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Golf Gifts Under $50 VivanTee

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


Our Gift Guide

Whether this is for a birthday, the holidays, or just because, many are wondering how to put together a solid golf gift for their significant other, friend, or anyone else.  Here is our guide under $50, our recommendations at VivanTee.

Option #1 | Accessory Box - Golf Gifts Under $50

Caddy Splash Birch Hardwood Golf Tees

  • Description: Premium Birch Hardwood Caddy Splash Tees.  Not only are they stronger than traditional tees, but they also make you look like a pro.  Caddy Splash head carefully painted on the top of the tee

  • Why It’s Special: Stronger than traditional teams, built from birch hardwood and a unique look, can offer a complimentary item for this box.

  • Price: $9.99

Golf Tees by Caddy Splash, great golf give for under $50.

Men's Soho Blush

Women's Soho Blush

  • Description: Our Soho-inspired golf glove, built with an elegant pink checkered pattern on the tab, is perfect for someone who wants to add a minimal flair to their glove.

  • Why It’s Special: Completely custom design meant to embody the “SoHo Chic” spirit.  Pairs perfectly with other ball markers so the gift can be personalized by the receiver.  

Price: $39.99

Soho Blush Golf Glove for golf gifts under $50.

Precious Ivory Golf Ball Marker

  • Description: Add a personal touch to the green with these elegantly designed ball markers in a variety of colors.

  • Why It’s Special: They bring a personal touch to every game, embodying our belief in personal expression through golf.

Price: Free with Purchase of Golf Glove

Promo code: stylemyglove 


This golf gift box gives your giftee a perfect variety of accessories for a thoughtful golf gift under $50.

precious Ivory for golf gifts under $50.

Custom Gift Box | Gift Total Spend = $49.98

Option #2 | Golf Gifts Under $50 | VivanTee Ball Marker Bundle

Our bundled magnetic ball markers are truly one of a kind, and built with top-of-the-line materials, various color palettes, and designs.  These vibrant accessories can be an inseparable addition to a hat clip, or any VivanTee golf glove.  

All our magnetic ball marker bundles are sub $40, making for a unique golf gift under $50.

Subway Collection Magnetic ball markers for golf gifts under $50.

Option #3 | The Golf Gift of Knowledge

Elevate your golf game without breaking the bank! Introducing the "Swing to Success" bundle, a carefully curated collection of golf essentials designed to sharpen skills, refine swings, and ignite a passion for the game. Perfect for beginners and seasoned golfers alike, this bundle brings the wisdom of the legends and the essentials of the game into an affordable package.

1. "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf"

  • Description: The cornerstone of our bundle, this timeless book by Ben Hogan offers profound insights into the art of the golf swing. It's an essential read for anyone serious about improving their game. Its easy-to-follow instructions and illustrated guides make complex techniques accessible to all skill levels.

  • Price: $14.99

2. Practice Chipping Golf Net

  • Description: Many golfers struggle with chipping and anyone who wants to enhance this area of their game, would appreciate a new.  A chipping net is an invaluable tool for honing accuracy in your short game. It provides a clear target, helping to refine your aim and control. This focus on precision is crucial for those moments on the course where a well-placed chip can mean the difference between a good round and a great one.

  • Price: $19.99

3. Foam Practice Golf Balls

  • Description: Foam golf balls offer a realistic golfing experience while ensuring safety. They mimic the weight and feel of a standard golf ball but are designed to travel a shorter distance, making them perfect for small spaces like city apartments, or small condos,  and safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Price: $7.99

Golf Gifts under $50 - Skill enhancer bundle

Option #4 | Designer Golf Glove

A unique and fashionable golf glove for women and men.  We offer a variety of designs and styles, all with inspiration from NYC.  Each piece reflects a different NYC neighborhood, a perfect gift for a fashion forward golfer!

VivanTee Golf Glove with ball Marker for a golf gift under $50.

Conclusion | Gifts for Golfers under $50

As we've explored some fantastic golf gifts under $50, it's clear that shopping for a golfer doesn't have to be a costly affair.  Also check out our blog on Golf For Less here, bringing ideas to help you navigate a more affordable approach to this hobby.


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