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A guide for how to select Women's beginner golf club

Your Guide to Women's Beginner Golf Clubs


Time to read: 5 min

Guide To Women's Beginner Golf Clubs


In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the best women's beginner golf clubs, offering insights, recommendations, and brand reviews based on our hands-on experience. Our focus will span four different selections: a cost-conscious set, the most stylish - the best up-and-coming brand, the best all around, and premium priced beginner set.

Before diving into our reviews of various beginner golf clubs, it's crucial to understand the essential considerations when contemplating a golf club purchase. Whether you're a first-time buyer or an experienced golfer seeking an upgrade, certain factors must take precedence. While professional fittings are advocated by many, we recognize that they might not be feasible for everyone. Thus, our guide aims to help you narrow down your focus when selecting your ideal golf clubs. 

For women's lefty clubs specifically, we have a separate article here or for men's beginner golf clubs go here.

Considerations When Shopping for Beginners Women's Golf Clubs

Know Your Skill Level:

When embarking on your golf journey and seeking your inaugural set of beginner clubs, prioritizing forgiveness is key. Typically, this entails opting for higher lofted clubs. Iron lofts can vary widely, ranging from 4-6 degrees based on factors like club line, style, brand, and specifications. For instance, consider the comparison between a 6 iron in the Callaway Rogue set, lofted at 24.5 degrees, versus a Callaway Strata set with a 6 iron lofted at 30 degrees. While higher loft aids forgiveness, it's crucial to consider whether you tend to loft the ball high initially.  It is important to know your stats as much as possible if you aren't getting fitted by a professional.  This will help you select the right choice clubs for your swing, in our golf simulator guide, we deep dive into the various stats, and what they mean for your swing.  

Shaft Length:

Standard shaft sizing exists across various clubs for both women and men. However, selecting the appropriate shaft length involves more than just height. Some taller players might opt for standard height to enhance control, but for beginners, we recommend adhering to standard sizes based on height.

Shaft Flex:

As discussed in another article, your swing speed determines the appropriate shaft flex. The right flex can be the difference between hooks and slices, high ball flight versus low trajectory, and the amount of backspin generated. Matching the shaft's stiffness to your swing speed is crucial. For instance, if you're driving at 105 MPH and opt for a lady flex shaft, you'll likely experience significant losses in distance, flight trajectory, and consistency.

Shaft Material:

Choosing between graphite and steel shafts can impact both feel and swing performance. Graphite shafts, typically lighter, are often associated with woods and drivers but are also used for irons. On the other hand, steel shafts are heavier and more common in irons. Graphite shafts tend to be pricier but offer better feel and reduced vibration. This distinction is particularly important when researching beginner women's golf clubs.

Club Head Design:

For women seeking a beginner set, cavity back club heads are recommended over blade club heads. Blades are designed for more skilled players looking to shape shots, with smaller club heads offering less forgiveness. Countless instances have shown individuals purchasing used blade sets, drawn by attractive deals on high-end clubs, only to struggle with consistent shots. Cavity back clubs are a safer choice for beginners.

Women's Beginner Golf Clubs | Used vs. New:

Opting for second-hand clubs for your beginner golf set is perfectly viable. This route can provide access to well-known sets at significant discounts. Estate sales, instances where clubs were scarcely used, or cases where individuals are relinquishing the sport can yield excellent finds. However, ensure that the clubs are in usable condition. Pay close attention to the condition of the grooves, particularly with wedges, as this greatly affects shot consistency.  Callaway pre-owned is a great site for used golf clubs, great price, and fantastic customer service.

Budget and Brand:

We present a range of recommendations, but budget and brand trade-offs must be weighed. Established brands like Callaway, Titleist, and Ping command premium prices, a testament to their quality. However, if you're inclined towards underdog brands, you can discover hidden gems with less-established technology. In this article, we'll cover a few options catering to various preferences.

While factors like lie angle, wedge bounce, and swing weight also warrant consideration, we've kept this guide straightforward for beginners. As you delve deeper into the sport, your swing will evolve, leading to more nuanced considerations. We plan to delve into advanced club selection in a future blog.

Remember, choosing golf clubs is deeply personal; there's no one-size-fits-all approach. This guide aims to provide direction, empowering you to make the best choice for your women's starter golf set. So pick up those clubs, head out onto the green, and start driving those straight shots!

VivanTee's Women's Beginner Golf Clubs Recommendations

Best all around: Wilson Women’s Beginner Set



- Includes a good quality bag.

- Forgiving clubs with high lofts, ideal for beginners (except for the putter).

-Customizable sizing, versatile in terms of selection

- Reliable, durable clubs at an affordable price point.


- Limited bag customization if you have specific additional clubs.

- Putter forgiveness is lacking; consider investing in a separate putter.

- Shaft flex isn't customizable, only available in women's flex. Unsuitable for higher swing speeds.

Most Stylish Up-and-Coming Brand: Robin Golf Clubs

Women's start golf club set Robin Golf picture


- Boasts a lifetime warranty for all clubs.

- Features sleek aesthetics that stand out on the course.

- Offers a visually appealing, well-designed bag.

- Equipped with standard graphite shafts to align with the higher price point.

- Provides various sets, allowing customization like excluding driver or putter as needed.


- Comes with a higher price tag, potentially limiting accessibility.

- As a newcomer, the brand might not carry the same reputation as established ones.

- Offers only one shaft flex option, lacking customization in this aspect.

Best Cost Conscious: Aspire Golf Clubs

This Amazon-available option, the Aspire golf clubs, serves as a budget-friendly entry point for beginners.


- Extremely affordable, priced under $300.

- Features graphite shafts at a cost-effective price.

- Includes a mallet putter, typically better suited for beginners.


- Limited customization options.

- Despite being around since the 80s, the brand's recognition isn't as established.

Best Premium Cost Set: Women’s Callaway Reva Set

The Callaway Reva set shines as a well-rounded choice suitable for all skill levels. Featuring large cavity-backed irons, this set ensures maximum forgiveness and distance. While not the flashiest visually, these clubs deliver consistent performance for beginners.


- Lightweight set, particularly compared to the Wilson's offering.

- Offers customizable sizing and colors.

- Equipped with large cavity-back irons for enhanced forgiveness and distance.

- Hails from a reputable brand known for exceptional customer service.


- Represents the highest price point among the options listed.

- Includes a cart bag lacking a stand, which might impact functionality. Consider a separate bag purchase tailored to your needs."

Conclusion: Women's Beginner Golf Clubs

The golfing journey is both exhilarating and daunting, with every choice made serving as a step towards molding your unique experience on the green. Our guide, tailored to the needs of budding women golfers, aims to be your trusted companion on this adventure. At VivianTee, we believe in empowering our readers, offering not just product recommendations, but also the knowledge to make informed decisions. While every golfer's journey is unique, equipped with the right equipment, you're already on the fairway to success. As you gear up with your chosen clubs, remember to add a dash of style and sophistication with our premium designer golf gloves. After all, the perfect shot deserves the perfect look! Subscribe to our newsletter and join our VivianTee family, where golf meets elegance, and passion meets precision. Happy Golfing!

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