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A yellow golf glove being put on with a black and white background showcasing the vibrant colors, in our signature blog banner for best golf gloves in 2024.

13 Best Golf Gloves of 2024


Time to read: 5 min

Introduction to 13 Best Golf Gloves

Many people might think this is a promotion of VivanTee products. However, that's not the case. We will take an unbiased approach to describe the pros and cons of various golf gloves on the market. VivanTee will be listed as an honorable mention, but our top 12 picks outside of our gloves are based on our comprehensive understanding and testing during our project planning of our MVP.


Before starting VivanTee, we tested and tried tons of different golf gloves to understand what we valued in our final product. Because of that, we gained a strong understanding of the market and iterated on this to bring you our list of the top 13 best golf gloves. There will be varying factors considered, such as what is important in your glove, style, functionality, or both, etc. You have come to the right place to understand which golf gloves of 2024 may be of interest to you.


Our focus is going to be broken into 4 different sections:

  • VivanTee Golf Glove Overview

  • Top 3 best golf gloves for functionality

  • Top 3 best golf gloves for style

  • Top 3 Best budget friendly

  • Top 3 best golf gloves for uniqueness

VivanTee Golf Gloves | Best Golf Gloves

Image of Anatomy of VivanTee Golf glove for best golf gloves for 2024, with arrows point to each area to highlight features.

Price $40 with free shipping


Our golf gloves are built with versatility, and quality in mind.  Each glove is crafted with 100% AAA Indonesian leather, making them buttery soft, and designer for performance to enhance comfort and grip.  

All of our pieces are designed as a fashion accessory to compliment your golf attire and unique style.  Inspired by fashion designers, NYC art scene, trending patterns and color palettes.  Finally, you can personalize each one with our versatile ball markers, to make a look that suits your personal taste.  We pride ourselves on creating an all-inclusive experience, and because of that, we have all access to all of our designs for women and men.  


We have yet to implement cadet sizing, and have a limited right-hand (Lefty Golfer) selection only S, M, L.  

White and pink Golf glove for 2024 being held up in front of models face with stylish hair.
Orange golf glove in front of models face in black and white showing vibrant colors.

Top 3 Best Functional Golf Gloves

#1 Claw Daddy, Claw


These golf gloves come with a versatile synthetic material that enables them to stay clean, offer quality grip strength, and ensures the most longevity for the golf glove.  They also offer cadet sizing which is nice as cadet sizing can be harder to find.  For more information on cadet sizing or golf glove 101 we have an article here.

Cons: They aren't the most aesthetically pleasing golf glove, and synthetic gloves can tend to offer less feel than premium leather.

#2 FootJoy, StaSoft:


These are premium golf gloves that offer an extremely soft leather that is perfect to ensure an enhanced feel of the glove.  FootJoy are one of the biggest brands in golf gloves, so you know you are getting the quality for the $30.


Not much to look at if you like your glove to offer some flair.  

#3 Zero Friction, Rain Gloves:


Quality rain gloves that are known for their longevity, and come with a ball marker to be able to mark your place on the green.  Also offers an internal wind breaking lining to keep you warmer on those cold wet days.  They are built very well and are known to last for a long time.


The price is high, but they are meant to last.  That being said, if you are like most, golfing in the rain is probably a bit rare for you, so might not be justifiable for the price.

List of top 3 best golf gloves for 2024 based on functionality.

Top 3 of the Best Golf Gloves for Style

#1 Asher Golf - Dusty Rose


Asher Golf has been around for quite some time, since 2016.  Even went through a rebrand in that time, but they have been known for creating elegant and sophisticated golf gloves.  They have a great collection, and certainly a great choice for adding flair on the course.  They are also built with AAA 100% Indonesian Leather.

Cons: They don't include shipping until over $200, no ability to personalize your gloves to your style, and offer a limited range in women.

#2 Vice Golf, Pure Color:


Vice is an inspiring story about 2 German Lawyers who took on the golf ball industry.  Their golf gloves are sleek, and made with VERY soft leather.  They are very much premium, and they look good on the links. 


Limited color options and not much to them besides a single color.  Their shipping takes longer than most would like because they are over seas.  

#3 G/Fore, Pastel Collection


G/Fore started by Mossimo, started out with just colored gloves, and have added to their collection.  They offer a good amount of different color options, and their pastel collection is very slick.  They do offer some cadet sizing too!


AA Leather, not as soft, loses some of the feel, fit, and look as well.  Limited options in women sizes as well.  

Top 3 stylish golf gloves that make the list for the best golf gloves of 2024.

Top 3 of the Best Golf Gloves for a Budget

#1 Callaway - Weather Span Golf Glove


Perfect inexpensive option that is built with synthetic leather.  This glove offers flexibility and stretch in the way it is designed, and is extremely durable as most non-leather golf gloves tend to be.

Cons: Nothing glamorous in terms of the look, but it gets the job done.  You will sacrifice the feel of the club with synthetic material, but most of us aren't gunning for the PGA tour, so it evens itself out!

#2 Finger10, Colored Gloves:


Great product for the price as each pair comes in a variety of colors, a two-pack cost $20, and they all come with removable ball markers to mark your shot on the green.  


Same challenges as the Callaway glove, synthetic material will have an effect on the feel of the golf club.

#3 Bionic, StableGrip:


Bionic makes a solid golf glove with their own special material.  Known for longevity and offers a 60-day warranty because of it.  This golf glove also has specialized gripping for better grip of the club if that is something you struggle with.   


Same cons as the top 3, and the look of the glove isn't necessarily a statement piece.  However, perfect option for the cost-conscious golfer.

Top 3 of the best budget golf gloves in 2024 as a list.

Top 3 Best Golf Gloves 2024 Most Unique

#1 Modern Vintage, Leather Golf Gloves


Unique, vintage, and nothing like it.  From a quality leather craftsman, you know these gloves will turn heads.  They are made of genuine leather and have a look you won't find anywhere else. 

Cons: They are very limited in sizing.

#2 Uncommon Leather Goods, Custom Initials:


These are unique as they can be completely personalized for a great gift, or for yourself.  They are made of genuine leather, and are highly rated for their quality.


A bit of delay since they are made to  order, but if you have the patience, definitely worth looking at.

#3 Grabsome, Pray for Birdie


These are just fun, and boast a big yellow circle with “Par Tee Time”.  Perfect for someone searching for a funny and light hearted golf glove in 2024.  


AA Leather, not as soft, loses some of the feel, fit, and look as well.  Limited options in women sizes as well.  

A list of three of the most unique golf gloves for the best golf gloves in 2024

Conclusion of the Best Gloves in 2024

As we covered a wide range of golf gloves today, we hope you were able to get something out of it, and found a golf glove that resonates with you the most.  When you are shopping for a glove, you want to prioritize what is most important to you.  From functionality, aesthetics, cost, and materials.  If you are looking for a highly stylish and functional golf glove, we have you covered, more about our collection here.  Check out our collection, but in the mean time, keep up to date with our golf content from tips, to equipment reviews, and more.