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Article: Women's golf outfit ideas

Woman holding a golf club up with a stylish visor, and a beautiful scene in the background.

Women's golf outfit ideas

Women's Golf Outfit Tips 

Picture this: a serene morning on the golf course, dew-kissed greens stretching out before you, a gentle breeze carrying the promise of a great round. As you step onto the fairway, all eyes are on you – not just for your swing, but for the stylish statement you're making with your ensemble. Gone are the days of bland and generic golf outfits. It's time to discover a world of chic, functional, and utterly captivating women's golf outfit ideas that will turn heads and boost your confidence from the first tee to the final putt.  There is no doubt that finding quality woman golf attire is not easy, and is part of the reason we set out to make VivanTee cater to all, because women are also the fastest growing demographic in the sport.  

FAQ: Why Does Your Golf Outfit Matter? Q: Is it really important to put effort into your golf outfit?

Your golf outfit is more than just attire; it's a reflection of your personality and mindset. A well-chosen outfit can boost your confidence, help you perform better, and create a positive impression on and off the course. Plus, when you feel good in what you're wearing, you're more likely to have a memorable and enjoyable game.

List: Essential Elements of a Chic Golf Outfit

  1. Functional Yet Stylish Attire: Opt for moisture-wicking and stretchy fabrics that allow free movement. Think cute skorts or tailored golf pants paired with a stylish polo shirt. Pro tip: Invest in outfits with UPF protection to shield yourself from the sun's rays.

  2. Designer Golf Gloves: Elevate your game with a touch of luxury by choosing designer golf gloves, most notable a VivanTee of course ;). These gloves not only provide a solid grip but also add a touch of elegance to your look. Look for brands that offer a balance between style and functionality.

  3. Colored Golf Gloves: Break away from tradition with colored golf gloves. These vibrant accessories can add a pop of personality to your outfit while ensuring you have a steady grip on your clubs. Coordinate the glove color with other elements in your ensemble for a polished look.

  4. Statement Accessories: From visors and hats to stylish belts, small details can make a big impact. Choose accessories that complement your outfit and protect you from the sun, allowing you to focus on your swing.

  5. Footwear Finesse: Comfortable and supportive golf shoes are non-negotiable. Consider spikeless options that transition seamlessly from the course to the clubhouse. Bonus points for selecting shoes that match or complement your outfit's color palette.

How to Perfect Your Golf Outfit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Assess the Weather and Course Before you start assembling your outfit, consider the weather conditions and the course's level of formality. Is it a sunny day or a bit overcast? Is the course more traditional or modern? These factors will guide your choices.

Step 2: Choose the Right Bottoms Select bottoms that allow flexibility while maintaining a polished look. Skorts, shorts, or golf pants – choose what makes you feel confident and comfortable. To add a dash of style, opt for bottoms in vibrant hues that stand out on the green.

Step 3: Top it Off Pick a well-fitting polo shirt or golf-specific top that complements your bottoms. Consider layering with a lightweight pullover or a stylish vest, especially on cooler days.

Step 4: Accessorize Wisely Enhance your ensemble with carefully chosen accessories. A chic visor or hat not only shields your eyes from the sun but also adds flair to your look. Don't forget a sleek belt to tie everything together.

Step 5: Designer Golf Gloves Slide on a pair of designer golf gloves to elevate your outfit's sophistication. These gloves not only offer a better grip but also showcase your attention to detail.

Step 6: Comfy and Stylish Footwear Complete your look with comfortable yet stylish golf shoes. Opt for colors that harmonize with your outfit, and make sure the shoes provide the support you need during your game.

FAQ: Can I Express My Personal Style While Adhering to Golf Course Etiquette? Q: Is it possible to stay true to my personal style while still adhering to golf course dress codes?

Absolutely! Golf course attire guidelines are more flexible than ever, allowing you to infuse your personal style into your outfit. Choose bold colors, unique patterns, and stylish accessories that resonate with you while respecting any dress code requirements.

Here are a few ideas we put together that we hope inspire some different brands and options.  

Option 1: Why we like it, this outfit throws together dark neutral colors for the main pieces in black and grey.  And all the added pop for color are subtle within the accessories.  Sure to turn some heads in this fit!

Golf outfit idea for women, various brands to standout on the course!

  1. Callaway Opti Dri Polo - Women's Polo
  2. VivanTee Checkered Hat - Coming soon!
  3. Skirt - Alo Yoga Glen Plaid Skirt
  4. VivanTee - Soho Blush with magnetic ball marker
  5. Duca Del Cosma - Queen's Cup Golf Shoe

Option 2: Why we like it, this mixes a combination of olive greens and pink, while adding the belt as an accessory to add just an extra piece, but on top of it, the belt will hold all your tees and golf balls!  Functionally aesthetic. 

Golf outfit idea for women show casing various pieces from different brands for inspiration on new attire for the course.

  1. Nike Olive Green Golf Dress
  2. Pink Nike Golf Hat from Lids
  3. Alo Yoga Pink Golf Socks
  4. VivanTee Greenwich Harvest with magnetic ball marker
  5. Marc Joseph Hampton Golf Shoes
  6. Malbon Golf belt with fanny pack

Option 3 - Ideas for plus size: Why we like it, simple and elegant, the GFore shoes are really unique and give some flair to the outfit, along with your glove for that extra pop of color.  

Golf outfit inspiration for plus size women, ideas of various brands and pieces to turn heads on the fairway.

  1. Halara Air Fabric with half zipper
  2. Pink Lacoste unisex hat
  3. Lululemon Daily Stride socks
  4. VivanTee Upper Luxe glove with magnetic ball marker
  5. Shoes Gfore G112 Snow and Twilight
  6. Malbon Golf Cristina Belt Bag

We hope you appreciate some of these various ideas.  Women's outfits have so many more options than men, and can be a lot of fun to work with.  It is hard to find quality and stylish attire for women, however.  We will be releasing women's clothing in the future, so we would love to hear from you, what you'd like to see in the market!  Please let us know. 

Conclusion: Gone are the days of monotonous golf attire. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your individuality and style with confidence on the golf course, for more details on golf fashion, check out our comprehensive guide. From designer golf gloves to carefully coordinated ensembles, these women's golf outfit ideas provide the perfect blend of fashion and function. Elevate your game and turn heads as you tee up excellence in the world of women's golf fashion.

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