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Customize golf gloves by VivanTee, image shoes 2 types of golf gloves in two different styles, as a banner for our article covering custom golf gloves.

Customized Golf Gloves


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Custom Golf Gloves with VivanTee Golf

Golf is not just a sport; it's a statement. A game where every detail counts, from the swing of the club to the gear that adorns you. Recognizing this, VivanTee introduced the world's first designer golf glove - a perfect blend of luxury and performance. But why stop there? As we continue to evolve, driven by the vibrant feedback from our community, we proudly introduce our latest innovation: custom golf gloves. This isn't just about playing golf; it's about playing it your way, with a glove that's as unique as your swing.

Dive into the exclusive world of VivanTee's custom golf gloves. Discover the blend of luxury, performance, and personalization that sets our designer golf gloves apart. Start your custom journey today.

For a Golf Glove 101 overview, you can take a look at a more in depth guide on what to look for in golf gloves, here.

Why Go Custom with your Golf Gloves?

In a game that continues to adapt and embrace uniqueness, custom golf gloves offer an opportunity to stand out on the green. It's not just about the look; it's about owning a piece that speaks to your personal style while offering the same high performance you expect. Even more than that it's a perfect opportunity for a business to promote their brand with something unique, or for a Pro Shop to offer their own personalized golf glove to their members.

Whether it's matching your gloves with your outfit, embodying a personal emblem, or engraving a meaningful message, custom gloves add a layer of exclusivity and personal touch to your game.

Our unique golf gloves are built to be styled by you with their interchangeable magnetic ball markers.  Off of the shelf they are a custom golf glove, but a collaboration there can be so much more.  Here are the three ways we offer our version of custom golf gloves.

Two women wearing VivanTee custom golf gloves with different ball markers, showing the various colors and design patterns with different ball markers.

Level 1: Custom Golf Gloves: Select Your Magnetic Golf Ball Markers - B2C

The magic lies in our unique magnetic golf ball markers. VivantTee offers an array of designs, from classic elegance to modern flair, ensuring that there's a marker for every mood and occasion. These markers are not just functional; they're a fashion statement.  Custom golf gloves with VivanTee at level 1 are as simple as just selecting our already designed ball markers with your favorite gloves.  

Our popular magnetic golf ball markers to customize your golf glove. 

Level 2: Custom Golf Gloves - Design Your Marker - B2B & B2C

Level 2 is self explanatory, but we offer the ability to customize your own magnetic golf ball marker, and pair it with any of our unique designs. Within level 2 we have a few options:

B2C Options:

  • You send in your design and we have the markers made for you.
  • You tell us what you want and we have our team of designers create mockups for you, and you select your favorite.
  • Simple monograms, we have a few options to choose from.

B2B Options:

  • Your company or ProShop's logo can be manufactured onto a ball marker.

Depending on the level of detail or design elements the minimum order quantity will vary, best to inquire first.

Custom golf glove with monogram of initials CJ in yellow and black on a white and charcoal VivanTee golf glove, the Ember PearLES.
Yellow CJ Monogram glove on VivanTee's Ember PearLES
VivanTee's custom golf gloves - Emper PearLES with custom ball marker example "Your Logo"

Level 3: Custom Golf Gloves | B2B Only

Custom golf gloves and ball markers with your colors and designs of choice. Our final and most in-depth offering is the ability to custom design your golf glove to reflect your brand colors, and with a ball marker of choice.  This offering requires a minimum order quantity depending on the customizations requested and the involvement of us in the design process.  

A few different options to consider when looking into a fully custom golf glove order with VivanTee Golf.

  • Styled by you: Your custom golf glove is designed by you or your marketing team
  • Mutual Collaboration: You collaborate with us on ideas or other versions we've done in the past.
  • VivanTee Designed: Consultation with us around the look and your company's brand identity, we then will design a number of options that fit this, and you choose your favorite.  This is what we do every day, so many companies tend to lean on us for this service.

Attaching the marker is effortless, thanks to the premium strength N45 magnetics we have embedded in our golf gloves. Simply place the marker on the glove's designated spot and watch it seamlessly snap into place. It's not just convenient but also adds a touch of magic to your gear.   The goal is to offer a customized golf glove that can be a part of you distinct style and look.  

Custom Golf Gloves | Ideas for Inspiration

  • Company Events: Hosting a golf event or company outing that is golf related.  Unique swag at conferences.
  • Commemorative Gloves: Celebrate a significant milestone or achievement with a glove that marks the occasion.  Bachelor parties, golf tournaments, etc.
  • Monogrammed Elegance: Keep it classic with your initials or a personal symbol that represents you.
  • Artistic Flair: From abstract patterns to detailed landscapes, let your glove be your canvas.
  • Tributes: Dedicate your glove to someone special or a cause close to your heart, making every game a reminder of what matters most.

Getting Started with your Custom Golf Gloves

Contact us at to get started with the process.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.  Note that depending on the level of customization, the minimum order quantity will be varying, and there will be lead time for the goods to be completed, unless the inventory is on hand in our current designs.  We are open to discussing a variety of options.  

Conclusion: VivanTee Custom Golf Gloves

The beauty of VivantTee’s custom golf gloves and magnetic golf ball markers lies in their versatility. Whether you’re playing a casual round with friends or competing in a tournament, your VivantTee gloves will ensure you look and feel your best.  It’s more than golf; it’s a fashion statement on the green.  Take a look at our entire collection as we have offerings for women and men across all designs.  

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