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Product Questions

Product Questions

What materials are your products made of?  

Our golf gloves are all made of highest quality 100% Indonesian AAA sheepskin leather, we source premium materials with sustainability in mind. They all come standard with industrial strength N45 magnets, to ensure you can swing as fast as you need and you will not lose your ball marker. The first glove in the industry to prioritize design and quality materials, not only just leather, but with the highest quality premium magnets. Our ball markers are Nickel plated and made of iron base to ensure the strongest magnet connection with a beautiful polished shine.  Check out our comprehensive guide on all things about golf ball markers.

When do items restock?

We can't always give a heads up about all product restocks as it's always subject to change. However, we do have a back in stock function on selected product pages, so we can notify you when they're restocked.

1. Select the item you're interested in
2. Select the 'SIZE OUT OF STOCK?' link on the product pages (below the item sizes section)
3. Enter your email address
4. Hit the 'NOTIFY ME' button on the size you're interested in to be notified as soon as it's available - simple!

How do I know what size I need?

Go here for our sizing guide. If you do not see your size, but like a design, please let us know, we will do our best to get that piece in stock.

How do I ensure longevity for my VivanTee Gloves?

As a bulleted process, there are 4 key areas to focus on:
1.  Ensuring proper fit is essential, the glove should fit snug, but not too tight. If too tight, opt to size up.
2.  Storage is important, make sure you store with the glove open, and not crumpled up, and store in a cool dry place.  Opt into velcro attachments for your bag as a cheap way to make sure you aren't scrunching into a pocket.
3.  Focus on grip.  Not gripping the club too tight.  This technique also ensures your swing is more consistent and smooth.
4.  Keep the glove dry, especially on summer days.  Take off between holes if you can on hot days.

We have written a detailed blog here that discusses the process of ensuring the longest life cycle for your gloves.

Where are VivanTee products made?

They are crafted and designed in New York City.  Our materials are sourced in Indonesia for the top of the line AAA cabretta leather, and our products are manufactured in China with multiple trusted gold standard golf manufacturers.  You can trust that all products have been inspected and quality tested before ending up on your hand at your local course.

As being vulnerable with our customers is signature to our brand, we are open with how we conduct our business.  When we set out to build our brand it was important that quality and affordability were at the forefront of our products.  We were extremely methodical in our analysis of suitable partners and spent a great deal of time over many months researching suitable manufacturers and sourcing materials.  In the end we went with a couple manufacturers that fit our values, but also have experienced working with the largest and most reputable brands in golf today. 

Working with experienced manufacturers was important, but just as important was that they could produce our original collections. Our product designs are completely proprietary and unique to our company.  After testing a variety of potential partners, we found the perfect conglomerate of manufacturers that made sense to our brand values, and would craft the best quality for our customers.