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Article: The Guide to Shaft Flex: Understanding Tensei Golf Shafts CK vs AV

Deep dive into Tensei Golf Shafts, image of golf shafts and VivanTee Logo.

The Guide to Shaft Flex: Understanding Tensei Golf Shafts CK vs AV

Introduction to Tensei Golf Shafts

Golf technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The equipment and accessories market has expanded at an extraordinary rate. Golf clubs now offer so many customizable facets to cater to your unique swing. Just as each individual is unique, golf equipment complements that distinctiveness! This article aims to shed light on the various aspects of golf shafts, diving specifically into the Tensei golf shafts. While there are multiple brands and models in the golf shaft arena, Tensei is among the most prominent and two of their models specifically. There's often confusion between different shaft series, such as Tensei Golf Shafts 1K and AV. Within Tensei, there are two main lines: 1K and AV, each with its own set of models. By the end of this article, you should have a clearer understanding of Tensei golf shafts, an overview of Tensei shafts, and the distinctions between their models. Plus, we'll include a quiz to help you determine which golf shaft would be best for you.

Tensei Golf Shaft Components

Golf shaft in a swing arguably has a greater impact on various aspects of your swing than the clubhead itself. They influence ball flight, ball spin rate, the draw or fade of your shot, and much more. Tensei golf shafts comprise various components, including:


Shaft Flex: This aspect of the shaft is frequently discussed. You've likely heard terms like 'stiff' and 'regular flex'. The stiffness should correspond with your swing speed. For instance, someone with a rapid swing speed wouldn't want a shaft that's overly flexible, and vice versa.


Shaft Weight: The weight of the shaft can either increase or decrease swing speed. A heavier shaft can provide better control for someone with a high swing speed, whereas a person with a slower swing speed might benefit from a lighter shaft to boost their swing velocity.  In turn, it gives you the most optimal driver ball speed.


Torque: Refers to the degree of twist in a shaft. Typically, low torque values are below 3.5, mid-range torque values hover between 3.5 and 5, while values above 5 signify high torque. A greater torque value indicates more twist in the shaft. It's common for heavier and more rigid shafts to showcase lower torque numbers. It's crucial to understand that a high torque value doesn't imply instability, just as low torque doesn't guarantee stiffness. Everyone perceives the feel of a shaft differently, and such perceptions are always personal.


5 Influences on Tensei Golf Shaft choices infographic

Tensei Golf Shaft Stiffness & Weight

Golf Shaft Flex


Not unique to Tensei, but all golf shafts have a profile of shaft flex and weight.  However, Tensei takes it a step further and each of Tensei's golf shafts will vary in the range of stiffness they offer.


Stiffness profiles are:

L- Ladies Flex

A- Amateur or Senior Flex

R- Regular Flex

S- Stiff Flex

X- X-Stiff Flex

TX - Tour Flex


This is very high-level as there are varying levels within these as well, and from shaft to shaft, the flex will change.  Always best to get a professional fitting to make sure you are leveraging the proper shaft for your swing. As an example of two varying Tensei models, their stiffness profiles are below:


Tensei CK Blue Golf Shaft:

  • Tensei CK Blue Regular Stiff

  • Tensei CK Blue Stiff 

  • Tensei CK Blue X-Stiff

  • Tensei CK Blue Tour Stiff


Tensei AV White Golf Shaft:

  • Tensei AV White Stiff

  • Tensei AV White X-Stiff

  • Tensei AV White Tour Stiff

Golf Shaft Weight 


Each golf shaft has an associated weight, labeled in grams. For drivers, this weight typically ranges from 50 to 90 grams. While the weights usually increase in increments of 5 grams, variations can occur depending on the manufacturer.


Similar to shaft flex, the weight can vary among models. As seen below with the same two shaft examples from the Shaft Flex.


Tensei CK Blue Golf Shaft:

  • Tensei CK Blue 50

  • Tensei CK Blue 60

  • Tensei CK Blue 70

  • Tensei CK Blue 80


Tensei AV White Golf Shaft: 

  • Tensei AV White 65

  • Tensei AV White 75

  • Tensei AV White 85


Golf Swing speed and shaft selection chart
These are high-level estimates and aren't one size fits all.
Pros and cons of heavy and light golf shafts

Overview of Tensei Golf Shafts

While a lot of the shafts out in the market today will come standard with about 4-5 different materials.  Tensei uses 11.  This is the strength in their technology and manufacturing, they are hyper-customized to individual golfer's swings.  Each shaft is crafted with precision and is why they are a premium brand in the golf shaft market.  


