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Article: Golf Glove Holder

VivanTee Golf glove packaging, a do it yourself alternative to act as a golf glove holder

Golf Glove Holder

The Guide to Golf Glove Holders


With the holidays just around the corner, many are searching for a simple gift for their favorite golfer. Let's dive into the world of golf glove holders. The aim is to explain the significance of a golf glove holder in terms of maintenance, care, and fashion. Plus, for those with a creative streak, we'll delve into some DIY options. To be clear, this is strictly an opinion piece. We don’t sell golf glove holders, and we have no vested interest in any particular brand. However, after experimenting with various options, we felt it was important to spotlight some of our favorites.

The purpose of golf glove holders

It's straightforward: the primary objective is to keep your golf gloves in optimal condition. A quality golf glove, when cared for correctly, should last for over 10 rounds. These gloves, often made from premium leather, might not be the priciest accessory in golf. Still, few experiences are more frustrating than tearing your glove mid-round and having to either continue playing with the tear or switch gloves at the turn. There are three main reasons to invest in a golf glove holder:


The goal is to extend the life of your golf glove as much as possible. This means preventing it from getting crumpled or carelessly tossed into your bag. We've all been there - especially beginners. Who hasn’t faced the disappointment of retrieving a crusty, once-wet glove from their bag? Not a pleasant experience!


Don't ever forget your golf glove again. We're staunch advocates for them here at VivanTee. The ideal scenario is to have them securely attached to your golf bag or in a place where they’re easy to remember. It's all about convenience and organization.


Let your glove breathe! This prevents mold growth and stops your golf bag from taking on the scent of a locker room. We've all played on those sweltering 90-degree days, and after a round, when your glove is drenched in sweat, dumping it in your bag is just not advisable!   

Types of Golf Glove Holders

Golf glove shaper: These are designed to maintain the shape of your golf glove and can be attached to your bag. Ensure you check the sizing; since leather is a very pliable material, you don't want to buy one that's too large and risk stretching out your glove, example of one from Walmart.

Velcro Tags: These are simple tags with velcro that hang from your golf bag. After your round, just attach the golf glove directly to the Velcro closure. It's as straightforward as that. This method allows your glove to air out, prevents it from getting crumpled, and the tags are cost-effective.  Amazon has an inexpensive one here.

Caddy Case: As the name suggests, caddy cases are designed to store the smaller items that might otherwise jostle around in your golf bag, such as your golf glove, tees, and divot repair tools. Additionally, many brands offer customization options like this personalized caddie case from Etsy.

Low Cost Option: A more affordable alternative to the caddy case is the Zero Friction Glove Wallet, available at the PGA Superstore. Priced under $20, it serves its purpose effectively. Just ensure your glove is dry before placing it into any storage.

Leather Golf Glove Holder: For something a little more high end, with handmade leather, check out this leather golf glove holder Rustico

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Golf Glove Holder

Material Quality: Naturally, the quality of the material is paramount. Decide beforehand what type of material you prefer. Are you leaning towards genuine leather, synthetic leather, canvas, or perhaps just a velcro tag? Knowing this can narrow down your options and make your search more efficient.

Ventilation Capabilities: If your hands tend to sweat profusely, you might benefit from a holder that offers better airflow. While there aren't many designs focused solely on ventilation, attaching the glove directly to your golf bag can offer it ample air exposure. 

Aesthetic Appeal: Remember, style counts too. Choose a holder that complements your personal taste and makes a statement on the green. You want your golfing gear to reflect your personality and style.

DIY Options: For the creatively inclined, consider crafting your own golf glove holder. There are tutorials, like the one below that teaches you how to make a zipper-style wallet, that can be adapted for this purpose. It's not only a fantastic way to tailor your holder to your style but also a fun project. Just remember, it might require some sewing skills and equipment. Embrace the challenge and personalize your golfing experience!



In conclusion, a golf glove holder is not just a simple accessory but a vital tool for every golfer aiming to prolong the life and maintain the quality of their gloves. Whether you opt for a high-end leather holder or a practical Velcro tag, the ultimate goal is protection, convenience, and hygiene. With the myriad of options available in the market, and even the possibility of crafting your own, there's something to cater to every golfer's style and needs. As with every aspect of the sport, even the seemingly minor details, like glove care, can enhance your overall golfing experience. If you don’t yet have a golf glove to even put into your golf holder yet, check out our selection of designer golf gloves!  And as always, subscribe below to get the tee first on all things golf!  

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