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PGA vs USGA | What is the Difference and what roles do each play

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


Introduction | PGA vs USGA

In the world of golf, two organizations in the USA resonate with an air of prestige and authority: the PGA (Professional Golfers' Association of America) and the USGA (United States Golf Association). Each, in its own right, orchestrates the rhythm of this beautiful sport, yet their roles and impacts are as distinct as the graceful arc of a well-struck drive. Let's discuss the roles of the PGA vs USGA and how each of these two institutions help shape the very essence of golf.

History of PGA & USGA

The PGA was established in 1916, and emerged as a beacon for professional golfers. Its inception was a response to the growing need for an organized body to enhance the professional aspect of the game. Over the decades, the PGA has evolved, becoming synonymous with the advancement of golf as a sport and a profession. Its contributions extend beyond tournaments, influencing the culture and business of golf.  Including initiatives like helping diversify the sport, the merger with LIV, and governing the tournaments.  


Parallelly, the USGA compared to the PGA, was founded nearly 20 years prior in 1894, anchors its roots deeper in history. Its creation was spurred by the necessity to standardize golf rules, a testament to the sport's growing popularity in the United States. The USGA has since stood as the custodian of golf's rules, upholding the integrity and spirit of the game. It represents a pillar of stability and tradition in the evolving landscape of golf.  Not just in the professional world, but to amateurs as well, and heavily influence golf etiquette, handicap rules, and more.

PGA vs USGA logos, two separate organizations, showing the difference in their brands.

Tournaments of Prestige | PGA vs USGA

The PGA Championship, a major beacon of professional golf, is the PGA's crown jewel. This tournament not only showcases the zenith of professional skill but also signifies the PGA's commitment to elevating the game's profile. It's a stage where legends are made and dreams are realized.

The USGA, with its U.S. Open, creates an arena where professionals and amateurs converge, each vying for glory under the same stringent conditions. This championship is not just a tournament; it's a celebration of golf's inclusive spirit. It epitomizes the challenge and reward that golf presents to all who partake in it. 

Image showing the differences in trophies across the PGA vs USGA top tournaments.

Guardians of the Game: Influencing Rules and Standards

The USGA's role in sculpting the rules of golf and regulating equipment standards has a global resonance. Its decisions influence the game's conduct worldwide, preserving golf's traditional ethos while embracing innovation. The USGA ensures the game's integrity and accessibility, making decisions that shape the sport's future.


The PGA, while not a governing body for rules, wields significant influence in professional circles. Its tournaments often become testing grounds for new rules and adaptations, subtly shaping the professional facet of the game. The PGA's role in shaping the professional tour and influencing player careers is it's main focus.  Similar to the NBA, NFL, or any other professional sporting organization.


Both the PGA and USGA have extended their influence beyond American shores, contributing significantly to the global golf landscape. The PGA's involvement in international tournaments and its global partnerships have made it a key player in expanding golf's reach worldwide.


Similarly, the USGA's rules and regulations are recognized and respected globally, making it an international authority in the sport. Its collaborations with other golfing bodies worldwide further enhance its role as a global custodian of golf.

Infographic showing the varying roles the USGA and PGA play in the golfing community, with 4 roles they each conduct.

Initiatives for the Future: Shaping Golf's Tomorrow

The PGA has been instrumental in driving initiatives that cater to the holistic development of golf. Programs like PGA Jr. League, PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere), and PGA WORKS focus on youth engagement, supporting veterans, and promoting diversity and inclusion in golf. These initiatives reflect the PGA's commitment to not only fostering talent but also ensuring golf's accessibility and positive societal impact.


The PGA's dedication to nurturing the next generation of golfers is evident in its support for youth programs. These initiatives focus on introducing golf to children and young adults, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow in the sport. By creating a nurturing environment, the PGA aims to inspire a lifelong passion for golf among the youth, ensuring the sport's vitality for years to come.

The USGA, on its part, champions sustainability and environmental stewardship through initiatives like the USGA Turfgrass and Environmental Research Program. This program funds research to make golf courses more environmentally sustainable. The USGA's "PLAY9" program encourages more people to play golf by promoting nine-hole rounds, making the game more accessible and time-friendly for amateurs and busy enthusiasts.


The USGA also plays a pivotal role in developing golf at the grassroots level. Its commitment to amateur golf is showcased through its support of community programs and local tournaments. These efforts are crucial in making golf more inclusive, allowing people from diverse backgrounds to experience the joy and challenge of the sport.

"In the recent PGA and LIV merger the recent rivals made a joint announcement that they will be creating a new "collectively owned for-profit entity"

Conclusion: PGA vs USGA

Had to leave it on the quote about the future of PGA and LIV.  There is a lot of uncertainty around what's next for the PGA, will be very interesting to see in the coming months/years.  Could be exciting to change the game of golf and modernize the sport a bit, but it seems to be at the expense of some executives making the buck. 

Regardless, It's evident that the PGA vs USGA, though different in their paths, are united in their dedication to golf's majesty. Each, in its own unique way, enriches the sport, ensuring that the game of golf remains not just a sport but a celebration of elegance, skill, and tradition. Together, they weave a rich tapestry that nurtures the past, celebrates the present, and boldly strides into the future of golf. Their combined efforts ensure that golf remains a beloved sport, accessible and enjoyable for all.

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