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Ultimate Women's Golf Glove Collection

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


"The reason most people play golf is to wear clothes they would not be caught dead in otherwise"

Hunter S. Thompson

Two women holding up different variations of the Greenwich Harvest with versatile ball marker, highlighting the stylish women

Introduction: The Ultimate Women's Golf Glove Collection

Welcome all our favorite women golfers today looking to find more details on VivanTee's women's golf glove collection! Today, we're thrilled to unveil our collection of women's golf gloves, designed to completely rejuvenate what golf accessories mean to your game. Inspired by the grace and dynamism of NYC, each glove in our collection is a blend of performance, elegance, and innovation. Join us as we discuss the inspiration behind our collection and explore the unique features and stories of our eight signature pieces. Whether you're perfecting your swing or competing in a tournament, our gloves are crafted to inspire confidence and distinction in every move.

Inspiration Behind Our The Best Women's Golf Glove Collection

In the heart of New York City, where the unexpected meets the iconic, lies the origin of a brand that's reshaping the essence of golf apparel. VivanTee's story isn't your typical fairytale; it's a narrative of passion, innovation, and a drive to diversify the greens—one glove at a time. Our founder, Cesar Figueroa, stumbled upon golf later in life, but what started as a casual pastime quickly turned into a love affair with the sport. His journey from an atypical New Yorker, known for his penchant for vibrant accessories against his predominantly black wardrobe, to starting VivanTee, reflects a bold quest to redefine golf's sartorial standards.

From New York Streets to the Greens: A Tale of Transformation

VivanTee was conceived from a desire to inject a fresh breath of diversity and style into a sport steeped in tradition yet ripe for transformation. Each of our items draws from the pulsating energy and dynamic culture of New York City, our women's golf glove collection is a homage to the city that VivanTee calls home. The collection stands as a beacon of diversity, confidence, fashion, and individualism—qualities that mirror the vibrant spirit of NYC.

Diversity: Redefining the Game for All

Our mission to democratize golf fashion begins with a commitment to diversity. Observing the disparity in the availability of stylish, high-quality golf gloves for women, VivanTee strives to bridge this gap. Our women's golf glove collection, inspired by the diverse tapestry of NYC's neighborhoods, is designed to appeal to all genders, ensuring everyone can find a piece that resonates with their personal style.

Confidence: Bold Statements on the Fairway

VivanTee champions the bold golfer, the one who's not afraid to turn heads and spark conversations. Our women's golf gloves are more than just a functional accessory; they're statement pieces that embody the confidence and flair of their wearer. In a sea of traditional white gloves, a VivanTee woman's golf glove stands out as a testament to the wearer's audacity and style.

Fashion: Where Elegance Meets the Greens

At VivanTee, fashion takes center stage. We've meticulously crafted our women's golf gloves to be the epitome of elegance and trend-forward design. Straying from the monotony of plain designs and the cacophony of loud prints, our collection strikes the perfect balance, offering sophisticated options that elevate any golfing outfit.

Individualism: Express Your Unique Style

Understanding the golfer's desire for personalization and versatility, our women's golf gloves feature magnetic ball markers that can be interchanged, allowing for a customized look that captures the essence of the wearer's personality and style. Each piece in our collection invites golfers to express their individuality, making every glove uniquely theirs.

The Collection: Eight Pieces, Eight Inspirations

As we unveil our eight-piece golf gloves for women collection, we invite you on a journey through the streets of New York City, where each women's golf glove draws inspiration from the unique character and vibe of the city's myriad neighborhoods. From the chic elegance of the Upper East Side to the vibrant energy of Brooklyn, each glove tells a story of inspiration, creativity, and the unyielding spirit of New York.

VivanTee's Golf Gloves for Women

1. Women's Uptown Luxe

Neighborhood: The Upper Eastside

Discover 'Uptown Luxe,' the epitome of elegance in our women's golf glove collection. Drawing inspiration from Park Avenue's opulence and the iconic designs of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, this glove stands out with its unique lavender shade, accented by chic cream and grey checker patterns. Crafted from premium Indonesian AAA Cabretta leather, it offers both unparalleled fit and grip for superior performance.

Complete with our "Precious Ivory" marker, 'Uptown Luxe' invites you to bring the high-fashion allure of Uptown into your golf game. Step onto the course with confidence and sophistication. Elevate your golf wardrobe with 'Uptown Luxe' today.

Women holding up the Uptown Luxe in front of her face showing our vibrant purple women

2. Women's SoHo Blush

Neighborhood: SoHo

Embrace SoHo's chic spirit with 'Soho Blush,' the essential women's pink golf glove for the fashion-forward golfer. Modeled after the sophisticated, elegant, and subtle fashion of SoHo Manhattan. Crafted from the finest AAA cabretta leather, its pink and maroon checkered design stands out on the course. The glove comes with a 'Retro Burgundy' ball marker, set in a magnetized cavity for easy customization. Add 'Soho Blush' to your golf wardrobe and play in unparalleled style.

