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Article: Women's Left Handed Clubs

Women's left handed golf club guide, image of a left hand with marker writing "I'm left handed"

Women's Left Handed Clubs

Guide to Women's Left-Handed Golf Clubs

Introduction to Ladies Left Handed Golf Clubs

As a brand that stands for all inclusivity, you lefties are certainly the minority in the world of golf.  Total population, lefties make up about 10-12%.  However, in golf, about 5-7% of players are left-handed.  When you think about ladies left-handed golfers, the number is even smaller at about 3%.  Meaning lefties are underserved!  This is due to a variety of factors, but most importantly, the options are just not the same for lefties.  Even something as simple as a hand-me-down set of golf clubs from a friend who upgrades, which can be the very push to get someone into the sport.  We will discuss the opportunities at your disposal in terms of clubs for women’s left-handed golf clubs.

In this post, we will cover, the unique challenges of ladies left handed clubs, why ladies left handed golf clubs matter, key features to look out for, and we will review some sets.  

Women left handed golfer statistics and total population statistics for left handed vs right handed

Ladies Left Handed Golf Club Important Factors

Specific golf clubs tailored to your swing can significantly impact your game. There are reasons why people spend thousands of dollars to get fitted for a set. If you are new to the game of golf, this beginner's guide will go into greater detail.  The distance can vary by 10-20% from one golf club to another. There are a variety of factors taken into account here from shaft flex, weight, club loft, and plenty more. All clubs, including women’s left handed golf clubs typically have more flex than men’s, are shorter in length, and weigh less. There are certainly women who can swing nearly as fast as men, and they may require a stiffer shaft than the ladies flex, but that is completely unique to that golfer.

Shaft flex: Has a bearing on the loft of your golf ball, whether your misses are hooks or slices, distance, and all-around play.

Shaft length: This is rather self-explanatory but has an impact on the accuracy of your shots. Rory McIlroy shaved off 2 inches off his driver and has been hitting it better ever since. Some people believe length equates to distance, but it’s all about accuracy and consistency, and club length will dictate that.

Shaft weight: The weight of the club can help with your swing speed and control. If you tend to swing really hard and fast, a heavier shaft can add more control, sacrificing some speed. Vice versa, if you have a slow swing, shedding some weight can increase speed and distance.

Loft angle: The loft angles of irons can vary by as much as 4 degrees between different brands. Typically, the better the player, the more lofted the club.

Shaft material: Shafts typically come in graphite or steel.  Steel is usually heavier, but less expensive, and graphite shafts are a light weight premium option.  

Grip size: Bigger grips for people with bigger hands can offer more control and stability of a golf club. This is one of the easiest elements of your club to replace and really can be done at home with some good DIY videos, included an example below.

This underscores the importance of fittings; merely choosing a brand or model isn't enough given the many aspects of club fitting. However, not everyone can afford a high-end fitting or buying brand-new clubs. The best you can do is find a brand you like and are consistent with. You can replace other aspects on the fly, such as shafts and grips.

Best Women's Left Handed Golf Clubs for 2024

A curated list of the best 3 options in our opinion for the 2024 golf season.  Take a look at our picks for best all around, best cost, and best complete set.  

Best all around women’s left handed golf clubs :

Rogue ST-Max OS irons

These clubs are phenomenal for a beginner to novice player.  They offer more forgiveness and lower lofted for maximum distance and consistency.  They are a bit on the heavier side, so feel like you are swinging Thor’s hammer.  They are considered the easiest-to-swing clubs in the Rogue family.  


  • Increased Forgiveness: Oversized irons, like the "OS" (which usually stands for "Oversized") suggests, often have a larger sweet spot, making it easier for recreational golfers to achieve consistent shots, even with off-center strikes.


  • Enhanced Ball Speed: Callaway's Rogue series, in general, has made use of the 360 Face Cup Technology which can boost ball speed across the face, potentially offering greater distance.

  • Optimized Weighting: The use of Tungsten weighting in the Rogue series helps in precise center-of-gravity positioning, potentially improving launch conditions and overall playability. 



  • Less Workability: Oversized irons tend to be more forgiving but might offer less workability for skilled players looking to shape their shots in specific ways.


  • Aesthetics for Purists: The larger profile of oversized irons might not be as appealing to purist golfers or those who prefer a more traditional, sleeker look.


  • Cost: At a starting price point of $899.99 for just irons these clubs will certainly cost you and aren’t for the faint of heart.  

Best Ladies Golf Clubs on a Budget

Wilson SGI (Super Game Improvement)

We covered these in our article on beginner’s golf clubs.  However, still remains true as a great budget option for new beginners.  


  • Enhanced Forgiveness: SGI clubs, by design, have a larger sweet spot, which can help recreational golfers maintain consistency even with off-center hits.


  • Higher Launch: Wilson's SGI clubs tend to have a low center of gravity, aiding players in achieving a higher ball flight, which can be especially beneficial for those who struggle with getting the ball airborne.


  • Cost: An entire golf set for sub $500 you really can’t beat the price.


  • Limited Workability: While SGI clubs provide added forgiveness, they may not allow skilled players to shape shots or control ball trajectory as effectively as with player's irons.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: SGI clubs, due to their bulkier design, might not appeal to golfers who prefer a traditional or sleeker clubhead look.


  • Potential Adaptation Period: Players transitioning from standard to SGI clubs may require an adjustment period to get used to the different feel and feedback.

Best Ladies Left Handed Golf Club Complete Set

TaylorMade Kalea

golf set is specifically designed for women golfers, aiming to offer optimized performance characteristics suited for a typical woman's swing. Here are some pros and cons based on the design and feedback on the TaylorMade Kalea set.


  • Optimized for Women: The Kalea set is engineered with lighter weights, more flexible shafts, and other features to cater to the general swing characteristics of female golfers, potentially enhancing playability.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: The TaylorMade Kalea line has a sleek and stylish design, which many women golfers find attractive and confidence-boosting.


  • All-Inclusive Set: The Kalea series often includes a comprehensive set from driver to putter, making it a convenient one-stop-shop for those looking to get a full set of clubs.


  • Less Customization: As a pre-packaged set, there might be less flexibility to mix and match clubs based on individual preferences or specific game needs.


  • Price Point: TaylorMade is a premium brand, and while the Kalea set offers quality, it might come at a higher price point compared to some other women's golf sets.


  • Skill Level Limitation: While the Kalea set is excellent for beginners and intermediate players, more advanced female players might prefer clubs that offer more workability and precision.


Navigating the world of golf as a left-handed woman can be daunting given the limited options. Yet, with the right knowledge and a bit of determination, there are gems to be found.  From understanding the unique challenges of being a left-handed golfer and searching for the perfect left-handed ladies golf clubs to appreciating the specifics of women's golf clubs, we hope this guide has shed light on the way forward. Remember, while clubs are a significant part of the equation, all of your golf equipment is essential and the accessories you pair them with can also be game-changers. 

Speaking of accessories, have you had a chance to try out our specialized left-handed golf gloves? Designed specifically with the southpaw golfer in mind, they promise a snug fit, superior grip, and unmatched comfort. Don't let your game be affected by a subpar glove. Check out our collection of left-handed golf gloves and elevate your golfing experience today!


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