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To introduce golf to a diverse demographic, where every swing tells a unique story.

At the heart of VivanTee is a commitment to design, a brand that intertwines the fundamentals of golf with the iconic style of NYC.  VivanTee embraces inclusivity and uniqueness through innovative design. We are an all-inclusive brand, crafting gloves tailored to each individual hand—free from the constraints of gender or background. Our motto: all gloves, all access. Our products blend tradition, but combat the unoriginal, serving as the perfect weapon to keep predictability at bay.  Revitalizing this cherished game and fostering a warm, accepting golfing community where everyone feels at home.

Founder of VivanTee golf gloves swinging golf club in simulator with an orange golf glove and black and white background.
Portrait of VivanTee golf owner in a golf cart with a golf green in background.


Founded by Cesar Figueroa in NYC, VivanTee is veteran and minority owned. Growing up in a traditional Puerto Rican household, golf was never played or thought of. He experienced a heavy dose of imposter syndrome during his early days of playing golf at Fossil Trace in Denver, CO. Once overcoming the feeling of not belonging, he quickly fell in love with golf.  The mental challenge, community, social element, and emerging fashion. Yet, the world of golf gloves were and are lacking. Enter VivanTee, inspired by the Italian word 'Vivante,' which means 'alive'.  We aim to bring the accessory alive and embrace individuality and self-expression. 

Our inspiration is drawn from our home base, New York City, a city renowned for its melting-pot of diverse, transient backgrounds, individuality, self-expression, and unwavering confidence. Our golf gloves embody these traits, designed for personalization to suit various looks and styles. Each piece is crafted with a specific NYC neighborhood in mind, capturing the unique elements that make each area distinctive. This approach lends credence to the individuals who wear them, those who respect golf's traditions but place even greater value on being uniquely themselves, standing out through their attire. Together, we can open the sport to more unique individuals, create a diverse experience similar to that of the very courses we play on—each one unique, in the layout, views, and design. Your individual support is key in making golf a welcoming environment where every stroke tells an original story.

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