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VivanTee Golf Gloves for Men 2024


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"When I was a kid, dressing right and looking good was a priority. As I grew up, I just wanted to stay that way, stick out a bit and have my own thing. That's where white belts and wearing some colors started."

Rickie Fowler

Introduction | VivanTee's Golf Gloves for Men

It's a common scenario for golfers that happens to the best of us. You step onto the first tee, geared up for your round, only to find yourself in a frantic search through your golf bag. The desperate pat down continues until you reluctantly head to the pro shop, settling for any available men's golf glove. The momentary disarray throws off your rhythm, and it might take a few holes to regain your groove – now stuck with a stark white leather glove that feels unfamiliar. Golf gloves are often overlooked, but they shouldn't be. They are a crucial accessory, both practical and affordable, allowing golfers to elevate their style and enhance their game. In this guide, we are going to talk through our stylish golf gloves for men that can add a touch of flair to your game, like Rickie Fowler says “a way to stand out and be different”.  We can't guarantee you won't forget your golf glove on the first tee, but we can guarantee you will look good when wear one from our collection of men's golf gloves.  

Anatomy of a VivanTee Men's Golf Glove

Anatomy of VivanTee golf gloves for men with an image of the front and back of the glove, and arrows pointing to various aspects of our men

Each of our VivanTee men's golf gloves are made of 100% AAA cabretta leather.  This will ensure performance is a top priority and you are able to feel the club, grip it, and it will mold effortlessly to your hand.  Our signature collection of men's golf gloves have stretch zones to enhance comfort, fit, and durability.  

The most unique aspect of our collection of golf gloves, outside of the proprietary designs, is the versatile magnetic ball markers.  Each of our men's gloves are equipped with N45 magnetic cavities to ensure a strong enough magnetic bond to handle top swing speeds.  You can feel confident every step of the way that you won't lose your ability to mark your ball and your look.

Each design, color, and pattern are completely envisioned, drafted, and iterated exclusively through VivanTee.  With inspiration taken from NYC fashion, art, and street designers.  Offering a men's golf glove that we guarantee you won't find anywhere else, and personalized by you.

A Men's Golf Glove Inspired by the Melting Pot of the World

As a golf brand that is founded and headquartered in NYC, we inject that very ethos into each of our men's golf glove designs.  Each piece is developed from inspiration of an NYC neighborhood.  

If you tend to lean towards a more preppy style, the SoHo Blush will have you covered, simple yet upscale and sophisticated like SoHo.  If streetwear is your style, the Wooly-Burg is the glove for you, with a whimsical mustache pattern and dark charcoal and gray tones.  Whatever your style, VivanTee's golf gloves for men will cover your look.


"Real Men Wear Pink - Love the Soho blush! They’re stylish and functional. The color matches perfectly with my pink tee.

Will need another pair when I’m done with these!"

Buda - New York, NY 


"Sturdy, Great quality - Just what I was looking for. Fit is comfortable yet not too snug. The magnetic ball marker is a unique touch"

Matt - Tampa, FL

Golf Gloves for Men | Harlem Heritage

The VivanTee men's golf glove Harlem Heritage draws inspiration of it's orange and blue hue from the brownstones in Harlem, and the blue fire escapes that are littered across the iconic neighborhood as pictured below.  

Harlem heritage men's golf glove, image of the orange and blue golf glove, along with orange brownstones in Harlem for the gloves inspiration.

VivanTee Golf Gloves for Men Continued

Inspiration for our men
4 examples of our golf gloves for men showing the neighborhood that the looks were derived from.

Wholesale and Bundle VivanTee Golf Gloves for Men

Save on your golf gloves for men order by purchasing our bundles, getting a discount. Wholesale purchasing is available and we offer the ability to customize your men's golf gloves by VivanTee.  By creating ball markers that have your courses logo on them or your company.  Inquire with us about our men's golf glove wholesale options.  

Maintenance of VivanTee's Men's Gloves

Our golf gloves for men have been tested for longevity and durability.  You will easily be able to get 5-10+ rounds out of these gloves without tearing or ripping.  As each one is built with premium materials and have been developed in small quantities to ensure quality.  Naturally the dirt and grime will wear them down, but proper storage after use, mild cleaning, and proper sizing will ensure longevity out of your favorite VivanTee glove.  In depth guide for proper care here.  


The basics of care for your VivanTee men's golf gloves:

  • Properly sized golf gloves

  • Proper grip

  • Storage post round 

  • Wipe off dirt and grime as round progresses

VivanTee men

"I purchased a two glove combo package of the Midnight Midtown glove size M/L. The fit was perfect and compliments my very navy blue wardrobe. I have played 4 rounds so far with the glove and have hit ~500 balls on the range. Midnight Midtown has held up better than any glove I’ve purchased in the past. Hasn’t dried out and still feels like a brand new glove. I’ve been consistently complimented on the glove’s style and have lent out the extra magnetic ball marker’s I purchased to friends at my club. 5 stars, will never go back to the boring, low quality gloves I’ve purchased at our clubhouse in the past. Hoping Vivantee expands the product suite to hats and polos soon!"

Brett - Philadelphia, PA

Conclusion | VivanTee Men's Golf Gloves

Don't forget to check out our various magnetic golf ball markers, as each can be added to your men's golf glove of choice.  Allowing for personalization and a statement piece that is unique to you.  Because you took the time to read our Men's golf glove collection overview use code “StyleMyGlove” to get a free ball marker with your purchase.  

We are constantly iterating and thinking through new designs, stay tuned for future limited edition releases, and capsule drops, we have a lot of great designs in the works!  We would also love your feedback if there is anything you'd like to see or change from a design perspective, contact us at  You can also check out our women's collection here, for girlfriends or wives.  

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