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Cool Golf Gloves 2024


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Style is a key to confidence, it's psychologically proven when you feel good with your attire, it directly impacts your mood and confidence.  

Introduction | 4 Cool Golf Gloves in 2024

VivanTee was built on the premise to combat the unoriginal golf glove in the market place with a fashion accessory.  Golf gloves have notoriously just been an after thought in terms of golf fashion.  Now there are cool golf gloves to elevate your look in 2024.  Here we will highlight our best selling golf gloves and highlight their aesthetics and inspiration. Our best selling and coolest golf gloves across men and women.  Taking the ethos of NYC and using that spirit to build cool golf gloves that can fit any style.  Our golf gloves are built for functionality and style, and capitalize on being able to offer a logo that can be detached for use of a ball marker.  What this gives the golfer the ability to do is customize their look with a cool golf glove that is personalized for them.

Each of our golf gloves are built with AAA 100% cabretta leather and designed with a certain NYC borough in mind.  As a city that is considered a fashion capital of the world, NYC has the most diverse fashionistas distributed across each neighborhood.  From the streetwear and hipsters in Williamsburg to the high fashion in Upper East Side, and the SoHo chic in SoHo.  There is a style for everyone and that is what VivanTee strives to offer our customers.

1. Cool Golf Gloves | SoHo Blush

SoHo a neighborhood that is named as such for being “South of Houston Street”.  SoHo is well known for it's elegant chic style.  There fashion is considered very clean, sophisticated, and classic.  Because of this overall theme we stuck with a classic white golf glove, that offers a chic pink tab with a checkered pattern offering a subtle fashionable accessory.  Paired with our burgundy and pink ball marker to compliment the pink accents.  A perfect golf glove to mute a very bold outfit, or compliment your neutral outfit with a touch of pink.  

Image of a pink cool golf glove putting a ball into the ground with a tee, highlighting the premium leather of the glove with a close up.

"Real men wear pink - Love the Soho blush! They’re stylish and functional. The color matches perfectly with my pink tee. Will need another pair when I’m done with these!”

Buda - New York, NY

2. Cool Golf Gloves | Uptown Luxe

Our 2nd cool golf glove on the list is based on Upper East Side a neighborhood that is synonymous with “old money” and littered with Louis Vuitton bags and high fashion.  Known for their luxurious multi million dollar town homes this neighborhood is home of some of the richest people in the world.  

The Uptown Luxe is a fancy golf glove that sports a lavender purple color, contrasted with a tan and grey checkered print across the tab and thumb.  Inspiration drawn from the famous Louis Vuitton pattern to have you sporting the most elegant and stylish golf glove on the course.  Pair this cool golf glove with a muted outfit that is in need of a bold and colorful accessory.  

Image of a model wearing a purple fancy golf glove and holding up across her face showing the vibrant colors and patterns.

"Legitimately get stopped on the course any time i’m wearing it. Ladies love the Louis print. Very soft leather, allows me to grip the club tight but with alot of feel. Definitely blows the FJ’s out of the water. Ball marker magnet is a nice touch, no more sticking a tee in the green. ”

Kyril - San Francisco, CA

3. Cool Golf Gloves | Midnight Midtown

Midtown isn't necessarily known for it's “cool” vibes, but more so for it's hustle and bustle, broadway lights, and corporate folk running from one meeting to the next in a rush.  Beauty can be found anywhere and that is the inspiration for our Midnight Midtown, a cool golf glove in blue and brown. 

The Midnight Midtown is meant to embody the navy suits and brown accents that are littered across Midtown boardrooms.  Think about the partner at the big law firm headquartered in Midtown.  Donning a well tailored suit or dress, that is conservatively colored in dark navy or charcoal, with nutshell brown shoes to top off the look.  Don this stylish golf glove and feel the confidence of putting on a perfectly tailored suit before a big executive meeting.   

Cool golf glove in Navy and brown with hand on golf cart steering wheel and golf watch showing the course name "Riviera Cancun Golf Resort".

"I purchased a two glove combo package of the Midnight Midtown glove size M/L. The fit was perfect and compliments my very navy blue wardrobe. I have played 4 rounds so far with the glove and have hit ~500 balls on the range. Midnight Midtown has held up better than any glove I’ve purchased in the past. Hasn’t dried out and still feels like a brand new glove. I’ve been consistently complimented on the glove’s style and have lent out the extra magnetic ball marker’s I purchased to friends at my club. 5 stars, will never go back to the boring, low quality gloves I’ve purchased at our clubhouse in the past. Hoping Vivantee expands the product suite to hats and polos soon! ”

Brett - Philadelphia, PA

4. Cool Golf Gloves | Wooly-Burg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn has become one of the hottest neighborhoods to live in today.  Littered with cool cafes, art galleries, restaurants, and street fashion.  Brooklyn is home to a variety of styles, but certainly is dominated by the street wear revolution, Supreme, Nike, and others offer pop up stores right next to high end luxury retailers like Le Labo and others.  Williamsburg's very essence is that of “Cool”.  

Our cool golf glove the Wooly-Burg is created to the street wear connoisseurs.  In charcoal grey and light grey with a plaid pattern, there isn't a lot of color associated with this golf glove.  The whimsical mustache pattern pays a nod to the mustachio baristas that are so famously known in the area. This golf glove will have you feeling very cool on the golf course as you scan the fairway, we can guarantee you there will not be anything like it.   A perfect glove to compliment a black and white streetwear inspired outfit with Nike Air Max's or others, if you are more likely to shop at Malbon when on the golf course, we promise you will get a kick out this cool golf glove.  

Cool golf gloves in gray and a mustache pattern holding a golf ball with the VivanTee logo.

”Was looking for cool golf gloves that would stand out. Fell in love with the Wooly-Burg, great quality glove and the design is awesome."

Rocco- Denver, CO

Conclusion | VivanTee's Cool Golf Gloves in 2024

The revolution towards cool golf gloves, fancy golf gloves, or stylish golf gloves has begun.  With so many options on the market, it's about finding what best suits your style, price, and quality.  We have an overview of a variety of brands for our top 13 picks for golf gloves in 2024 here.  Our unique ability to customize your look with interchangeable ball markers is not available in today's market, and gives our customers the experience of personalization.  We are also the only golf glove brand headquartered in NYC, and because of that the ethos to our gloves is 100% that to be fashionable, to be worn by a diverse group of golfers, and to stand out on the fairway as entirely unique as a statement piece.  Check out the rest of our designer golf gloves for more cool golf gloves that fit your personal taste.  Don't forget to join the family and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop for things VivanTee.