White and Pink golf glove for women the SoHo Blush by VivanTee, woman holding ball marker in front of face with red lipstick on in black and white image.

3. Women's Harlem Heritage

Neighborhood: Harlem

Experience the vibrant soul of Harlem with the 'Harlem Heritage,' a women's Coral golf glove. Its apricot and royal blue plaid pattern echoes the historic brownstones of this rich cultural hub. Made with premium Indonesian AAA cabretta leather, it promises a perfect fit and excellent grip. The glove features a magnetized 'Breakfast @ Tiffany's' ball marker, with the option to personalize with additional markers. Capture the essence of Harlem's jazz with every swing.

Women holding up the orange and blue Harlem Heritage golf glove in front of her face showing our vibrant orange women

4. Women's Midnight Midtown

Neighborhood: Midtown Manhattan

Hit the links with 'Midnight Midtown,' the epitome of urban sophistication in a womens golf glove.  Its dark navy paired with nutshell brown mirrors the iconic suits and corporate professionals hustling across Midtown whether it be to their next meeting or the latest Broadway show after hours. Made from the softest AAA Indonesian Cabretta leather, it marries durability with metropolitan style. Complete with an 'Abyssal Bark' ball marker, 'Midnight Midtown' is your slice of NYC's vibrant energy, ready to personalize for your unique flair. 

Midnight navy blue women

5. Ember PearLES

Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Step onto the green embodying the Lower East Side's sophisticated edge with 'Ember PearLES,' a gray women's golf glove where classic elegance meets urban charm. Its white and charcoal hues are a nod to Manhattan's eclectic LES, crafted from the finest AAA Indonesian Cabretta leather for a blend of luxury and comfort. Featuring 'the minimalist' ball marker in a premium magnetized cavity, customize to match your vibe. 'Ember PearLES' isn't just a golf glove—it's a statement of versatility and the LES's vivacious energy. Add this distinct piece to your collection and channel the essence of the city with every stroke.

White and black golf glove for woman being held up with a camo ball marker by VivanTee in black and whtie setting with a stylish woman smiling.

6. Women's Seaport Serenity

Neighborhood: Seaport Manhattan

Tee off in style with the 'Seaport Serenity,' a Seafoam Green women's golf glove capturing the Seaport district's fresh vibrancy. Its seafoam green and blue tones mirror the waterfront's lively ambiance, infusing innovation into your golf wear. The glove is expertly fashioned from top-tier Indonesian AAA Cabretta leather, offering both comfort and a superior grip. With a strong magnetized cavity for the 'Seafoam Blue' ball marker, it echoes the Seaport's blend of convenience and style. 'Seaport Serenity' isn't just a golf glove, it's a symbol of sophistication and the district's spirited renewal. Make this unique piece a staple in your golf ensemble.

A woman is pictured in a monochrome setting, swith a serious tone covering her right eye with a vibrant green golf glove with a magnetic ball marker, suggesting a design that

7. Women's Wooly-Burg

Neighborhood: Williamsburg Brooklyn

Swing with the hip vibrancy of Brooklyn in 'Wooly-Burg,' our women's gray golf glove that channels Williamsburg's cool. Its whimsical mustache pattern and light grey plaid with charcoal hints pay homage to the borough's mustachio baristas and trendy residents, and dark stylish streets. Crafted from the finest Indonesian AAA Cabretta leather, 'Wooly-Burg' offers unmatched comfort and a secure grip. Complete with the 'Apricot Crush' ball marker nestled in a handy magnet cavity, it's customizable to your taste. Let 'Wooly-Burg' infuse your game with Williamsburg's artistic flair and streetwise edge, making every round an expression of urban chic.

A woman showcases the

8. Women's Greenwich Harvest

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village Manhattan

Tee off in Bohemian style with 'Greenwich Harvest,' a yellow women's golf glove accented with olive green, capturing the artistic soul of Greenwich Village. This glove, fashioned from the finest Indonesian AAA Cabretta leather, ensures both a snug fit and a touch of luxury. Accompanied by a 'Golden Greens' ball marker, it transcends functionality, making a bold fashion statement.

'Greenwich Harvest' is more than a mere accessory; it's a celebration of Bohemian artistry and inclusivity, an accessory that encourages you to flaunt your unique style on the links. With every swing, channel the vibrant confidence and rich artistic history of Greenwich Village. Seize the essence of Bohemian chic with 'Greenwich Harvest'—a perfect blend of function and fashion for your next round.

Close-up of a woman peering playfully over a vibrant yellow women

VivanTee Women's Golf Glove Sizes

Conclusion | VivanTee's Women's Golf Gloves

VivanTee is on a mission to modernize golf apparel, making it more inclusive, fashionable, and reflective of individual style. Our women's golf gloves collection is just the beginning. We're not just selling golf gloves; we're inviting golfers to join us in celebrating diversity, confidence, fashion, and individualism on and off the course. As we continue to draw inspiration from the ever-evolving landscape of New York City, we look forward to welcoming more golfers into the VivanTee family, one glove at a time.  If you are looking to learn more about all things golf gloves we have an overview here.  

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