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Men's Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


Introduction to Men's Best Beginner's Golf Club Set

We all have to start somewhere and it's exciting you are beginning your golf journey.  We are going to focus on Men's Beginner's Golf Club Sets in this article as we have covered the women's specific article here.  Pure assumption here that you are a beginner if you are reading this article.  I remember when I first began golfing, there was an overwhelming amount of information for selecting the best beginner's golf club set, and the truth of the matter is, there is never going to be the perfect answer.  Unless of course, you pay for a professional fitting.  

Personally, I would not recommend it if you are starting out as your swing will evolve in the early stages, and it is better to work out the kinks before jumping in head-first on a full-service fitting.  Unless it is a fitting that includes the cost into the clubs, often, PGA Superstore will promote this kind of offer.  I will be the first to say, I am not a professional golfer.  However, I have done countless hours of research and studying on this subject specifically as I was fortunate to have a golf simulator at my disposal and had all of my stats readily available when searching for my beginner golf set, and had the opportunity to deep dive on my own swing.  It also wasn't long ago that I was a beginner, so this information is still fresh.

We will cover in this article, the anatomy of a golf club, what to consider when selecting your beginner's golf clubs, cheap beginner's golf clubs, our vote for best beginner's golf clubs, and some resources to check out.  Let's have some fun.  

Understanding the What and Why of A Beginner's Golf Club Set

Why Beginner's Golf Clubs Matter: Stepping into the golfing arena can be daunting. The right set of clubs is not just about having the tools for the job; it's about confidence. Beginner’s golf clubs are designed to be more forgiving, with features that accommodate learning curves and boost your early successes on the course.

What to Look for in a Set

As you start the search for your beginner's golf set, you're not just selecting clubs; you're choosing your companions for every triumph and challenge on the green. Look for sets that offer a balance of woods, irons, and a putter, with an emphasis on durability, playability, and versatility.

The Anatomy of a Golf Club

There are more aspects to the anatomy of a golf club, but for simplicity as a beginner, these are the most important areas in our opinion.  

1. Grips: The grip is your only connection to the club. Thicker grips can help reduce grip pressure and minimize hand action, which can be beneficial for players with larger hands or those who struggle with hooks. Conversely, thinner grips may offer more control for players with smaller hands or those who tend to slice the ball.

2. Shafts: It is important to have at least a baseline understanding of your swing speed, as this will help you in deciding a good off-the-shelf beginner's golf club set. There are so many aspects to golf shafts, we have a more in-depth guide here on it.  Things like shaft material, flex, torque, and kick point all change the dynamic of a club.  Let's simplify this and focus on the flex.  Generally, a slower swing speed benefits from a more flexible shaft, while faster swingers usually need stiffer shafts.  

3. Club Face: The club face is more aligned around or club head in general, and will be more focused on cavity backed vs bladed golf clubs.  As a beginner, focus on cavity-backed golf clubs.  Most beginner's club sets off of the shelf will be cavity-backed as these tend to be more forgiving.

4. Loft Angles: The loft angle of a club determines the trajectory and distance of your shot. Beginners typically benefit from higher loft angles as they help get the ball airborne more easily, promoting greater distance and accuracy.  This can vary though, as typically a faster swing speed can get you higher loft, so many beginner's golf sets will have lower loft angles off the shelf. 


Anatomy of a golf club, a break down for selecting the best beginner

Recommended Before Going Shopping for Your Men's Beginner Golf Set

I am sure you are thinking, this is already a lot to consider.  Ironically, that is only the tip of the iceberg, but is a great baseline for your beginner golf club set.  Highly recommend getting your stats from a golf simulator prior to making a purchase.  You can really get these stats from bars with golf simulators, Top Golf (although Top Golf doesn't have the best tracking in my opinion), or golf shops. 

Note the example below is for a driver, we would recommend getting at least 10 shot stats for a driver, and 10 shot stas for a mid-iron, and 10 for wedges.  Delete miss hits, you want to focus on your clean shots.  

In the example of golf simulator stats, this one wasn't clocking clubhead speed, however, what to consider.

Club speed: How fast your golf club speed is going will help determine your shaft flex.

Vert: Vertical angle of attack will help determine club loft. 

Offline: Do you tend to draw or fade the ball (this can also be a result on swing speed as well, faster swing speed will tend to draw/hook, slower will fade/slice). This is a big generality, each person circumstances are different, all of this is for simplicity.