Highlighting TENSEI's dedication to innovation, the product line uniquely incorporates the very technology behind its design into its name. This tradition began in 2015 with TENSEI CK, showcasing Carbon Kevlar. It then transitioned to TENSEI AV, representing Aluminum Vapor, and has presently culminated in TENSEI 1K, spotlighting 1K Carbon Fiber.

Tensei CK Series

The Tensei CK Series marries traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation, the CK Series showcases what's possible when heritage meets foresight.


Benefits of Using CK Shafts and Their Unique Features & Technology

Carbon Kevlar (CK) Blend: The signature feature of the Tensei CK series is its Carbon Kevlar (CK) blend. This hybrid material offers an optimal balance of strength and flexibility, allowing for a more consistent swing and improved energy transfer.

Low Resin Content (LRC): This technology reduces unnecessary weight within the shaft while maintaining its strength, allowing for a more efficient energy transfer and greater swing speed.

Optimized Flex Profile: The Tensei CK shafts are crafted to offer a progressively tapered-down profile. This ensures that golfers experience a balance between rigidity and flexibility, translating to better control and accuracy.

Enhanced Stability: The unique composition of the CK shafts promotes stability during the swing, ensuring a more consistent ball flight and reduced variance in your shots.

Type of Golfers for Tensei CK Shaft 

Mid to Low Handicappers: Those who seek precision and consistency in their game will appreciate the refined technology behind the CK shafts.

Aggressive Swingers: Golfers with a faster swing tempo will benefit from the shaft's enhanced stability and ability to implement various torque points.


Golfers Prioritizing Feel: The CK series offers a distinct, responsive feel, making it a favorite among players who prioritize tactile feedback.


Tensei AV Series


The AV series introduces advancements that redefine the way golfers experience their game, seamlessly blending traditional design principles with avant-garde material science.

Benefits of Using AV Shafts and Their Unique Features & Technology

Aluminum Vapor (AV) Technology: Central to the Tensei AV series is the proprietary Aluminum Vapor (AV) technology. This process involves integrating a thin layer of aluminum into the shaft's design, enhancing overall strength without compromising on flexibility.

Enhanced Energy Transfer: The AV series is designed to optimize the transfer of energy from the golfer to the ball. The result? Every swing feels more potent, and the ball travels with greater speed.

Superior Torque Stability: The aluminum infusion not only enhances strength but also improves torque stability, ensuring a consistent ball flight.

Consistent Profile & Feel: The Tensei AV shafts maintain a consistent profile throughout, which means golfers can expect a uniform feel, regardless of the club or shot type.

Types of Golfers It's Best Suited For

Tech-Savvy Golfers: Those who appreciate the integration of advanced materials and technology into all golf equipment will find the AV series especially appealing.

Players Seeking Control: With its superior torsional stability, the AV series is perfect for golfers who prioritize control and consistency in their shots.

Golfers Looking for Enhanced Feedback: The unique composition of the AV shafts provides a responsive feel, allowing players to better understand and adapt their swings.


Tensei AV vs CK

Tensei AV vs CK Golf Shafts Graph, Tensei 1k White, Tensei 1k Black, Tensei 1k Orange, and Tensei 1k Blue compared to Tensei AV

Tensei 1k White


Designed for those seeking a lower launch and spin. This shaft is tailored for players who desire a more penetrating ball flight and maximum control. It's optimal for golfers with a consistent swing-seeking precision in their shots.


Tensei 1k Black


With a mid-launch and spin profile, Tensei 1k Black, this shaft is versatile and well-suited for a wide range of players. It offers a blend of stability and feel, making it a go-to choice for players looking for a balanced game on the fairways.


Tensei 1k Orange


The Tensei 1k Orange is catering to golfers who prioritize feel without compromising on performance, this shaft offers a low launch profile but integrates unique materials that enhance its overall responsiveness. It's ideal for those who want to feel every facet of their swing and shot.


Tensei 1k Blue


The Tensei 1k Blue is built for those aiming for a low trajectory and spin, this shaft is about power and precision. Its design caters to golfers with a strong swing who want both distance and direction in their drives.


