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Wholesale Golf Gloves

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


Introduction: VivanTee Wholesale Golf Gloves

When it comes to wholesaling golf gloves, quality should be your top priority. Whether you are searching for new quality golf gloves to add to your pro shop, gift for an event, or your golf shop, ensuring you are buying quality gloves to offer your customers should be top priority.  High-quality golf gloves offer durability, comfort, and enhanced grip—all critical factors for golfers of any skill level. Materials like genuine leather or advanced synthetics can significantly affect the performance and feel of the glove. When we wholesale our golf gloves, we guarantee not just quality, but the most unique golf glove you can offer to your customers. 

Wholesaling Golf Gloves that Stand Out

The aesthetics of golf gloves are now playing a big role in a golfer's choice. With the rising trend of fashion-forward and uniquely designed golf equipment, offering designer golf gloves that are visually appealing can capture a more extensive customer base.  Gone are the days that golf shops are just offering white Foot Joy golf gloves. Unique designs, vibrant colors, and patterns that stand out on the green not only make a style statement but also reflect the individuality of the golfer. As the only company providing completely unique designer golf gloves for wholesale, highlighting these exclusive designs in your Pro Shop, for your golf event, or in your marketplace catalog can attract golfers looking for distinctive products.

Customize your Golf Gloves for Wholesale

What we do that is truly unique with our golf glove wholesaling business is customization.  VivanTee was founded with the intention of shining individual uniqueness and enabling personalization on this important golf accessory.  We extend that arm to our wholesale customers as well.  Individuality isn't just a person, it can be a business as well.  Our partners often will request us to help redesign their logo, or just have us customize their logo onto ball markers.  Giving you a truly unique golf glove offering in your golf shop, buying wholesale gloves that are tailored to your brand and leaving your customer with a souvenir of your brand.  

VivanTee Wholesale golf glove in purple with a custom ball marker tailored for the golf courses logo.

Understanding your Market and Customer Needs

One of our core values is inclusivity, as a sport that has lacked this for years, we want to help champion a more diverse golfing experience.  When you are looking into purchasing wholesale golf gloves, buying gloves that will fit your demographic so they don't sit on the shelves is important.  

Which is why we offer a completely diverse inventory list for our wholesaling golf gloves business.  We have minimalist gloves for the more traditionalist demographic and bright colored, and unique patterned gloves for the more colorful demographics.  We allow your golf glove wholesale order to be completely mixed and matched to enable that diversity within your demographic.  

Wholesaling VivanTee Golf Gloves | Ember PearLES

Our Ember PearLES is perfect for the demographic that is looking for a more traditional style golf glove with a little bit of edge.  We don't offer a completely all white golf glove, our Ember PearLES comes as close to a traditionalist glove as you can get.  This golf glove wholesale purchase can still include your custom ball marker.  

Wholesaling VivanTee Golf Gloves | Uptown Luxe

Our Uptown Luxe is the perfect golf glove for the fashionable and high end demographic.  One of our best sellers amongst women, this glove will truly stand out on the golf course as a unique accessory.  We tend to find this glove does very well with the demographic that is just as concerned with their fit as they are with their golf shot.  We recommend pairing this glove with a customized ball marker with your logo in cream and copper for a uniquely branded wholesale order.  

Wholesaling VivanTee Golf Gloves | Wooly-Burg 

Our Wooly-Burg is a men's best seller with a cool plaid grey and a charcoal mustache pattern on the pull tab and thumb.  Definitely a fun choice to set your golf shop apart from the one down the street.  Give your customers something to remember the course with as an elegant and performant golf accessory with your club on it.  

How to Partner | VivanTee's Wholesale Golf Gloves

We offer 3 different options for our business to business purchasers.  

  • Wholesale golf gloves with our ball markers - 50 MoQ
  • Wholesale golf gloves with your logo on a custom ball marker - 100 MoQ
  • Customize your wholesale golf gloves completely unique to your wants - 300 MoQ

We have special introductory offers depending on the business of our shop, but are more than happy to facilitate a conversation around it.  Contacts to learn more and we can set up an introductory conversation.

Conclusion | Wholesaling Golf Gloves

As you think about your next order for your golf shop, event, or marketplace, think about what is important outside of just quality.  Of course quality is important, but in today's market, most companies will not survive without a well made product.  Think about the companies mission, style, customization options, and overall price.  

We pride ourselves on the quality of our golf gloves of course, but also our mission, and our designs.  We love wholesaling golf gloves because we get to work with golf shops and can offer them such a unique offering that will help boost their business as well as promote ours.  Contact us to learn more or subscribe below for more golf content related to gloves, golf tips, and updates on VivanTee!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix and match my order?

Yes, as long as the minimum order quantity is achieved, we allow you to mix and match your order based on what we have in stock.  

Can I customize a design and color scheme myself?

Certainly can, that MoQ is higher and our lead time will be longer, but this is one of the options we offer.  

What is your lead time with your golf glove wholesale business?

We typically need 4-5 days to fulfill your order if just wholesaling our gloves, 3-4 weeks if customizing with a ball marker, and 8-10 weeks if ordering completely custom.  Expedited shipping is available upon request.