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The Perfect Fit | Golf Glove Sizes

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


Introduction: Golf Glove Sizing

Navigating your perfect selection of golf glove sizes especially when shopping online can be a bit nuanced. For golfers, a glove is not just an accessory; it's a crucial element that connects you to your club, can be a fashion accessory, and is an important aspect to playing a proper round. In this brief overview, we will cover the various aspects of golf glove sizing, emphasizing the often-overlooked yet essential cadet sizing as well, ensuring your next glove is not just a fit, but a perfect match for your game.

"If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit."

Johnnie Cochran

Why Golf Glove Sizing Matters

When selecting your glove, choosing the right size golf glove is vital for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced Grip: The right size ensures a snug fit, offering better control and grip.

  2. Comfort: A glove that fits well prevents blisters and does not restrict hand movement.

  3. Improved Performance: With a good grip and comfort, your overall performance can improve 

Golf Glove Size Chart

Golf Glove Size Chart for VivanTee with measurements and how to measure your hand and understand golf glove sizes.
Our brand sizing, often closely aligned with most brands, but some nuances can vary from glove brand to glove brand, so be sure to check your measurements!

Golf glove sizing are typically in Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, and Extra-Large.  Some times there will also be XS and XXL, and there are regular and cadet sizing.  Here's a quick guide to finding your size:

  • Measure Your Hand: Measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb.

  • Check Size Charts: Most brands provide a size chart. Compare your measurements with the chart to find your size.

  • Try Them On: If possible, try on gloves to ensure the fit feels right.

What is a Cadet Size Golf Glove?

Understanding cadet golf glove sizes is an important aspect as the variety of golf gloves are created for a reason.  Your glove should fit like a second skin, and it is important for that to be true, to be able to enhance feel, grip, and consistency in your game. Cadet golf glove sizes are designed for golfers whose palms are relatively broader, and whose fingers are shorter than the average hand size that standard gloves cater to. Here’s what sets cadet gloves apart:

  • Shorter Fingers: They have shorter finger lengths, suitable for those who find standard gloves too long in the fingers.

  • Wider Palm: Cadet sizes offer a wider palm area, providing a more comfortable fit for those with broader hands.

  • Variety in Sizes: Like standard gloves, cadet gloves come in multiple sizes - usually ranging from Small to Extra-Large.


Opting for a cadet glove size can dramatically improve your comfort and grip if standard gloves never seem to fit right. If you've ever felt like a glove was too tight across the palm or had excess material at the fingertips, a cadet size might be your solution.

Some tips for extending your golf glove life, with a more in-depth overview here.  Finding your golf glove sizes isn't the only consideration in extending your glove life, also consider: 

  1. Air Dry: Always air dry your gloves. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources.

  2. Proper Storage: Store them flat or on a glove keeper to maintain shape.

  3. Clean Gently: Use a mild soap and water for cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals.


Special Considerations in Golf Glove Sizes

  • Weather Conditions: In hot and humid conditions, a glove with good ventilation is essential. For cooler climates, consider a thicker material for extra warmth.

  • Junior Sizes: Special sizes are available for juniors, typically ranging from small to large, designed to cater to different hand structures.

  • Glove Materials: Sizing can often vary from synthetic and leather.  Also keeping in mind that leather tends to stretch, so initially the glove should fit snug.

VivanTee Golf Glove Sizes

Anatomy of a VivanTee golf glove and things to consider when looking at golf glove sizes.

At VivanTee we offer a range of fashionable designer golf gloves.  If you are wondering which hand to wear your golf glove on, it is your non-dominant hand, but we offer an overview here.  Our golf glove sizing includes left-handed gloves S, M, M/L, L, and XL in both women and men across all designs.  We are building an all-inclusive product strategy so each piece can be found in both gender's sizing.  Right-handed gloves as of today, we offer S, M, and L.  At the moment we don't offer Cadet sizing, and they typically are less readily available across most smaller brands.  However, if you are interested in any of our golf gloves and need cadet sizing, please contact us.  Below are two of our best sellers in men and women.

Be sure to check out our entire collection for more NYC inspired designed golf gloves in all sizes!

Conclusion: Proper Golf Glove Sizes

A golf glove is more than just an accessory; it's a player's essential tool. Whether you opt for a standard or cadet size, the right fit can elevate your game, ensuring comfort and efficiency in every swing. For more on golf glove 101 check out our pillar page here.  Embrace the details in choosing your glove, and you'll find your game improving hand in hand.  Sign up for our Newsletter for more golf content relating to golf equipment, golf 101, golf gloves, and our brand!