Example of golf simulator stats for understanding how to select a beginner
Shaft stiffness estimates based on swing speed for help choosing beginner
Estimation of golf swing speed for driver and which shaft flex makes sense.  L-Ladies Flex, A-Senior Flex, R-Regular Flex, S-Stiff Flex, X-X-Stiff Flex

Recommended Beginner Golf Club Sets

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  1. Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set - "The All-Rounder"

    • Persona Description: This set is like the friend who's always reliable and ready for any challenge. It's the go-to choice for beginners who want a no-fuss, comprehensive experience. Perfect for the enthusiastic learner who values consistency and ease over flashy features. The Strata set is akin to a mentor, guiding newcomers through their initial golfing journey with a blend of friendliness and competence.

    • Pros: Comprehensive, with forgiving irons and user-friendly woods.
    • Cons: Limited customization, standard grip thickness.
  2. Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set - "The Budget-Friendly Beginner"

    • Persona Description: The Wilson Ultra is the embodiment of the frugal yet ambitious golfer. It's for the individual who wants to step into the golfing world without breaking the bank. This set is like a savvy guide, offering a solid start and essential tools without the intimidating frills. It’s perfect for the practical player who prioritizes value and is eager to learn the ropes of the game.

    • Pros: Affordable, a solid start for beginners.
    • Cons: Durability concerns, standard shaft flex may not suit all.
  3. TaylorMade Sim Max - "The High-End Connoisseur"

    • Persona Description: The TaylorMade Sim Max is the epitome of luxury and advanced technology in the beginner’s golf world. It's tailored for the aspirational golfer who seeks the finest things in life, even at the start of their golfing journey. This set is like a sophisticated coach, offering top-of-the-line features and options for customization. It's ideal for the beginner who has high ambitions and a taste for premium quality.

    • Pros: Premium technology, variety in shaft stiffness options.
    • Cons: Expensive, might be overwhelming for complete beginners.
  4. Cobra F-Max Complete Set - "The Innovative Trailblazer"

    • Persona Description: The Cobra F-Max stands as the innovative, forward-thinking choice. It's for the golfer who loves to explore new possibilities and isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd. This set is akin to a visionary, offering unique solutions and accommodating a range of playing styles. It's perfect for the beginner who is not only learning the game but also keen on embracing new trends and technologies.

    • Pros: Innovative design, good for various swing speeds.
    • Cons: Less popular brand, resale value uncertain.
  5. The Stix - "Play Series" - “The Individual”

    • Persona Description:New to the game with a unique looking aesthetics and demand continuing to grow.  Stix golf clubs set out to disrupt a legacy market by making golf clubs that are premium quality at a fair price.  This is your unique friend who always does their own thing and looks good while doing it.

    • Pros: Unique aesthetics, great for those seeking something different and new.
    • Cons: May not appeal to traditionalists, standard grip size.  
Breakdown of 5 beginner golf club sets along with personas for their profiles with images of the sets and icons for the personas.

Where to Buy

Where to Purchase: These men's beginner's golf club sets are available at golf specialty stores, sports equipment shops, and online retailers. We recommend physically testing the clubs if possible.  

How to Decide: Reflect on your physical attributes (hand size, height, swing speed), budget, and how frequently you plan to play. Don’t just be swayed by brand names for your beginner's golf club set; focus on what truly suits your beginner needs.

Q: How important are club fittings for beginners? 

A: This we mentioned briefly in the beginning, but club fittings are fantastic to select your clubs.  However, they can be quite expensive if you don't have them rolled into your purchase.  A good fitting can range from $150-$250, and that could be half the cost of your beginner's set.  Many specialty golf fitting specialists also are paid on selling customized, high-end shafts, which can really drive up the price.  There are custom shafts that can be a few hundred dollars alone for 1.  Many times the experience will feel like buying a car as well, it will be hard to say no and get out without making a purchase.  Keep all of this in mind when making a decision to get fitted.   

Conclusion : Men's Beginner's Golf Club Set

As you gear up for your golfing adventure, remember that the journey of a thousand fairways begins with your first beginner's golf club set. Whether you opt to get fitted or just go off the rack for the versatile Callaway Strata, the budget-friendly Wilson Ultra, the luxurious TaylorMade Sim Max, the innovative Cobra F-Max, or the distinctive Tour Edge Bazooka, your choice of clubs is your first step towards mastering this timeless sport.  For a full comprehensive equipment overview, we have you covered here.  


At VivanTee, we were established on the idea that beginners should feel comfortable on the golf course and be themselves.  As I mentioned earlier, I was a beginner not very long ago, I was an outsider, and I felt it when on the golf course many times.  We are on a journey to make the golf experience more inclusive, and have our customers shine as individuals.   We believe in complementing your golfing experience with quality accessories. Our range of golf gloves is designed to offer comfort, grip, and style, seamlessly blending with any club set you choose.


Embark on your golfing journey with us, and stay connected for more insights, tips, and stories from the world of golf. Quick note, we have included resources below, to find the clubs we mentioned, and other places where you can find less expensive pre-owned golf club options.


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