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Woman holding purple golf glove up to her face and posing with VivanTee's signature blog banner.

Styling Uptown Luxe - Men and Women's Purple Golf Glove


Time to read: 5 min

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Introduction - VivanTee's Uptown Luxe Purple Golf Glove

Welcome, golf enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs! Imagine a golf glove that doesn't just protect your hand but also makes a bold fashion statement—enter the "Uptown Luxe" purple golf glove for men and women alike.

Let's rewind a bit into where the inspiration for this elegant piece comes from. The Upper East Side, a small enclave of New York City, has long been associated with the apex of luxury, exclusivity, and trendsetting fashion. From the brownstone-lined streets to the polished storefronts of Madison Avenue, the Upper East Side isn't just a place; it's a symbol of aspirational living and sartorial elegance. And from this ethos of luxury and legacy, the Uptown Luxe glove was born—a tribute to the high-fashion scene that thrives within this community. A combination of lavender purple on the body, and tan and grey checkers on the tab and thumb, styled standard with our Precious Ivory ball marker.

The Name Behind the Fame

The naming of this purple golf glove is name is no happy accident. It's a deliberate nod to the upper crust of society that the Upper East Side represents, where fashion is both a statement and a staple. The word 'luxe' conjures images of opulence and indulgence, and that's exactly the aura we wanted to inject into this piece.  

A Closer Look at VivanTee's Purple Golf Glove

Taking a gander at the purple golf glove itself, it's truly an elegant accessory. The soft, lilac hue is a breath of fresh air amidst the sea of traditional whites and blacks. But it's not just about looks; the golden checkered pattern adds a touch of class.  The Uptown Luxe comes standard with the Precious Ivory magnetic ball marker with the iconic logo in gold, embossed in a cream color for a soft contrast.  

With the growth in golf fashion today, everyone is working towards looking their best, to then play their best.  Now, how do you rock this men and women's purple golf glove on the greens? Let's show some inspiration for ideas on how some of our favorite influencers have put together their outfits.  

Style Guide : Women's Purple Golf Glove

Metropolitan Maven - Jeni - Birdie Babe

Meet Jeni, our Metropolitan Maven, a picture of poise and polish. She's all about combining form with function, and her golf attire is no exception. In her ensemble, the Uptown Luxe purple golf glove is more than an accessory—it's an extension of her chic, urban spirit. Sporting a navy blue dress with a crisp lavender collar, Jeni pairs her purple golf glove effortlessly, letting the purple stand out against the Navy Blue dress and white loafers.  Truly an elegant outfit. The golden emblem shines as a mark of luxury, mirroring her sunglasses that speak volumes about her impeccable taste. The Uptown Luxe isn't just part of Sophia's game; it's a part of her cosmopolitan charm.

A stylish woman in a navy dress and loafers, posing with a women
List of various pieces from a womans outfit to match with their golf glove in purple.

The Casual Elegant - Breegolferbabe

Here's Bree, the Casual Elegance Connoisseur, who brings a laid-back but stylish flair to the course. She knows that a great game starts with feeling comfortable and confident. Her pairing of the Uptown Luxe purple golf glove with soft pastels blurs the line between sportswear and leisure fashion. The vibrant purple of the golf glove plays off the muted tones of her attire, creating a look that's both eye-catching and understated. Ava's ensemble tells a story of balance—where every stroke is as smooth and effortless as her style.

Casual woman golfer in purple and tan wearing a trendy golf glove with checkers.
Outfit guide with 4 different pieces to style your VivanTee purple golf glove for women.

The Bright Katana - Katana Strong

And finally, we have Katana, the Vivacious Trendsetter, never afraid to make a statement. She's the life of the clubhouse, with a playful and bold fashion sense that turns heads. Kata's Uptown Luxe purple golf glove complements her bright floral top and vivid purple skirt, crafting an outfit that's as dynamic as her drive. The checkered detail on the glove echoes her love for patterns, and the VivanTee emblem is her badge of honor. Katana's look is all about joy, energy, and a zest for life—both on and off the green.

Woman posing in bright clothing and showing a purple and tan golf glove for women in peace sign.
Various pieces to wear to match a woman

Style Guide : Men's Purple Golf Glove

The Dark Knight - Ceasetoplease

Say hello to Cesar, founder of VivanTee (Our Story), dressed here in the dark knight, black on black.  In a clean black polo and slim fitted joggers, signaling a man who leads with ease and dresses with a keen eye for comfort and trend. The Uptown Luxe purple golf glove in a soft purple shade becomes the centerpiece of the look, with muted outfit around him.  A gentle contrast that speaks volumes of his attention to detail. It's the subtlety of the color play between his attire and the glove that crowns him as a style leader who commands the course with a casual yet authoritative presence.

Monochromatic image with golfer in a purple golf glove, only part of the picture in color showing vibrancy of glove.
Collection of 4 pieces to shop this outfit to match to a men

The Casual King - Kirithius

Say hello to Kyril, known on the course as "Casual King." He brings a dapper disruption to the traditional golf attire. Donning a burgundy polo paired with comfortable sweat shorts, Marco exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated charm. His Uptown Luxe men's purple glove is not just an add-on but a crucial piece of his ensemble, the unexpected twist that turns a good look into a great one. The rich purple against the warm burgundy is a combination that's as bold as his swing and as refined as his tactics on the green. Marco's ensemble is a nod to those who play the game not just for the love of sport but for the passion for style.

Monochromatic image with golfer in burgundy polo and a men
Various pieces to match the same look as the golfer on the left and work an outfit with their men

Conclusion : Styling you VivanTee Purple Golf Glove

As we've seen, the Uptown Luxe purple golf glove is more than just a piece of sporting equipment; it's a fashion statement, a token of personality, and a dash of Upper East Side luxury served on the green. 

Whether you're aiming to add a touch of sophistication to your golf wardrobe or looking to stand out from the sea of traditional styles, the Uptown Luxe glove is your ally. It's a symbol of elegance, performance, and, most importantly, personal expression.

Now, why stop at just one hue? Explore the full spectrum of our golf glove collection to find the perfect match for your every mood and outfit. Each color tells a different story; each design is crafted for comfort, performance, and style. We invite you to bring the same elegance to your game as you do to your wardrobe.

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