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Women's Golf Accessories

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


Top 10 Golf Accessories for Women in 2024


In the world of golf, a segment that has long been overlooked is women's golf accessories. The realm of options, from functional tools to stylish essentials, is brimming with potential. Our goal is to unveil the top 10 must have women's golf accessories while exploring their versatility on the course.  Our aim is to inspire women to infuse their game with innovation and style, fostering a more inclusive golfing experience. Our insights stem from surveys, interviews, and candid conversations with female golfers, highlighting a common frustration: the lack of suitable ladies' golf accessories.


Remember, while these accessories are curated for women, they can be equally beneficial for men or serve as thoughtful golf gifts for upcoming occasions.


Let's embark on a journey into the world of golf accessories for women.

Exploring Women's Golf Accessory Categories

Functional Essentials: Often underestimated, these accessories are the unsung heroes of your golfing experience. Modest in appearance, yet indispensable, they are designed with a singular purpose – to get the job done. Whether fastened to your belt, stowed in your golf bag, or resting in the cart, their utility is unwavering. Think back to the cell phone belt cases that dads sported in the early 2000s – that's the essence of functional.


Function Meets Style: Combining fashion with utility, this category showcases accessories that seamlessly marry aesthetics and function. Picture a high-end watch – it not only tells time but also exudes sophistication, making a statement as a dual-function masterpiece.

Women's Functional Essential Golf Accessories:

Accessory #1: Top Range Finders for 2024

Despite the allure of GPS watches, the reliable range finder remains a course companion. It's your steadfast ally for calculating shot distances, and considering slopes, distances, and elevations – a pivotal asset in women's golf accessories.

The All-Purpose Champion: Bushnell Tour v5 Rangefinder

Cost: $399


  • Precise play-as-distance measurement

  • 6x magnification for clear vision

  • Vibrates to confirm accurate pin targeting


Innovative Newcomer: Omada Golf - Atlas Rangefinder

Cost: $260

  • Impressive range of up to 900 yards

  • Vibrates to confirm pin location

  • Distinctive colors and aesthetics

  • A fresh brand revolutionizing golf experiences


The Ultimate Luxury: Leupold Golf - Gx-6c

Cost: $480

  • Club selector for personalized recommendations

  • Accuracy guaranteed within +/- 1 yard up to 700 yards

  • Waterproof, advanced pin finder, and more

Range Finder reviews of various types for women

Accessory #2: Top 3 Golf Balls for 2024

For an in-depth guide to golf ball shopping, delve into our blog about the topic. Here, we'll cover the essentials of choosing the perfect golf balls for recreational players.

The Versatile Performer: Callaway - Supersoft


  • Callaway's legacy of excellence shines through

  • Low-compression design ideal for slower swings, offering flight and reduced backspin

  • Soft core fosters forgiveness, available in vibrant colors for easy differentiation


Elegance Unveiled: Vice - Drip Golf Balls


  • Vice's triumph in challenging golf ball giants

  • Drip Golf Balls merge aesthetics and performance

  • Explore Vice's journey in an inspiring podcast


Premium Excellence: Taylormade - TP5


  • Innovative 5-layer construction yields low spin off the tee and maximum distance

  • Proprietary dimple design optimizes aerodynamics for impressive shots

  • Amid ProV1 dominance, Taylormade TP5 stands out as a top-tier choice

A variety of women

Accessory #3: Best Golf Gloves 2024

This accessory obviously is held dear to our heart here at VivanTee.  However, we aren't going to only say ours, because we aren't for anyone!


For a stylish and aesthetic golf glove that you'd like to personalize, then certainly check out our line.  Below are our 3 most popular sellers.

Inexpensive Excellence: For a budget-friendly yet high-quality option, consider the Footjoy WeatherSof. Ideal for the range or extending your golf glove collection without breaking the bank, often available for just $20 for a pair on Amazon.

Synthetic Leather Option: The Bionic Stablegrip is a synthetic golf glove that offers durability and enhanced grip support.  Definitely a quality golf glove for anyone who wants to be leather free or who is looking for additional grip support in the design of their golf glove.

Women's Golf Accessory #4: Best Golf Watch 2024

Golf Watches for Distance: If you prefer a GPS watch over a rangefinder, Garmin's Epix Pro Sapphire is a prime choice. While on the pricier end at $900, its stunning design is complemented by features like heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, smart notifications, and enhanced satellite technology for precise distances. Garmin offers various more affordable options if you're looking to balance performance and cost.

There are a variety of yardage watches you can find on the market, but we recommend one that fits your personal aesthetic and style.  The iWatch also can be used as a golf GPS watch if you already own one.  

