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Dress to Impress: What to wear golfing if you don't have golf clothes

Written by: Cesar Figueroa


What to wear golfing if you don't have golf clothes?

Picture this: a beautiful sunny day, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the challenge of a golf course ahead. You're excited to play a round of golf, but there's just one problem – you don't have any golf clothes! Fret not, because in this article, we'll show you how to rock the fairways with style, even without traditional golf attire. Everyone has to start somewhere.  

Introduction: What to Wear without Golf Clothes

It's important to note, many golf courses have started to relax their standards a bit on the golf course.  Rickie Fowler wearing a flat-billed hat, Brooks Koepka a hoodie, has paved the way for looser standards.  


Understand the Dress Code: The dress code for golf can vary widely based on the region of the country you're in, whether the course is public or private, and the overall prestige of the golf facility. Before selecting your outfit, it's crucial to acquaint yourself with the specific dress code of the golf course you intend to visit.  We have an in-depth beginner's golf guide for anyone looking to feel comfortable playing the first time.


Typical Golf Clothing Etiquette

High-end courses:


  • Collared shirts for both men and women

  • Shirt tucked in for men

  • No backward hats

  • No denim

  • Women skirts, shorts, or pants

  • Hoodies must be golf-branded


Less Strict Public Courses:


  • No open-toed shoes

  • Collared shirt - tucked in not necessary (sometimes collared shirt not required)

  • No denim


Always check the course website, and when in doubt, call the pro shop.  

Ideas for what to wear golfing if you don

What Tops to Wear if you Don't Have Golf Clothes

For Men

Collared Polo or Button-Down Shirt: 

The traditional collared polo is synonymous with golfing attire for its neat look and versatile style. Meanwhile, button-down shirts can also work well, especially for slightly cooler climates or more formal golf events. The fit is paramount. A shirt that's too baggy can get in the way of your swing, while one that's too tight may restrict movement. It's essential to find a middle ground that offers both style and functionality.


Hoodies:  If it is on the colder side, hoodies are certainly allowed on most courses.  As well as quarter zips, North Face or Lulu Lemon branded.  


Fabric Choices: 

Golf can be a physically demanding sport, especially in warmer weather. Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics not only keep you dry by pulling sweat away from the body but also prevent discomfort and potential skin irritations. These fabrics can be particularly beneficial on sunny days or during intense games, ensuring that you remain focused on your game rather than battling discomfort.

For Women

Versatile Top Options: 

For women, golf attire has evolved to include a range of stylish yet functional choices. Sleeveless blouses with collars offer a chic, feminine touch without compromising on comfort or mobility. Modest polo shirts remain a staple, blending tradition with modernity. Turtleneck tops are excellent for cooler weather, ensuring warmth while providing a sleek appearance.

Prioritizing Breathable Materials: 

Just as with men's options, the fabric is crucial. As you engage in the sport, it's essential to feel at ease in your clothing. Breathable materials prevent overheating and ensure consistent airflow. This is not only about comfort; it's also about performance. When you're comfortable in your attire, you can focus better on your technique and game strategy.

In essence, dressing for golf is a blend of tradition, modern fashion, and practicality. By focusing on both form and function, you can ensure you look the part while also setting yourself up for success on the green.

Bottoms: Striking a Balance Between Comfort and Style

The key to selecting the perfect golf bottoms is finding a balance between a style that is both on-trend and compliant with golf course etiquette, and a fit that ensures maximum comfort during play.

For Men

Chino Pants or Shorts: 

These are a classic choice for the golf course. While choosing knee-length options, ensure they're neither too tight nor too loose, as this can hinder your swing motion and overall game. A tailored or straight fit often works best.
Avoiding Cargo Shorts: 

While cargo shorts might seem convenient because of the extra pockets, they're often frowned upon on many golf courses due to their casual appearance. Additionally, excessive pockets can add unnecessary bulk and might even interfere with your swing.


Thanks to Ricki Fowler, he started this trend on the PGA.  Joggers are certainly allowed, as long as they aren't swear pants.  In fact, Primo Golf has created a great brand strictly on the back of golf joggers, breathable, and stylish.  Started by a couple of cousins who wanted to make a stylish trouser for the game!

For Women

Skirts or Skorts: 

An ideal choice for those looking for a combination of femininity and functionality. Ensure they're not overly short, maintaining a balance between style and modesty. The built-in shorts of skorts offer added comfort and privacy, especially during swings.  If you happen to be fond of tennis, they offer the perfect functionality for the golf course!

Knee-length shorts or Capri Pants: 

These are versatile choices that suit a range of body types. They provide more coverage than skirts or skorts while still keeping you cool. Ensure they fit well without restricting movement.


This is becoming far more common on the golf course, a pair of yoga leggings, are perfect from a comfort perspective.  Just double-check with the course that they are allowed.

Focus on Fabric: 

Women's golf apparel often comes in a variety of fabrics, but it's essential to prioritize lightweight, stretchable materials. Breathable fabrics, like cotton blends or performance materials, can wick away sweat, keeping you comfortable. The right fabric will not only provide comfort but also ensure that your clothing maintains its shape, reducing the need for constant adjustments during play.

While style and adherence to dress code are essential, it's equally vital to prioritize comfort and functionality. Your choice of bottoms can influence your game, so it's crucial to select options that allow you to move freely while still looking sharp on the course.

Golf Accessories When You Don't Have Golf Clothes

Accessories are not just decorative. In golf, they play a functional role, and when chosen correctly, they can elevate your outfit and performance. Here's a deep dive into each of the key accessories, we have a more in depth guide for women here:



Beyond making a style statement, hats serve a practical function by protecting your face from the sun's harmful UV rays and reducing glare.

Baseball Caps: 

The quintessential golf headgear, they offer a sporty look while keeping the sun out of your eyes.

Visors: Perfect for those who want sun protection without the heat-trap of a full cap. They allow heat to escape from the top while shading your face.

Straw Hats: These are great for hotter climates as they provide ventilation and full head coverage. Plus, they can add a touch of classic elegance to your outfit.


Purpose: While not obligatory, gloves provide a better grip, reduce the risk of blisters, and add a touch of professional flair to your attire.


Shameless plug for our golf gloves of course!  All our gloves come all gender, women, and men in all styles.


Purpose: Beyond holding up your pants or shorts, belts add a layer of polish to your look and can even enhance your silhouette.


Purpose: Protect your eyes from UV rays, reduce glare, and ensure you have clear vision for that perfect shot.


In conclusion, while each accessory serves a functional purpose in golf, they also offer golfers an opportunity to showcase their personal style. By choosing accessories that align with your aesthetic and the demands of the game, you can ensure a perfect blend of fashion and function on the green.

Concluding What to Wear Golfing if You Don't Have Clothes

Golf, often regarded as a game of elegance and precision, extends these characteristics not just to the game itself but also to its attire. Yet, preparing for a day on the greens need not be an exercise in extravagance or a shopping spree. With a dash of ingenuity and an eye for detail, anyone can curate an outfit that resonates with golf's sophisticated spirit.  If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out our more in depth women's winter golf clothing guide, and women's fall golf clothing guide. Men's will be out soon too!  More than the threads you wear, it's the passion for the game and the camaraderie it fosters that truly matters. After all, the heart of golf lies in the swing of the club, the trajectory of the ball, and the joy of the game - not just in the attire.


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