zip pockets, and thumbholes show a keen understanding of a golfer's needs, offering versatility while keeping comfort at the forefront. The jacket's wind-free and water-repellent fabrics work in harmony, shielding you from unpredictable weather, while the all-around stretch fabric doesn't restrict your movement, crucial for every stage of the game. Making sustainable choices stylish, its recycled nylon composition speaks volumes, ensuring you stay warm, flexible, and responsible in your winter golfing sessions.


The Athleta - PrimaLoft delivers an elegantly colored, form-fitting jacket, making it an instant favorite for women golfers in the winter braving the cold. Its seamless construction promises a chafe-free experience, allowing for uninterrupted fluidity in every swing, while the high collar serves as a subtle, yet effective shield against the chilly weather. The jacket's Palo Verde or mustard yellow hue, reminiscent of serene olive groves, ensures you stand out on the course, celebrating your dedication to fitness and form. Moreover, the perfect blend of Nylon and Spandex affords golfers the flexibility essential in every game.  This jacket would be complimented perfectly with our Harvest Greenwich golf glove!


You can't go wrong with these pieces, as you will look good, feel good, and play even better!

Much Mohair

As staying consistent with the theme, we will make sure to keep on with the trends, but substitute where we need to.  Mohair and cashmere are both luxurious fabrics but come from different sources and possess distinct characteristics. Mohair is produced from the hair of the Angora goat, known for its high luster and sheen, and it's incredibly durable and resilient. On the other hand, cashmere, sourced from the soft undercoat of the Cashmere goat, boasts exceptional softness and insulation properties, making it a coveted material for high-end, supremely warm clothing.  These 2 pieces are cashmere, but have a very similar look and appeal as Mohair.  

Woolovers cashmere polo is simple and sophisticated we chose Navy Blue for the “Atoll Blue” look.  This vintage-style knitted polo is a standout piece on the course and a great addition to women's winter golf clothing. The blend of soft cashmere and high-quality merino wool ensures not just a luxurious feel but provides substantial warmth for those brisk mornings on the greens.  The faux pearl buttons add a unique touch to an otherwise common piece, enhancing the traditional polo into something exceptional and eye-catching. Beyond aesthetic appeal.

Quince's polo in grey is a 100% Mongolian cashmere sweater. Its Grade-A cashmere composition, characterized by an ultra-soft 15.1 micron thickness, ensures a warmth and comfort that is exactly what you need on a cold winter day.  The relaxed fit and drop shoulder design accommodate the fluid, dynamic movements inherent to your golf swing, ensuring ease of motion when it matters most. Additionally, the open-collar neckline introduces a casual-luxe aesthetic, fitting seamlessly with both modern golf attire trends and the social hangout at the clubhouse after. In a sport where attire can reflect one's respect for the game, this cashmere polo sweater stands out as a piece acknowledging tradition, luxury, and the practical aspects of play.

Be the Scarf

Eddie Bauer's lavender cashmere scarf is an inexpensive addition to the female winter golfer's wardrobe.  Infusing a delicate splash of color with unparalleled warmth.  The scarf's lavender hue introduces a subtle vibrancy, complementing the natural landscape of the golf course while adhering to the elegance required in golf attire.  Eddie Bauer once again successfully marries practicality with classic style, making this scarf a coveted piece for the fashion-conscious golfer.

The C by Bloomingdale's teal exclusive cashmere scarf emerges as a perfect accessory for women's winter golf attire, bringing an unmatched luxury to the course. Crafted from fibers hand-brushed from Inner Mongolian goats.  Its meticulous construction and stylish design not only offer protection from the chilly weather but also add a sophisticated touch to any golfer's ensemble, proving that elegance and functionality can indeed go hand-in-hand on the golf course. 

Long Skirts for All Day Long Wear

The long skirt trend can be a fun one to stand out on the golf course.  Very rarely do you see women with long skirts, and this can surely set your look apart.  Most notable, this is for women's winter golf clothing, but this may lean towards a warmer winter day. 