Women's Golf Accessories #5| Best Hats for 2024

Almost as important as choosing the right golf clubs, is picking the right golf hat.  You need to look good, block the sun, and hit them straight!  Below are some of our favorite golf hat choices for 2024.  As golf is becoming much more of a fashion game these days, feel free to look beyond the traditional caps, and bucket hats.  Like this Brunch Fedora hat by Identity Boutique. 

Ball Cap: Make a statement with the Callaway Golf Regional Roses Hat. This unique snapback ball cap combines a distinctive pattern with chambray hues and a touch of pink flair, adding a hint of personality to your golf ensemble.

Bucket Hat Simplicity: The Alo Airlift Solar Visor brings simplicity and elegance to the golf course. Designed by a yoga brand, this black and gray visor sports a subtle print on its rim, shielding your eyes from the sun while exuding a versatile charm.

For the Bold: If you're in the mood for vibrant style, the Farfetch Bimba Y Lola Bucket Hat is a perfect match. With its captivating burgundy and blue floral prints, this hat is a great compliment to any golf attire to make a bold and vibrant statement on the course.

Versatile modern golf hats for the fashionable golf women, to offer ideas for a variety of women

Best 2024 Women's Golf Accessories # 6: Golf Bags

A list on best women's golf accessories wouldn't make sense without golf bags in the mix.  We will showcase 3 of our favorite golf bags, but for a comprehensive guide check out 15 best golf bags for 2024,

Best All-Around Golf Bag: The Sunday Golf Ryder Bag shines as a versatile option. Crafted by a brand dedicated to democratizing golf, this bag can accommodate up to 14 clubs and adapt seamlessly to walking or cart usage. With a range of colors and options, the Ryder Bag is the ultimate all-around companion, recently priced at a reasonable $240.

Sunday Golf Ryder Bag for women

Simplicity Redefined: The Nike Golf Bag presents straightforward elegance with its black and white design. Priced under $200, this bag may not redefine innovation, but its dependable simplicity and Amazon Prime availability make it a reliable choice.

Unveiling Premium: The Stitch Sl1 takes center stage as the epitome of aesthetic sophistication. Melding personalization with lightweight design, Stitch's proprietary fabric, innovative details, and unique storage pockets make the Sl1 a bag worth the $400 investment.

2022 SL2 Colorblock Golf Bag, a sleek option for women looking to upgrade their golf accessories.

Golf Accessories for Women #7: Clothing for a Statement

When discussing golf accessories for women in 2024, we like to follow trends.  One of these specific trends as Vogue calls it for 2024 “Slashes and Shreds”.  Showing some holes off can be injected into your Golf Wardrobe in 2024 to stay trendy, feel trendy, and play trendy.

Some pieces we found compelling were Lululemon's shoulder cut Yoga Tank, Express's high compression body suit, and Adidas's 80's 80-inspired aerobic workout shirt.

All Areas that will help you stay on top of the latest trends.  Plenty of options to inject this trend into your shopping for women's golf accessories, these were just 3 of our favorites.

We cover in-depth winter and fall fashion articles for 2023, use some of these pieces to add a unique flair to your outfit.  It is important to stick with your personal aesthetics as this will help inspire confidence and elevate your golf game.

Golf Accessories for women

Women's Golf Accessories #8: The Best Golf Shoes for 2024

In the realm of women's golf accessories, shoes are more than just a functional necessity; they've become a cornerstone of fashion expression, mirroring a trend that's long been celebrated in Korean golf culture. Korean golfers have always viewed their time on the course as an opportunity to showcase personal style, where fashion blends seamlessly with sport. This ethos is now gaining momentum in the U.S., where men's and women's golf accessories and clothes are increasingly embracing the idea that performance wear can be both stylish and practical. Our selection of golf shoes for women reflects this philosophy. Featuring designs that are as fashionable as they are functional, these shoes offer the perfect balance of comfort, stability, and style. With lightweight materials, waterproof technology, and a range of trendy designs, our shoes are crafted to ensure that every step on the green is a statement in both play and fashion.

5 Pairs of non traditional golf shoes meant for style, to help enhance women's golf accessories via footwear. A pair of boots, white sneakers, and various other looks.
  1. Golfino Leather Golf Shoes - These are slick, white leather with VivanTee's favorite red-orange color in a checkered print.  Water proof and priced at $150, these are a perfect addition to a dark-toned outfit you want to add color too, or maybe a Rickie Fowler-inspired all-orange!

  2. Duca Del Cosma - Navy Caldes - Also waterproof, they are nothing too out there, but a sleek Navy shoe that could pass as a regular shoe for a random night out after the round.  Priced at $239, we liked the shine from the Polyester.

