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Article: Teeing Off in NYC: The Inspiration Behind Our Golf Brand

Picture of colorful golf glove with NYC in the backdrop, highlighting the inspiration for our golf brand being NYC.

Teeing Off in NYC: The Inspiration Behind Our Golf Brand


When it comes to fashion and inspiration, few cities in the world can rival the unique essence of New York City. The bustling streets, diverse cultures, iconic landmarks, and vibrant neighborhoods all contribute to the city's distinctive charm. We are very proud to be the only golf glove apparel brand HQed in NYC and because of that in this blog post, we'll delve into why we chose to draw inspiration from the dynamic and eclectic city and why our values align to New York. Stay tuned for an interactive quiz that will help you discover which NYC neighborhood aligns perfectly with your golf style, or more importantly, which neighborhood your spirit aligns with!  

First, we need to take into consideration, why VivanTee started.  We go more into detail here in our About Us section, but I will highlight our core values, and how those align with New York.  

1. Inclusivity -

**Cultural Melting Pot:** Just like New York City is a melting pot of cultures and people, our golf glove fashion brand aims to reflect diversity and inclusivity. The various neighborhoods of NYC represent a wide array of styles, and this diversity is mirrored in the range of golf gloves we offer.

2. Design -

**Iconic Landmarks:** NYC's iconic landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park, are known worldwide. These symbols of beautiful design, architecture, and creativity have inspired our glove designs. The intricate detailing on our gloves echoes the intricate architecture found throughout the city.

3. Vulnerability - 

**Fashion Forward:** NYC's fashion scene encourages individuals to embrace their identities, which can be a deeply personal and vulnerable process, especially for those whose identities are underrepresented or marginalized. This is a core foundation of what VivanTee strives to bring to golf, build a more inclusive scene that accepts people of all backgrounds and identities to embrace and fall in love with the sport as we have.

4. Loyalty - 

**New York Loyalty:**  is a concept deeply ingrained in the city's identity. This loyalty is often associated with the pride and dedication that residents and fans of the city feel towards their home. It's not just about being physically present in the city; it's about embracing the city's spirit, its challenges, and its triumphs as part of one's own identity.  This loyalty is evident in the way New Yorkers stand by their city, support local businesses, and come together in times of need.  We are infusing this loyalty into our brand by demonstrating unwavering commitment to our customers and pledging to provide the best customer service in the industry as well as a lucrative loyalty program.

With these values in mind, all our gloves are unisex and meant to be worn by any and all genders.  But we're excited to introduce a unique aspect of our brand from a design standpoint: golf gloves inspired by various NYC neighborhoods. Each NYC neighborhood has its own distinct personality. Similarly, our golf glove collection features designs inspired by different neighborhoods, catering to the preferences of golfers who appreciate a personalized touch. Swing with NYC in the palm of your hands, regardless of where you are playing, below a few examples!

NYC inspired golf gloves, showcasing the various neighborhood styles and where the inspiration from each golf glove comes from.


Channeling the artistic and trendy atmosphere of Soho, these gloves feature sophistication and elegance that will make a statement on the golf course.


Embracing the urban and hip vibe of Brooklyn, these gloves showcase a whimsical mustache pattern and a youthful energy that's perfect for modern golfers.

Greenwich Village:

Capturing the bohemian spirit of Greenwich Village, these gloves sport a more earthy color palette and a touch of nostalgia that's sure to stand out.

By infusing the essence of New York City into our golf glove fashion brand, we aim to provide golfers with more than just functional accessories. We're offering a piece of the vibrant city's culture, style, and diversity, allowing golfers to express themselves on the greens like never before. Stay tuned for our subway ball markers, you can take any train into the neighborhood of choice.  Just as NYC is a place where dreams are realized, let our golf gloves become the embodiment of your golfing aspirations and style.

Discover Your NYC Golf Style: The Quiz

Curious to find out which NYC neighborhood suits your golf style? Take our interactive quiz to discover the glove design that resonates with you the most. Each question will unveil a unique aspect of your golfing preferences, leading you to the perfect neighborhood-inspired glove.  If you love New York and Golf as much as we do, sign up for our Newsletter below to stay up to date on important company information.  We promise we won't spam you, not our style!  


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