Embracing the long skirt fashion wave, Gap's olive oil-colored cotton-blend midi skirt is a breath of fresh air on the golf course, marrying runway flair with athletic practicality. The skirt champions a straight silhouette with a slim fit, offering a sleek yet comfortable style that allows for ease of movement during a game. Its regenerative cotton material, with a touch of elastane, ensures flexibility and breathability, while the flap patch pockets and front hem slit inject a dose of convenience for any of your golf accessories! This piece proves itself as an essential asset for the fashion-forward golfer, showcasing that performance and high-fashion.  


Athleta's elegant skirt is a timely response to the long skirt fashion trend, becoming a perfect piece in women's winter golf attire for 2023. The standout red-orange hue, a defining color this year, (Apricot Crush), adds an energetic pop to the winter golf landscape, symbolizing vitality and passion. Constructed from Featherweight Stretch fabric, the skirt promises unencumbered movement and a light-as-air feel for your golf swing, while its recycled polyester composition speaks to the environmentally conscious golfer. Not just a fashion statement, its practical features like, quick-drying, and abrasion-resistant qualities, paired with concealed pockets, make it a useable piece in the summer as well, stand out regardless of what season!


Free People's shows up in the long skirt section for women's winter golf clothing with this billowy, chic skirt, striking the ideal balance between timeless grace and modern comfort. The charcoal hue serves as a sophisticated staple, offering versatility in pairing with brighter winter layers while maintaining a classic, grounded aesthetic in the season's style narrative. Its low-rise, slouchy silhouette, accompanied by an elastic waistband, ensures full range of motion during your golf swing and accommodates the golfer's active movement with ease. Whether dressed down with a casual tee or paired with a sleek long-sleeve, this piece promises a stylish, adaptable, and cozy experience for the fashion-forward golfer braving the winter greens.

Cargo Continues

The continued look for Cargo pants are a great staple for the golf course.  A way to keep you warm, and offer the added convenience of pockets for any of those loose accessories!


First up, Alo's Low-Rise Megastar Cargo Pant, in charcoal shade, is an elegant addition to this women's winter golf fashion guide, particularly for enthusiasts keen on merging functionality with the Continued Cargo trend. The lightweight, matte-sheen fabric, combined with the unique adjustable bungee details, allows for a customizable fit, ensuring the comfort and flexibility essential on the golf course.  Or if you have a big meal after the 18 hole round, loosen up!  The oversized, baggy style, reminiscent of the Y2K era with a modern twist, accommodates free movement, making it ideal for golf's technical and dynamic nature. When coupled with a simple top, these cargo pants not only adhere to the fashion requisites but also uphold the practical demands of golfing, solidifying its place in both the sport and style arenas. 


Alo's Blaze Trouser Pant is a standout piece for golf enthusiasts participating in the Continued Cargo trend. The deep espresso color adds a touch of understated elegance, easily blending with the natural hues of the golf course while providing a perfect base for various pairing options. Crafted from cool memory woven fabric, these pants offer a comfortable, wide-leg fit essential for the range of movements in golf, with practical cargo pocket detailing for carrying small essentials. The tailored waistband with belt loops ensures a secure fit and the ability to provide the perfect comfort as you play.


American Eagle back on the scene with these cargo pants crafted from lightweight nylon offer a beautiful update to any woman golfer's wardrobe.  Especially in the striking red-orange hue that exudes sophistication and confidence on the course. The color, on-trend for the season, not only offers visual warmth but also serves as a bold statement piece. Beyond style, the pants' recycled polyester and elastane blend ensures comfort and flexibility, essential for the sport's rotation and movement. The highlight feature — multiple pockets, including front, back, and additional cargo compartments — provides ample space for all golfing essentials, making these pants functionally aesthetic.