  3. Annel Golf Ankle Boots - These are certainly the most unique pair on here, and offer a great shoe for a very rainy and wet day.  One of those days that won't stop you from shooting your best round.  They come in cream Ivory and are priced at $239.

  4. Women's Footjoy Fuel Golf Shoes - Nothing out of the ordinary with these, but offer a nice light grey and pink color.  These would work well for a more minimalist or traditional golf attire look.  Footjoy's are great shoes and are only priced at $99 for a more budget-friendly.

  5. Women's Footjoy Cap Toe - These are slick, similar look to the traditional FootJoy, but the black toe offers a unique twist!  

As you continue to search golf accessories for women, we hope these inspire some ideas, and potentially a purchase!

Best Golf Accessories for Women #9: Golf Clubs

The best golf accessories for women in 2024 include 3 golf clubs that are our favorite.  They look good, they play well, and they stand out on the fairway, after all, that's what we strive to do at VivanTee.  If you are a Beginner and looking for a guide to beginner's clubs, you can see our article here.


Our Top 3 aesthetic and functional golf clubs are:


Robin Golf Clubs:


Overview: A brand built to disrupt an otherwise legacy industry, but they play well.  It is always scary to test a new club in the market, but we have done testing on these, and can attest, they are quality clubs.


Club Features: The clubs, including the driver, wood, and hybrid, have generous sweet spots, making it easier for beginners to get their tee shots off. The set also includes cavity-backed irons and a mallet putter, well-suited for those new to golf.


Full Set $899


Stix Golf Clubs


Overview: Stix Golf Clubs are highly regarded, especially for beginners, offering a blend of stunning performance and aesthetics. They are praised as the best golf club set under $1,000, balancing premium quality with a fair price​.


Club Features:

These clubs feature all-graphite shafts, providing a lighter feel, ideal for those who walk the course. The graphite construction also offers more flex, enhancing forgiveness for off-center shots and reducing vibrations on foul shots, aligning perfectly with the needs of their target market.


Full Set: $799


TaylorMade P-770 Stealth


Overview: The P770 irons are noted for high ball speed and consistent performance across the face, aided by Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and lighter SpeedFoam Air .  And offer a sleek aesthetic black to represent their “Stealth” name.


Features:  They offer a balanced combination of launch and spin characteristics, with a design that is highly workable, allowing golfers to shape their shots with ease .


Forgiveness and Accuracy: In the MyGolfSpy Most Wanted testing, the P770 Irons ranked 4th overall in forgiveness and 7th in accuracy, indicating their ability to produce consistent shot outcomes and precision.


Set of irons: $1,499


While TaylorMade's are almost double the price as the other two, they are the proven product.  When deciding on clubs when picking your favorite women's golf accessories, take into consideration what is important.  If a big brand is, then certainly the TaylorMade's are the best option within these 3.

Golf Clubs for women

Women's Golf Accessories #10: Misc Items

Golf Club Cleaner: A vital tool to keep your clubs pristine, especially after hefty divots. Discover Caddy Splash's golf water brush, your go-to for efficiently scrubbing off dirt and grime.


Golf Ball Retriever: The iGotcha golf ball retriever is a savior when your ball ventures too far into the bushes or water hazards. A must-have for women golfers aiming for consistent shots and those seeking lost balls just out of arm's reach.


Divot Repair Tool: A small accessory with a significant impact. As we've discussed in our golf etiquette guide, maintaining the course is crucial. This inexpensive Amazon find ensures you leave the green in great shape for fellow golfers.


Golf Towel: There are increasingly more magnetic golf towels hitting the market, you can find any from funny, to stylish, or just plain colors.  Always good to have golf towels on hand to clean your clubs during your round.

Conclusion: Top 10 Golf Accessories for Women for 2024

As we journey through the world of women's golf accessories, remember that looking good equates to feeling good, which invariably translates to playing well. These accessories – from functional tools to style statements – are tailored to enrich your golfing experience.  We are not at all affiliated with any of the brands we mentioned, or make any sort of kickback .  We just enjoy researching all things golf and want to share with our fellow golf enthusiasts.

While this guide is your gateway to infusing your game with innovation and charm, the core principle is to have fun. Step onto the course with confidence, embrace your unique style, and remember that every shot is an opportunity to excel, for more golf fashion tips, check out our comprehensive guide.

Before we conclude, consider entering your email address below and subscribing to our newsletter. We're dedicated to delivering fresh, quality content that contributes positively to the golfing community, ensuring you stay connected to the latest trends and insights.  And of course, if adding some flair to your golf outfit is a top priority, check out our designer golf gloves, inspired by NYC.