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General Questions

General Questions

Where does the name VivanTee come from?

When we set out to build our company, we asked ourselves, 'Who are we?' The answer was clear: we're a golf fashion brand that's giving a fresh twist to golf gloves. We wanted to make golf gloves feel exciting and alive, so we looked to focus our name on 'alive'.  Vivanti and VivanTe mean "alive" in Italian and French.  We felt this was fitting as both are known for their exquisite fashion sense and we liked the sound of the name.

By adding the extra 'e' to 'Vivante,' we made it our own and evangelized the relevance of the word to golf and our brand.  We want to not only bring golf gloves alive, but also the sport alive to new and diverse backgrounds. These are communities that golf isn't typically associated with, and modernize the sport to grow into an all inclusive experience from people of all walks of life. 

Where is VivanTee Golf Headquartered?  

We are headquartered out of New York, NY, and take much of our inspiration in design and look from our location.  We are very proud to be one of the few golf companies that are coming into the scene here in NYC.

Why should I get a VivanTee account?

It's more of a question of why wouldn't you! An Account is easy create and allows you to access your account details and order history, start a return and edit your saved addresses for faster checkout!

How do I create an account?  That's easy!

1. Hit the 'My Account' button
2. Select the 'Create An Account' link
3. Fill in the relevant fields and click 'Create Account'
You can then sign into your account under the My Account section anytime to see your account details, order history and much more.

*Please note that placing an order doesn't automatically create an account.

I can't login to my account?

Getting an error message when logging into your account? Or maybe you forgot your password just like you forgot your SW on the green back on hole 7? Yeah, we feel your pain.

There are a few things you can do to solve the issue;

1.  Ensure you’re on the correct store as your login is unique to your location
2.  Check you’re using the same email address you used to sign up
3.  Have you just forgotten your password? Hit the reset button to create a new password 

How do I become a brand ambassador?

We don't really have set criteria when we choose our partners, as all our partners are so unique.

Our Partnerships Team regularly scout talent based on their content and ensuring their values align with our own. The best advice we can offer is to keep focusing on your own path and identify what makes you unique and how that unique nature or ability can inspire others to become greater versions of themselves.  Reach out to us if you are interested in being a brand ambassador and we can discuss the opportunity.

What are the brand values?

Our brand values are inclusivity, vulnerability, design, and loyalty.  We are on a journey to help golf become a more inclusive experience, and create a welcoming experience for all.  It's important in this process that we as a company are vulnerable and help our customers be vulnerable to embrace their uniqueness.  

Design is at the forefront of everything we do, to create the most aesthetically pleasing products, that can't be found anywhere else.  And because there are so many different golf options out there, loyalty is important for us to keep our customers coming back.  We discuss more in detail each value here, if you'd like to dive deeper. 

Why would I spend more on a VivanTee Glove?

We set out on this journey with one purpose in mind.  To build functionally aesthetic golf gloves, that are unique.  With the focus being on the people who like to stand out, be an individual and is affordable.  And finally, it must have something to offer that no other brand does, outside of just aesthetics.  That was the personalization part of it, and our signature magnetized ball markers came to life.  Our gloves are built with the highest grade leather, and with our custom colors, patterns, and top of the line magnets carefully crafted into each glove, brought our cost of goods to a price point that is much higher than the average glove on the market, that offer some different colors and a rubber or embroidered logo. We wouldn't have it any other way though, because we have built the product we dreamt up and made a customizable piece that will always be uniquely our customers.  The most exciting part for us, is to see what unique ways our customers build their look.

We are aware that our brand will not be for everyone, but it will be everything to the right individuals, and those are the customers we built our company for.  Because we want the individuals who are looking to add flair and their own personal style to their accessories. 

Can I request a new style, color, or size? 

Absolutely!  We are always hard at work developing more designs for our future collections.  As vulnerability and loyalty to our customers are core to our values as a brand. We’d love to hear what ideas you are most excited about for VivanTee. Send us a message through our Contact Us page, chat with our support team or send us an email at with your suggestions!