Champion presents an olive oil/green rendition of cargo pants that marries comfort with urban street style, ideal for adding a fashionable twist to your golf ensemble. The pants' lightweight, cotton blend, combined with a stretchy waistband, promises comfort and ease of movement for those shots off the tee box. The classic, spacious pockets bring practicality, while the unique boyish cut with a feminine touch and trendy color solidifies these cargos as a statement piece in any golfer's attire.  Which blends perfectly with VivanTee's all-gender golf gloves, a continued blurring of lines between feminine and masculine, and a move towards, individuality and personal taste! 

Novelty Cardigans

Madewell offers a timeless staple with its gray V-neck cardigan. Crafted from a warm and snug wool blend, this piece is the embodiment of autumnal comfort and relaxed style, essential for those cooler days on the golf course or a casual gathering in the clubhouse. The cardigan’s hip length and relaxed fit encourage a sense of ease, making it a versatile piece, while its classic button-front and understated color can effortlessly complement various outfits, ensuring it's a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

For the Boden cardigan, olive green becomes the canvas for this dazzling piece to compliment your golf attire. The subtle sparkle coupled with unique frill and collar detailing injects a modern look into the classic cardigan silhouette, while the material blend ensures a comfortable fitted shape that doesn't hinder movement. This cardigan, especially in its rich jewel tone, promises to be a conversation starter, marrying comfort with a beautiful golf outfit.

Sparkled Staples

THE KIT's Fiery Red Patterned Sequin Turtleneck will have you embracing the fairways in style this winter. While its subtle sequin patterns catch the eye, the real star is the bamboo-cotton blend, offering softness to the touch and warmth for those chilly rounds of golf. The stretchy, slim fit doesn't just flatter—it allows for optimal flexibility in every swing. This piece is a go-to for women golfer fashionistas who don't want to compromise comfort for standout style on the course.


H&M can add a touch of shimmer to Women's winter golf attire with this fitted mock turtleneck. The silver-hued knit blends sustainability with style, and the metallic fibers catch the light, ensuring you sparkle even on the grayest of days. More than just a fashion statement, its snug fit and long sleeves mean warmth, and ease of movement to match your unique golf swing. 


BruceGlen's green velvet turtleneck makes an elegant statement on the golf course with the glitter-finished velvet. The rich green hue paired with a glittery undertone captures the essence of winter glamour, while the lightweight fabric ensures no added bulk to your swing. With its warmth-retaining polyester-spandex composition, this top promises both a cozy and unrestricted game, allowing you to play in comfort without sacrificing style.

Women's Winter Golf Gloves

VivanTee's range of golf gloves stands out, promising to enhance not just your appearance on the course, but your game as well. The perfect compliment to your outfit on a winter golf round.  While we will be honest, they won't enhance your warmth, they will provide the perfect grip, and style for a brisk day.  We've highlighted how they harmoniously complement the fashion-forward pieces we've showcased, below are 4 of our most popular that also match with the color palettes in this guide. 

Conclusion: Women's Winter Golf Clothing

As we wrap up our deep dive into the seven pivotal fashion trends reshaping women's golf attire for winter 2023, it's evident that the season is about striking the perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and style. From the bold charisma of Sparkled Staples to the practical elegance of Extended Skirts and the utilitarian chic of Continued Cargo, these trends signify a fresh, empowering approach to what women wear on the golf course. And rings completely true to the saying “fashion repeats itself”.  Every piece offers an opportunity to not just pave the way for every female golfer to not just play the part but also look the part.


Ready to transform your golfing ensemble with confidence and flair? Dive into our comprehensive guide on golf fashion  for more, tailor-made to navigate the exciting intersection of runway glam and fairway practicality.  And if you enjoyed the winter edition, check out our fall edition as well.   And for continuous insider access to the latest trends, exclusive style tips, golf knowledge, equipment, and more, don't miss out on subscribing to our newsletter. Stay informed, stay stylish, and take your game to the next level with us. Sign up now and make every day on the course a fashion statement!