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Company Values


We are driven to be an all inclusive brand.  Our gloves are meant to be worn by all, and are sized and created to be worn by all genders, backgrounds, and people.  It is important that we build a welcoming brand, where people feel at home, and never question there inclusion at VivanTee or the golf course.  Inclusivity is core to building a better golfing experience for everyone. 

If we don't carry a style or size of a product that you are interested in, please let us know.  We want to build a brand that can support everyone, and will work on getting the request fulfilled as soon as possible. 


Unique, is the core principle behind our design efforts.  Our gloves are the result of extensive design efforts, with countless hours dedicated to perfecting every detail.  Created with an array of lively colors, captivating patterns, and eye-catching prints.  Inspiration is drawn in collaboration with NYC designers, artists, street wear designers, and complimentary color patterns, all to bring you a completely unique and never before seen golf accessory.  Everything is thoughtfully curated, tested, surveyed, and crafted with top quality in mind, and meant to be the most aesthetic piece on the course.  

All our design efforts are built with sustainability in mind and at the forefront.  As we build a better golfing experience, it's important we continue to focus on eco friendly growth. 


Embracing vulnerability, we hold dear the value of transparent communication with our cherished customers. Your invaluable feedback, creative ideas, and diverse opinions propel us towards shaping a more captivating company that embodies the essence of inclusivity and joy in the world of golf. We want your insights, and we wholeheartedly embrace your feedback, actively translating it into action.  We will do our best in implementing what is feasible, and have to keep in mind, that we won't be able to please everyone.  That is not the goal, we want to be the brand for the right group of people, the people who want to adhere to golf etiquette, but break some traditions in the process.

Vulnerability entails opening oneself to potential risks, yet in doing so, it forges deeper trust and fosters profound connections with those we serve. Our commitment involves being candid with our customers – be it about challenges like inventory fluctuations, growth thresholds, or shipping intricacies. Through every circumstance, unwavering communication remains the hallmark of our brand, ensuring our customers are informed and engaged.

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Customer obsessed, we're all about you – our valued customers. When you chose us, it meant the world, and we truly appreciate it. Our lucrative loyalty plan, free shipping, and top-notch customer service are ways we show our dedication to you. You're not just a customer; you're part of our community, and we will treat you as such

Our customers are folks who want to connect with a company that gets them and wants to bring a fresh vibe to golf. With so many golf options out there, you picked VivanTee, and we're committed to you for that choice. It's vital to our growth, and one of the most pivotal values we hold our company accountable to.

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