Tensei AV Blue


A middle-ground in the AV series, the Tensei AV Blue shaft is designed for players seeking a mid-launch and spin. Versatile in its nature, the AV Blue provides a harmonious balance between stability and feedback. It's an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of golfers aiming for a consistent and adaptable performance.


Tensei AV Orange


Tensai AV orange is tailored for those who don't want to compromise on the sensation of their swing, this shaft brings a low-launch profile. Embedded with top-tier materials, it accentuates the feel, giving players a heightened sense of touch and responsiveness with every shot.


Tensai AV White


Tensai AV White is crafted for precision enthusiasts, this shaft leans towards a lower launch and spin. For golfers who have a repeatable swing and seek pinpoint accuracy on the course, the AV White stands out as a reliable companion.


Materials Used

Tensei CK: Traditionally, the CK series employs classic materials like carbon fiber and kevlar in its construction.
Tensei AV: The AV series introduces Aluminum Vapor (AV) coated fiber in its design, enhancing stability.


Performance & Target Audience

Tensei CK: Suited for players seeking a blend of stability and feel. It offers a smooth profile ideal for those transitioning from steel shafts.
Tensei AV: Known for increased stiffness and stability, making it suitable for players seeking precision and a more consistent performance.


Price Differences

Prices can vary based on retail locations, promotions, and specific models within each series. Generally, the CK models will be more costly than the AV.  However, due to the multitude of models within each line, and the new generations coming out, pricing can vary.

Which Tensei Golf Shaft for Me?

Selecting the appropriate shaft flex isn't merely about optimizing performance—it's also about ensuring consistency, maximizing distance, and preventing potential injuries. The correct flex complements your swing, leading to better contact and more predictable ball flights. On the contrary, the wrong flex can lead to errant shots and increased strain on the body. This makes a professional fitting invaluable. During a fitting, experts analyze your swing dynamics, ensuring the chosen flex harmonizes with your unique style and rhythm.


Tips for Amateur Golfers: Tensei CK vs. AV
While both Tensei CK and AV offer exceptional quality, they cater to different golfing needs:

Tensei CK: This series is more versatile, and suitable for those who are looking for a balanced blend of feel and performance. If you're transitioning from older shafts or seek a smoother swing transition, CK might be the ideal choice.

Tensei AV: Integrated with Aluminum Vapor coated fiber, AV is about precision and stability. If your swing is more aggressive or you desire tighter shot dispersion, the AV series may better suit you.


Tensei Golf Shafts Recommendations Based on Key Factors

Swing Speed


Slow (<85 mph with driver): Opt for a more flexible Tensei golf shaft, potentially leaning toward certain models within the CK series.
Medium (85-100 mph with driver): A regular to stiff flex would be suitable, and both CK and AV Tensei golf shaft lines could be considered based on other preferences.  
Fast (>100 mph with driver): Stiffer shafts, potentially in the AV series, would be optimal for control and consistency.

*Check out our blog about increasing your swing speed

Ball Flight Desires

Low Flight: Look for shafts labeled as 'low launch' in either series.

Medium to High Flight: Tensei golf shafts designated as 'mid' or 'high launch' would be more appropriate, with potential leans towards the CK series for the higher flight.

Skill Level

Beginners: Might find the CK series more forgiving and adaptable.

Intermediate to Advanced:  Can experiment with both CK and AV, with AV potentially offering the fine-tuning more skilled players might desire.


In conclusion, while these guidelines provide a foundation, personal experience plays a significant role. If possible, test both shafts at a local golf store or fitting center to determine which feels and performs best for your individual swing.


Other Stats


Take into consideration the backspin you get, your launch angle, and apex as well.  There are varying levels of statistics that would be good to understand to be able to determine your optimal shaft needs.  You can get a lot of these great and useful statistics from golf simulators.  No need to purchase one, you can get access at many bars now and even Top Golf.

Concluding Tensei Golf Shafts

Navigating the nuances of golf equipment, especially the various components of Tensei golf shafts, can be both enlightening and a tad overwhelming. But remember, the right choice can greatly influence your game's consistency and progress. While the Tensei golf shafts CK and AV series offer outstanding options tailored for various needs, the real magic lies in finding the perfect fit for *your* swing. And if you found this guide helpful, don't stop here. Dive deeper into our other blogs to further hone your equipment knowledge. Plus, for those passionate about perfecting every aspect of their game, explore our premium line of golf gloves. Crafted for optimal grip, style, and comfort, they're the perfect companion for your next round. Elevate your game with the right tools and insights! 

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